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Chen Xiang had seen the Purple Blood Man and the Blue Blood Man before, so he didn't think it was strange to see them again. He was just curious about what was going on with the Myriad Tao Mausoleum, how could there be such a different blood colored race within them, and how much conflict there was between them.

After Chen Xiang hid himself, he confirmed that his own aura was not revealed, and carefully approached the direction of the pink colored light.

When he approached, he saw a few pink haired men attacking a golden boar.

The golden wild boar's body had many wounds, and golden blood was flowing out. This made Chen Xiang think that this wild boar definitely belonged to the Golden Blood Tribe.

"As long as we capture this wild boar, we will definitely be rewarded. Our Pink race has not caught a Golden Blood Divine Pig for a long time." A man laughed.

These men's bodies were all pink, they looked very strange, their attire was very ugly, Chen Xiang felt that they were very ugly like this.

"These guys are all in the late stage of Six G.o.ds Stage, but they look like small fries! Is the cultivation of the late stage Six G.o.ds Stage so worthless here? " Chen Xiang himself was also at the peak of the late stage of Six G.o.ds Stage, but he felt that dealing with these pink men in front of him shouldn't be a problem.

Even if it was the early stage of the Tai Zun realm, he dared to take this risk. If it was the Lan Hong Tao Priest, who was a powerful mid stage Overlord, he would not dare to take this risk, but at least he wouldn't get beaten up so badly like last time.

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Chen Xiang observed the fight between Pink Blood Man and the golden wild boar. Their attacks were rather monotonous, releasing b.a.l.l.s of pink light from their hands and striking the golden boar's body, but the pink light b.a.l.l.s were still very strong, they were extremely cohesive and would not cause too much trouble.

The Golden Blood Divine Pig was also very powerful. Under this siege, it was still alive and running around. The blood was thick and golden everywhere, but it did not fall.

"Soldier Skill!" A pink-blooded man shouted. A pink-colored red light appeared in his hand, and he instantly turned into a pink colored long sword. The others followed suit and used their pink coloured energy to form a weapon, rushing towards the Goldblood Divine Pig.

Chen Xiang could finally see that their attacks were a little tricky. To condense the Spirit Qi in his body into a weapon, was quite easy for Chen Xiang, he had done this before.

The person approaching was not weak. Although he was only at the late stage of Six G.o.ds Stage, his sharp aura was much stronger than the few Pink Blood Man s who were slaughtering pigs below him.

The few Pink Blood Man s also sensed the Qi, one of them anxiously shouted. "It's the Purple Blood Man, we can't win against them, although there are only two of them, let's run!"

They had killed Golden Blood Divine Pig for so long, they should not have given up. But now, in order to avoid the Purple Blood Man, they had chosen to flee.

However, they were already too late. Two purple lights flew over and directly struck the Pink Blood Man s, and then a purple explosion occurred, setting off a purple gale.

"So powerful, there's only one left!" Chen Xiang was extremely shocked, just as he arrived, he had already killed a few Pink Blood Man s.

Chen Xiang suddenly understood, the color of blood meant that he had become stronger, and from the looks of it, purple blood and gold blood were the stronger ones.

"You all … This is not your Purple Blood Man's territory, why must you be so cruel to us? " The Pink Blood Man roared in anger, he knew that he was dead meat, he did not struggle nor did he run.

Chen Xiang quietly flew in the air, and carefully arrived behind the two Purple Blood Man s. He took out the Heavenly magic sword, and just as a surge of energy was about to attack the two Purple Blood Man s, the Heavenly magic sword in Chen Xiang's hands fiercely thrust forward, and instantly pierced the two of them dozens of times.

The important meridians in Purple Blood Man's body had all been pierced by Chen Xiang, and the purple droplets of force that they wanted to release came out of those wounds, causing even more damage to them. This was because the tibia parts of their bodies had already shattered from the impact.

The Pink Blood Man was already prepared to die, but he never thought that such a thing would suddenly happen. The two incomparably powerful and extremely brutal Purple Blood Man in front of him suddenly fell to the ground with serious injuries!

Chen Xiang immediately appeared and looked at the two men covered in purple blood on the ground. He sneered, then extended his hand and pressed it on the heads of the two men.

"What a strange feeling, their memories can't be read. What is going on?" Chen Xiang tried again, but it still could not succeed.

"Brother, are you using a soul search technique to read their memories?" The Pink Blood Man asked.

"Not bad, but it didn't succeed. What's going on?" Chen Xiang immediately looked towards Pink Blood Man.

Pink Blood Man was extremely grateful to Chen Xiang in his heart, because Chen Xiang had saved him. Otherwise, he would have died.

"Let's go! "These guys' souls are bound. When you read their memories, their masters will definitely sense it and rush here immediately." Pink Blood Man hastily said: "Big brother, let's go!"

Chen Xiang nodded, and threw the two half-dead Purple Blood Man s into the furnace to burn them, then said: "Where is the safest place? You should be very familiar with this place.

"Alright, follow me!" With that, the Pink Blood Man started running.

Chen Xiang followed behind him, and took care of all the remaining auras in the Pink Blood Man. Otherwise, they would be traced back, and this Pink Blood Man did not even know how to do such a thing, no wonder the other Purple Blood Man s would find out.

A few hours later, Pink Blood Man brought Chen Xiang to the side of a large tree. Then, they entered the trunk of the large tree and went from the trunk to the stone room under the ground.

"This is my hiding place! I hope those Purple Blood Man s don't find us here. " The Pink Blood Man was crouching in a corner. At this moment, he was feeling very sad, after all, his comrade had died.

"What's your name?" Chen Xiang asked: "They won't find us here, you don't have to worry!"

"I'm Feng Xue Nan, what about you, Big Brother?" Feng Xue Nan suddenly remembered that he had not thanked Chen Xiang yet, and immediately thanked him.

"Chen Xiang!" Chen Xiang smiled at him slightly: "Can you tell me about the Purple Blood Man s? I have also been injured by a Purple Blood Man before, but I don't really understand them. "

"The Myriad Tao Mausoleum is actually a gigantic heavenly prison. There are many prisoners locked inside, all of them coming from different worlds of the Myriad Tao. Most of them are guilty of heinous crimes! This group of people are called the Blood Color Clan. The Blood Color Clan used to be very harmonious, but because of some matters, there are now Purple Blood Man s, Blue Blood Man s and many other races. "

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