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The Heavenly Refining Leader was already angry, as the Heavenly Refining Divine Sects, being in charge of protecting the Heavenly Refining Stone Wall was one of his duties, the people in front of him continuously attacked the Heavenly Refining Stone Wall, and he could no longer tolerate it. The updates were quick.

"You bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, I can only beat you up to make you listen to me." After the Heavenly Sword Leader finished speaking, the little bell in his hand flew out and floated in the air.

The small bell continued to shake, and then it suddenly became extremely huge, as if it was a huge mountain floating above the stone wall.

"Dong! Dong!" When the divine refining tool was shaking, it released waves of terrifying sound waves. That wave of vibrating power pierced through the barrier of the stone wall. When many people heard this, they felt as if their heads were about to shatter and were in incomparable pain.

Chen Xiang immediately released his divine might to protect himself, but was shaken by the sound and felt no pain at all. Everyone present quickly used their power to stop the sound from attacking his Divine Sense Sea.

And the gra.s.sland enveloped by the sound wave was the most terrifying, especially the Purple Blood Man inside, even if they were Late period of Tai Zun realm s, after being hit by the sound wave, they all spat out blood and fell to the ground!

Only the Purple Blood Man with a revered cultivation could withstand it, and it was extremely strenuous.

Chen Xiang suddenly realised something strange. Although the Heavenly Refining Leader did not release his Dao Energy, his Heavenly Refining Divine Bell was supported by an extremely strong wave of Heavenly Refining Dao Energy.

Otherwise, if they were similarly revered ancestors, the ancestor of the Purple Blood Man wouldn't have been suppressed like this.

Chen Xiang looked at the Heavenly Smelting Stone Wall and suddenly understood. At this time, the Heavenly Smelting Stone Wall was giving the Heavenly Smelting Leader's divine tool a huge amount of Heavenly Smelting Dao power.

And the Heavenly Refining Leader only controlled the bell to attack the Purple Blood Man below.

At this moment, many people began to retreat. The sound of the bell ringing was too terrifying, and it was difficult for them to resist. They could only stay far away from this place.

Such battles frequently occurred on the stone wall, so they weren't surprised at all. If they didn't leave by then, they would definitely be killed.

Although everyone was far away from the prairie, they could still see the Heavenly Refining Leader attacking the Purple Blood Man. The Grand Elder's cultivation level was not his opponent at all, so he could not even withstand a single blow. If not for the ancestor level Purple Blood Man helping them withstand the sonic wave, they would have been crushed into pieces by the sonic wave right now.

Chen Xiang was still at the side of the prairie. After he used Divine Might to protect his body, that sound wave did not have any effect on him. He was surprised to find that even if he got a little closer, there was no problem.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, here's my chance to kill you." Chen Xiang looked at the purple-haired man who was kneeling on the ground. Previously, the purple-haired man had given him a ruthless slap.

Chen Xiang suddenly flew in, shocking them. What was even worse, after Chen Xiang came in, he rushed towards the purple-haired man at an extremely fast speed, and swung his sword towards the purple-haired man's neck, he was even using the G.o.d Slaying Sword Technique!

No one had expected that a fellow would suddenly appear and unleash such a sharp attack, instantly decapitating the purple-haired man!

After the purple-haired man was beheaded, he lost the power to resist the sound wave. His body and head were instantly turned into mist by the wild sound released by the bell.

"Chen Xiang?" Although he had never spoken to Chen Xiang before, he knew about Chen Xiang's existence.

The fact that Chen Xiang was able to resist the powerful sound waves coming in caused many people to be shocked. Even if it was your ancestor, it was not easy to perfectly kill him as if he was a fish in water.

Chen Xiang smiled at the Heavenly Refining Leader, and in a flash, he arrived in front of Supreme Elder Zi Xue.

was not even far from being a sovereign right now, and his strength was still too weak. If he entered, he would not be able to harm Supreme Purple Blood in the slightest!

