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The Heavenly Alchemy stone wall s had a great influence within the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. Feng Xue Nan told him that many people obtained a strong power because of the Heavenly Alchemy stone wall.

For example, the Natural Law Divine Lord back in the day, because he had studied the cultivation methods of the Heavenly Alchemy stone wall, he had become stronger, and after entering the White Bones Imperial, his strength had increased by leaps and bounds, becoming one of the top ten White Bone Kings.

Many famous Rankers in the Myriad Tao Mausoleum had benefited from the Heavenly Alchemy stone wall before, and many of them had ordinary apt.i.tudes to begin with. However, after comprehending the contents of the Heavenly Alchemy stone wall, they had become extremely strong overnight, killing those who had mocked him before.

All of these miracles that had truly happened made many people want to go to the Heavenly Alchemy stone wall no matter what. As a result, all sorts of battles and battles happened all the time, resulting in many people dying miserable deaths.

Chen Xiang had already flown above the sh.o.r.e of the Rainbow River for two days now. At this time, he was still very far from the Heavenly Alchemy stone wall and thus, he was unable to use his spatial energy.

At night, when Chen Xiang was flying, he suddenly saw a little purple light in front of him!

He saw purple in the Colorful Forest, the first place was the Purple Blood Man!

Purple Blood Man was very strong, especially when they could fly in the air, those that could fly were usually at least at the Tai Zun realm level, and only a few respected Six G.o.ds Stage were able to use flying dao veins to fly in the air.

"Could it be the Purple Blood Man? I have to be careful! " Chen Xiang also did not dare to go closer. He even slowed down his speed to keep a distance from those purple spots of light.

Now that he had not been discovered, he could no longer guarantee if he got a little closer. If he met an extremely powerful Purple Blood Man, and was discovered, they would be able to fly over at an extremely fast speed. Chen Xiang could not use teleportation, and it would be extremely dangerous by then.

"Could it be that they want to go to the Heavenly Alchemy stone wall as well? This is not a good thing! " Chen Xiang had currently run into the Purple Blood Man, his strength was limited, he did not want to be injured again, and then recover for more than ten years. This was truly a waste of time.

"We can only talk after we reach the Heavenly Alchemy stone wall. They still won't be able to discover me!" Chen Xiang became even more careful. Ever since he raised his cultivation to the peak of the late stage of Six G.o.ds Stage, the moment he used the Counter Power to hide himself, it was even more difficult to be discovered.

He was sure that even if it was the Lan Hong Tao Priest s, it would still be very difficult to detect him.

"These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, when I get stronger, I will definitely take care of them one by one." Chen Xiang hated Purple Blood Man very much. Back then, that purple-haired man gave him a palm strike for no reason and seriously injured him.

At that time, he had felt himself to be an ant that could not be resisted. Recalling that experience, he wished that he could find the purple-haired man and ruthlessly trample him.

Chen Xiang followed for five days, and was finally about to fly out of the Colorful Forest.

Outside the Colorful Forest was an extremely desolate place, and there were large, bald, stone mountains everywhere. Upon entering the area, Chen Xiang immediately felt a bitter aura of death rush towards him.

How many people had died in this place when there was so much aura of death!

Feeling the threatening death aura, Chen Xiang knew that the Heavenly Alchemy stone wall was getting closer. At that time, even he himself did not know how dangerous it would be.

Sensing the death aura that had settled in, Chen Xiang broke out in a cold sweat. He knew that he would die here as well, hence his resentment would turn into death aura and precipitate in here.

After the Rainbow River entered this area, it was still as clear as ever. There were no Rainbow Fish in the river, but there were many bones deep within the river.

As Chen Xiang flew across the surface of the river, he could see many bones at the bottom of the river. They were actually piled full up at the bottom, which made Chen Xiang's scalp go numb.

"This Myriad Tao Mausoleum is really a mausoleum, there are dead people everywhere!" When Chen Xiang flew past a mountain, he saw that the surface of the mountain was filled with white skulls.

Many of the huge mountains in the Heavenly Alchemy stone wall were formed from white bones, now Chen Xiang believed it!

Following that, not only did Chen Xiang discover that there were a lot of bones in the gigantic mountain, there were also a large amount of bones in the ground. Not only were there bones of humans, there were also various types of bones in the beasts, but they were all covered by a thick layer of soil.

"Terrifying!" Chen Xiang no longer looked down. If he continued like this, it would affect his condition. He had never felt this sort of inexplicable fear before.

In the afternoon, the sun was scorching the ground, causing the death aura to become even more oppressive, causing Chen Xiang to be unable to endure the pressure, finding it hard to breathe.

Under the sultry atmosphere, the cold wind suddenly blew, making Chen Xiang feel cool. He secretly praised in his heart, but just as he was praising, the Purple Blood Man in front of him suddenly stopped.

"Purple Blood Clan, you should know that this is the White Bones Imperial's territory. You guys are not giving us any face by coming in so majestically."

Hearing that, Chen Xiang's heart trembled, this place was actually the White Bones Imperial!

Previously, Feng Xue Nan didn't tell him that the Heavenly Alchemy stone wall was inside the White Bones Imperial.

"We are only flying above the Rainbow River, this does not belong to your White Bones Imperial! Furthermore, you should be well aware of our goal. " The voice that came out was very familiar to Chen Xiang, it was the purple-haired man that took Lan Hong Tao Priest away earlier.

Chen Xiang was still quite a distance from the group of people in front of him. Their bodies were shining with a purple light, making it impossible to see their appearances clearly. However, he saw that the person from the White Bones Imperial was actually a very large Skeletal Man. He was walking out from the ground, and there were also many small Skeletal Man behind him with snow-white long blades in his hands.

This Skeletal Man was very big, at least as tall as three ordinary people. The Bones on her body was gray, her eyes had two golden eyeb.a.l.l.s, and they emitted a golden light. It was obvious that this Giant Skeletal Man was very strong.

"You guys are also joining in on the liveliness of the Heavenly Alchemy stone wall? Now that the Leader s, hall masters and Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable s are all there, it's hard to say if you will be able to come back alive. " Although he wanted to kill a skeleton, his voice was still quite pleasant to hear.

"You don't have to worry so much. In short, we didn't cause any trouble on your territory. Since we're on our way, we won't talk to you any longer." After the violet-haired man finished speaking, he began to fly away.

Chen Xiang did not fly with him. He waited until the giant Skeletal Man drilled into the ground before he carefully took note of it. The Four Great Divine Sects was still inside, which made him feel a lot more at ease.

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