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Early morning.

Long Fei arrived early to the Pill Academy.

Every day, he was the first in the academy. He was the apprentice and had to a.s.sist in the cleanliness of the academy.

After cleaning up the Pill Courtyard, the disciples started to arrive one after another.

Seeing Long Fei, someone shot him a polite smile.

Some people were mocking him.

"Oh, the janitor disciple is indeed a janitor disciple. He was cleaned so cleanly that he is worthy of being called a janitor."

"I think he'll only be able to do menial ch.o.r.es for the rest of his life."

"He wants to become an official disciple of the Pill Academy?" Dream on. "

"You dare to hit my G.o.ddess? You're giving me a chance, otherwise, I will definitely teach you a lesson."

… ….

Long Fei was famous in the Practicing Courtyard.

The entire east district could be said to have become famous in a single battle.

It was not because of how powerful the cultivation technique he cultivated was, but because he had beaten Mu Yao, the eastern G.o.ddess!

If it wasn't for the fact that he was staying in the Pill Academy, people would come and challenge him every day.

Especially those senior disciples of the Practicing Courtyard, they all wished that they could tear Long Fei into pieces.

A G.o.ddess was a form of protection, not a form of bullying.

"Mu Fei, get your a.s.s out here!"

"You dare to bully Junior Sister Mu Yao, today I will make you suffer."

"Mu Fei, come out."

… ….

Early in the morning, there was a wave of clamoring.

Long Fei was too lazy to bother with him.

With regards to a battle without any benefits, Long Fei was too lazy to bother.

When he was in the Pill Academy, the disciples outside the academy had to obtain the approval of the elders before they could enter. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to enter.

This also allowed Long Fei to be a bit more tranquil.

"Servant Junior Brother, I'm calling you out again. Did you not hear me?"

"He's pretending not to hear it. He must be scared."

"Needless to say, what level of cultivation is he at?"

"He's his opponent?"

"That day when he defeated Mu Yao, Senior Sister, he must have used some despicable method. I definitely do not believe that a person at the fifth stage of the Divine Spirit Realm could defeat a ninth level Divine G.o.d expert."

"I don't believe it either!"

… ….

Many disciples began to discuss with each other.

Just then, Mu Yuan'an walked into the courtyard and said solemnly, "Don't you need to do morning lessons? You have the leisure to chat here? "

Seeing Mu Yuan'an, she immediately lowered her head and walked to her position.

Mu Yuan'an walked to Long Fei's side and said: "Don't mind these things."

Long Fei said: "I know, how can a lion turn back after barking like a dog?"

Mu Yuan'an was slightly stunned. Looking at Long Fei, he felt that Long Fei was different more and more, and he asked: "Have you gotten used to it in the Spirit Gra.s.s Room?"

"How many Spirit Gra.s.s's attribute and characteristics do you remember?"

Long Fei said: "I will remember all of your teachings."

Mu Yuan'an said in shock, "Oh? I heard from the Spirit Gra.s.s room elder that he had told you over a hundred different Spirit Gra.s.s's characteristics and attributes in the past two days.

The attribute characteristics of every Spirit Gra.s.s were very complicated.

Just like a piece of text, it was not difficult to memorize one type of text every day. However, one had to memorize dozens of different types of text every day. Hundreds of different types of text was extremely difficult.

To ordinary disciples, a hundred stalks of Spirit Gra.s.s would require at least a month of time.

But to Long Fei...

He did not need to remember, because the system had everything!

It was too simple.

At this time.

A disciple walked up and said: "You have only been here for two days and you have already memorized over a hundred types of Spirit Gra.s.s.

Mu Yuan'an smiled faintly and said: "Mu Ling, you are the best Spirit Gra.s.s master in our academy. The reason why you are able to concoct so many different kinds of Spirit Gra.s.s is all because you have memorized the attributes of the Spirit Gra.s.s."

"How many kinds of Spirit Gra.s.s can you remember now?"

Mu Ling.

Even the elders of the Spirit Gra.s.s Room would not be able to remember more Spirit Gra.s.s than him.