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Supreme Violet Blood Ancestor was furious. As he roared, his body flashed with purple light and a beam of light suddenly shot out from his head. It struck the divine bell floating above him, producing a loud clanging sound as the bell was also sent flying by the purple light.

Not only did a little kid kill his disciple, he even wanted to kill him. He used all his strength and sent the bell flying, then smashed it towards Chen Xiang.

was stunned by the force. His entire body could not move, as though his body was being pressed down by the sky, causing him to almost fall flat on the ground.

"This is bad!" Seeing that, the Heavenly Sword Leader appeared in front of Chen Xiang in a flash, and used his fist to blast away the huge palm covered in purple light from the ancestor.


The moment the fist and the palm collided, a purple-gold light exploded. That wave blew away all the trees in the surroundings. Even those who had run far away were blown away.

"Hurry up!" The Heavenly Refining Leader shouted to Chen Xiang: "This guy is already angry, he's not easy to deal with!"

Chen Xiang immediately flew towards the Heavenly Smelting Stone Wall, while the other Purple Blood Man s immediately followed.

The Heavenly Refining Leader hastily summoned the Heavenly Refining Divine Bell back, otherwise he would not be able to suppress the Purple Blood Ancestor at all.

After being enraged, Purple Blood Lord had already planned to go all out, to fight the Heavenly Refining Leader at all costs. Chen Xiang had killed his disciple right in front of his eyes, he absolutely could not let this go, he had to kill Chen Xiang no matter what!

Even though he had fallen into a state of berserk fury, he did not go insane. At this time, he was still very rational, he wanted to take advantage of the chance of the divine bell being blown away to delay the Heavenly Refining Leader, and then let the other Purple Blood Man s go kill Chen Xiang.

When Chen Xiang barged in earlier, he had felt the strange divine might of the Heavenly Refining Stage from Chen Xiang's body. This was definitely not an ordinary person, moreover, the Heavenly Refining Leader was extremely concerned about Chen Xiang, so he had to destroy Chen Xiang no matter what.

The Heavenly Refining Leader had also seen through his plan, he was currently being held back by Supreme Violet Blood Ancestor and was unable to escape. He also could not understand why Chen Xiang would want to go to the wall of Heavenly Smelting Stone, it was not a good place to go.

Chen Xiang had already rushed to the front of the Heavenly Smelting Stone Wall but he was blocked by the stone wall. A few Purple Blood Man s behind him started to attack as well, as countless b.a.l.l.s of purple light shot out!

Chen Xiang immediately channeled all his Heavenly Refining Dao power and released waves after waves of Heavenly Refining Divine Power. In that instant, his Heavenly Refining Divine Power reached its limit, causing the Heavenly Refining Leader and Supreme Purple Blood Ancestor to be extremely shocked.

Just as the countless b.a.l.l.s of purple light were about to hit him, the words "Heavenly Refining" on the wall suddenly flashed, the flickering gold light completely destroyed the b.a.l.l.s of purple light, and Chen Xiang also disappeared without a trace as the two words flashed.

"He was sucked in!" When an old man from the Tai Zun realm saw this from afar, he cried out in shock.

Although it was a mess just now, there was still someone who could see Chen Xiang entering the Heavenly Smelting Stone Wall. There was actually a s.p.a.ce inside the wall, no one knew how he entered it!

Everyone was very curious, what kind of secrets would Chen Xiang obtain after entering?

Back then, Chen Xiang had already formed an unfathomable connection with the Heaven Smelting Stone Wall, and at that time, he had an extremely strong feeling that the stone wall could be entered. When he got near it, he released the divine might of the Heaven Smelting Stone, only then would he be sure that he could enter the stone wall as long as his body continued to possess the divine might of the Heaven Smelting Qi.

That was why he was able to rush to the stone wall at an extremely fast speed! 2hhh25414868

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