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Chen Xiang returned to the Refining Divine Sects and asked for Zhao Clan's reaction. Access:.

Although the Zhao Clan had lost Zhao Kunxin, they still had many talents. After all, in these ten years that Chen Xiang had not been around, their Zhao Clan's business had become even better.

The Dragon Demon outside was still wreaking havoc on the thousand floors of Flying Dragon PaG.o.da. The abyss in the middle of the Dragon Devil Dead Land was extremely strange as Dragon Demon kept gushing out.

Previously, many people thought that those Dragon Demons were created by the Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable, but now, the Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable was trapped inside the Myriad Tao Mausoleum and couldn't come out at all.

These Dragon Demons evolved very quickly. After taking over the human body, they had the human mind, and became very smart and cunning. They controlled the weak Dragon Demons that were just born in Dragon Devil Dead Land, and from time to time, they would send these Dragon Demons to attack humans.

When the people of Four Great Divine Sects went out, they would often be watched by the Dragon Demons, who knew how those Dragon Demons knew the whereabouts of the Four Great Divine Sects's disciples.

Especially when there was a large group of disciples who went out together, they would always be besieged by a large number of Dragon Demons!

Dealing with the weak Dragon Demons was not difficult, but the difficult thing was that the Dragon Demons could release the poison, so in these past ten years, Zhao Clan's Dragon Magic Dan s had been selling extremely pa.s.sionately, and their prices had risen to 200 million.

Now that Chen Xiang had returned, the Dragon Magic Dan in the Zhao Clan could no longer be sold, and he also had a large number of Golden Dragon Magic herb in the You Yao Mountain Villa. He sold these Golden Dragon Magic herb to the other forces in the Divine Sects and quickly earned more than a trillion Dao crystal.

Now that he already had close to two trillion Dao crystal, he didn't know what these Dao crystal were used for. The Great Clan Elder however, told him that they would definitely be useful in the Myriad Tao Mausoleum.

Because of Chen Xiang's interference, the business of the Zhao Clan's Dragon Magic Dan was blocked, and they hated Chen Xiang even more now. However, they did not make a move, because Chen Xiang was the big shot of the Divine Sects, together with the Great Clan Elder, they received care of the, so the Zhao Clan did not dare to even touch Chen Xiang, otherwise, when the Leader gets angry, the Zhao Clan would be in deep trouble.

"Although these fellows from the Zhao Clan did not do anything on the surface, it was hard secretly. Before I enter the Tai Zun realm, I must be careful when I go out." Chen Xiang could feel the hatred the Zhao Clan had towards him.

A month had pa.s.sed, and the double colored fruits planted in the Mei Jing Sisters had ripened. Chen Xiang was already unable to wait and wish to refine them.

"Is it really that difficult to refine?" I must refine it! "

Chen Xiang took out three Twin Divine Fruits, looked at them carefully, and placed them into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace s. Last time, he used the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace s to defend against attacks that caused them to be injured, but they had already recovered.

From the very beginning, Chen Xiang had used the flames of divinity to burn those three Twin Divine Fruits, whose burning speed was extremely fast. Or perhaps the three Twin Divine Fruits seemed to have been released the moment they met the flames, as the two mutually exclusive powers within them quickly absorbed the flames and then quickly broke apart.

This was Chen Xiang's first time encountering this kind of medicinal material. He only needed to continuously release flames and the medicinal material would absorb the flames and quickly refine itself.

To Alchemist, this was a very good thing, to be able to complete this stage so easily!

But, even though this stage was easy, the rest of the stage was extremely difficult. Chen Xiang had used many techniques, but none of them were able to fuse the six 'Spirit Qi' into the six 'Medicinal Crystals', they were all extremely strong in repelling each other, and even with his Spirit Refining power, he was still unable to succeed, and had even almost caused an explosion.

"It shouldn't be a problem with my cultivation level. I will definitely need some skills and techniques!" Chen Xiang began to think of a way.

Master w.a.n.g was a Tai Zun realm cultivator, but he had tried many times but to no avail, so it should have nothing to do with cultivation.

Chen Xiang was now at the peak of the late stage of Six G.o.ds Stage, coupled with the Spirit Refinement Stage power unleashed by his strong dao vein, it was enough for him to refine a middle grade Taizun Dan.

Chen Xiang used many of the training methods he was familiar with before to try all of them, but there was no progress at all.

While he was trying, the energy within the furnace was constantly being drained. Just the expenditure of a portion of the ingredients announced his failure in refining the Huazun Dan.

"Comprehension refinement technique?" Chen Xiang felt that all the techniques in the [Refinement] technique had been comprehended by him to the point where there was no longer any room for growth.

However, he still tried to search for it. After a few minutes, he still couldn't find anything.

"As expected, it's just like the Master w.a.n.g, it's really difficult to refine! How on earth can I successfully refine it? " Chen Xiang took out the ingredients again and tried. He would have to encounter the most critical and difficult point in order to solve the problem.

Currently, he only knew that the six types of energies were extremely repulsive towards each other, causing him to be unable to fuse them together. Even though he had used many techniques, he was still unable to succeed.

However, those six types of energies were extremely special. They were not common types of energies. Therefore, he had to figure out why the six types of energies repelled each other. What kind of energies were they!?

Very quickly, he refined a set of medicinal ingredients and infused the six types of energy into his body to examine them one by one.

This type of energy was very strange. After entering his body, the energy that entered his body would be greatly repelled, causing him to struggle free as soon as it entered.

"Not even the Counter Power!" Chen Xiang tried using the Counter Power, but to no avail.

In the blink of an eye, three months had pa.s.sed. Chen Xiang did not make any progress, and so did the Great Clan Elder. Chen Xiang had already spent over a hundred portions of medicinal ingredients, but fortunately, the Mei Jing Sisters grew them quickly so he could afford it.

Although he had failed hundreds of times, Chen Xiang had still obtained something. At the very least, he knew that the situation of the six types of energies was the same as the Six yuan G.o.d.

The reason the Six yuan G.o.d could not become one with the six G.o.ds was because, like the six types of energy, although it could be forcibly 'rubbed', it could never fuse together. Once it was released, the Six yuan G.o.d would immediately split apart.

The same was true for the six strands of energy from the three Twin Divine Fruits.

Realizing this point, Chen Xiang was sure that as long as he could successfully refine this Huazun Dan, he would be able to enter the Tai Zun realm.

Chen Xiang had also told the Mei Jing Sisters about what had happened and he had basically discussed this matter with them every single time. They were also discussing all kinds of possibilities, and it would sometimes be greatly helpful for them to pool their thoughts.

"I feel like the reason why these six medicinal powers can't be combined is due to the lack of a boss!" "There are some people who are scheming and scheming in private, but because they have a leader that they trust, even if they have conflicts, they can put them down and do big things." Jiang Simei said.

"Are you saying that these six portions of medicinal energy are missing a primer to bring them together?" Chen Xiang frowned.

"That's right, we might still be lacking a medicinal ingredient. However, I don't know what medicinal ingredient is lacking. Perhaps it's not a lack of medicinal ingredient, but rather a lack of some kind of energy." Jiang Simei said.


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