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Chen Xiang felt that if he could still live this time, then it would be with great luck. The Lan Hong Tao Priest was in the middle stage of the Tai Zun realm and the purple-haired man who kidnapped the Lan Hong Tao Priest was in the late stage of the Supreme Realm.

He felt that it was a miracle that he was still alive even after being attacked by these two!

"I never thought that there would be so many conflicts within the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. Could it be that there is a difference between the Blue Blood Man and the Blue Blood Man?" Although Chen Xiang had just been injured by the Lan Hong Tao Priest, he could still see what was happening. He could clearly see the purple-haired man's appearance.

He also had purple hair, purple eyebrows, and purple lips. The powers he used were also purple, and he even called Lan Hong Tao Priest a Blue Blood Boar.

"Fortunately, he is still alive!" Chen Xiang dragged his heavily injured body far away from the battlefield, he was worried that there would be people coming later.

He had to admit that the internal world of the Myriad Tao Mausoleum was extremely beautiful. It did not look like a mausoleum, as he was currently recuperating by a small river.

Although his body was charred black, his recovery ability was amazing. Under his healing, the charred skin automatically fell off, revealing a new tender skin. Although it was a bit red, after some time, it became as tender as white jade.

"The injuries on his body are nothing, the most important thing is the injuries on Divine Sense Sea!" Chen Xiang originally thought that the middle stage of Six G.o.ds Stage was already very strong, so even if he was injured, he wouldn't be that serious.

[Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] But now he estimated that even if he had a strong recovery ability, it would still take him a long time to recover.

"We can only see if this reborn Law beads has any effects!" Chen Xiang looked at his own injured Divine Sense Sea. After his Divine Sense Sea gets injured, the profound entrances, dao veins and Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds s will all get heavily injured, which will seriously affect his power release.

Previously, Lin Jitian was also in the same situation, causing his cultivation to be high, but because of the various injuries in the Divine Sense Sea, he was unable to unleash his strongest power, which required him to cultivate in seclusion for a period of time and recuperate.

"If I don't get out before the Myriad Tao Mausoleum doors close, I will be trapped inside right now?" Chen Xiang looked around, and suddenly felt that there was nothing bad about it, it was just that there were too many powerful people.

"No matter what, I have to hurry up and heal my injuries."

Chen Xiang estimated that even though he was injured, he could still refine a life Law beads.

There was one type of Dao meridian that was very similar to the Life Dao meridian, the one that Jiang Sijing and the others had! However, the Life Dao Veins were a bit higher level than the reborn Rule Dao line and they were also more effective. Although there was a difference between the two, they could still coexist.

Chen Xiang planned to let Jiang Sijing and the others cultivate the Life Veins, since they did not need to consume too much Law beads s. As long as one of them managed to cultivate till the Life Veins, the other would be able to duplicate it.

Chen Xiang quickly finished refining the ten life Law beads. After he ate them, he refined them for Jiang Sijing at the same time.

A few days later, Jiang Sijing had also cultivated the way of life, and she had started to learn the Twin Life Arts with Jiang Simei, which she then pa.s.sed down to him.

Chen Xiang needed to raise his strength now, as Six G.o.ds Stage was simply too weak here, it was not even enough for a single finger from the Tai Zun realm.

Therefore, he needed the Mei Jing Sisters's power to grow medicinal herbs. This way, he could quickly reach the peak of Six G.o.ds Stage!

Although it was still not Tai Zun realm, his strength had at least increased a lot. At that time, he would have enough strength to protect himself!

Mei Jing Sisters was currently in charge of ma.s.s planting the cultivation of the Taiji Yuanshen Dan's medicine, while Chen Xiang was using the life force released by his life force to heal his injuries.

In this kind of slumber, time pa.s.sed very quickly. Chen Xiang didn't feel the pa.s.sage of time at all, and when he woke up, Jiang Sijing actually told him that ten years had pa.s.sed!

Chen Xiang could not believe that he had actually stayed here for ten years!

"How can this be!" Chen Xiang let out a long sigh, "Ten years of Guanyin was gone just like that!"

"It is already good enough that you can cure your injuries!" Jiang Sijing laughed: "We have already grown a lot of medicinal herbs, and they have all been improved by us … When will you start refining Taiji Yuanshen Dan? There are a lot of medicinal ingredients! "

"Yeah, just eating these ingredients is enough for us to step into the late stage of Six G.o.ds Stage!" Jiang Simei said: "When you refine it, you do not need to refine our portion."

To be able to achieve a breakthrough just by eating medicinal herbs, it goes to show how much they have eaten!

When Chen Xiang entered the You Yao Mountain Villa, he saw that there were indeed a lot of Taiji Yuanshen Dan s there. There were hundreds of mu of them and the two sisters had even eaten a lot!

"Alright, I will start refining now. After getting beaten up by two Tai Zun realm s, I am considered lucky enough that I didn't die. Using ten years to heal my injuries is also nothing."

Chen Xiang immediately began to refine Taiji Yuanshen Dan. After half a year, he finally stepped into the late stage of Six G.o.ds Stage, and after consuming the remaining large amount of medicinal ingredients, he finally stepped into the peak of Six G.o.ds Stage.

"With the fusion of the six G.o.ds, you can enter the Tai Zun realm?" Chen Xiang felt that he was just a bit behind, but it wasn't easy fusing the six G.o.ds.

"Grandmother said that when I was at the peak of Six G.o.ds Stage, I would need to ask a few seniors of the Tai Zun realm for help. Asking them about their experience when stepping into the Tai Zun realm is useless eating medicinal pellets." Jiang Simei said.

When I was at another realm, many people also said that eating medicinal pills was useless. However, I was always able to concoct a useful pill, hehe. Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "Now, let's see if we can return to the Flying Dragon PaG.o.da, and see if we can find suitable medicinal ingredients there."

Chen Xiang really wanted to return, but he remembered that when he came to the middle of Myriad Tao Mausoleum, he did not see the path of retreat, and Lan Hong Tao Priest did not tell him either.

"This is trouble. How do I get back?" Chen Xiang looked around, and felt depressed.

He remembered that when he first entered, Lan Hong Tao Priest was the one who brought him through the end of the huge pa.s.sage and into the white light screen, he arrived at the beautiful forest. At that time, he also did not see a way back.

"I can only look around to see if there is anyone else here …" Right now, I am a mutant, so I have to be careful. " Chen Xiang heard the purple-haired man call him this before.

Chen Xiang carefully walked through the forest. Even though he had used an Invisibility Spell, he was still worried.

He saw some small animals in the forest, but they were very strange animals, such as rabbits, which were red, purple, and blue, and white and black, but there were few of them.

A few days later, Chen Xiang was still in the forest, and had not left it. He did not know how big the forest was, but just when he was annoyed, a pink light suddenly flashed in front of him.

"Is it pink this time?" Chen Xiang anxiously hid himself, hiding in the big tree, looking at the direction where the light aura was coming from.

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