Not only that.

He could also find the most suitable matching attributes, allowing Alchemy Masters to refine pellets with a high success rate, as well as a high rate of extreme quality pellets.

I heard.

In this year's South Area's a.s.sessment, he would be promoted to the South Area's Pill Academy.

Here, he was qualified to be arrogant.

Mu Ling looked pleased with herself and said faintly, "Not much, not much. Adding on the thirty-seven new Spirit Gra.s.s attributes we met yesterday, we have roughly a thousand different species."

"A thousand?" Mu Yuan'an revealed an astonished expression, and said with extreme satisfaction: "Amazing, truly amazing."

"Even I can't remember that much right now."

Mu Ling revealed an incredibly pleased smile and said, "How can this disciple compare with an elder? There are some people who are bragging about remembering the attributes of over a hundred Spirit Gra.s.s after just a few days in the Pill Academy."

"Elder, I feel that this sort of disciple is too hypocritical and inflated. Actually, he doesn't know anything and only likes to pretend that he knows something. I am looking down on this sort of person the most."

It was very obvious that he was talking about Long Fei.

Long Fei pretended not to hear it, and pretended not to hear anything.

Mu Yao was also his G.o.ddess. Ever since Long Fei had entered the Pill Academy, he had always been against Long Fei.

However, the target was still the target.

This fellow truly had some skills. At least in terms of the knowledge of Spirit Gra.s.s, even elders were inferior to him.

Mu Yuan'an smiled, looked at Long Fei, and said indifferently: "You can't say those words like that, who knows, maybe he really remembered them."

Mu Ling immediately said, "Elder, I bet Mu Fei doesn't even remember ten different Spirit Gra.s.s."

At the beginning, no name had been mentioned.

This time, he directly pointed at Long Fei's fake name.


She stared at Long Fei.

How could he tolerate this?

Of course not.

When he could no longer endure it, and reached the bottom line, Long Fei would no longer endure it any further, so before Mu Yuan'an could say anything, Long Fei had already sent a order, "What do you want to bet?"

Mu Yuan'an was startled.

Mu Ling directly asked, "What do you think we should bet on?"

Long Fei replied: "Otherwise, if that's the case, whoever loses will have to call themselves Senior Brother. From today onwards, whatever you want them to do, they will do it."

Mu Ling's eyes blazed with excitement as she immediately said, "I'll do as you say. Brat, I want you to kneel on the ground and learn to bark like a dog."

"Tell me, what do you want to bet?"

Long Fei said, "I came to the Pill Academy for two days. You have been here for four years, right?"

"Let's have a fair fight. Let's bet on who knows more Spirit Gra.s.s, including all their attributes."

Mu Ling was stunned.

Mu Yuan'an was also stunned.

This …

You still want to bet?

Mu Ling knows over a thousand different Spirit Gra.s.s, Long Fei had only been here for a few days, a fair bet?

This is unfair.

It was a situation in which Long Fei was definitely going to lose.

Mu Yuan'an slightly said, "Mu Fei, this is a little unfair to you."

Long Fei said: "It is indeed a bit unfair, how about this, I will give him ten ways!"

As soon as he finished.

Mu Ling immediately flew into a rage, "Brat, you're too arrogant!"

"I'm sorry, arrogance is my nature." Long Fei said lightly. His eyes and expression were filled with contempt for Mu Ling.

This arrogant …

Even Mu Yuan'an could not stand watching this any longer.

Mu Yuan'an looked at Long Fei and said, "Mu Fei, do you know what you just said?"

Long Fei replied: "I know, give him ten different ways."

"Just tell me if you dare to bet or not."

"If you don't dare, then don't waste my time by sweeping the floor." Long Fei took his broom and was about to leave.

What was awesome?

What was keeping a low profile?

Long Fei was a low-key person, extremely luxurious.

Mu Ling's nose was smoking as she viciously said, "Fine, let's bet. If I can't win against you today, I'll chop off all my hands!"

He was about to die from anger!

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