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The valley was huge, and finding a safe place to hide was not that easy.

Long Fei and the group of ten walked forward very slowly.

This was because this was the central center of the ancient Lie Mountain. The demon beast that appeared here were not ordinary demon beast, but those kind of Spirit Demon King, the supreme Spirit Demon Emperor level demon beast.

If they found out …


They had already discovered it!

He just didn't make a move.

Deep in the valley, in a dark demon building.

The paG.o.da was divided into nine floors, and each floor had a different shape. There were hexagram, runes, and even a domineering skeleton.

The ninth floor was shaped like a giant ant's nest.

This was the center of the ancient Lie Mountain.

This was the center of power that controlled the entire ancient Lie Mountain.

The ninth floor.

A young man dressed in a purple and gold robe. He had a pair of white eyes, and his entire body exuded an irresistible demonic aura.

The corner of his mouth slightly curled up, revealing an ice-cold smile. "ancient antiquity!"


"Seems like he really is pushing his luck even further."

"They actually managed to get their hands on my doorstep in the inner sect examination? Do they really think that the demons of the ancient Lie Mountain are nothing more than turnips in front of my door?"

"If you want to step on it, you can. If you want to, you can pull it out?"

"Huh?" The man's pupils constricted as white meridians appeared from the corners of his eyes. He looked like a member of the Chinese and j.a.panese families.

A pair of white pupils filled with power, while the corners of his eyes were filled with meridians.

At this moment.

The entire valley was under his gaze as he watched. The position of each disciple, the movements of each disciple, and the words spoken by each disciple.

He could feel it all!


"Just this bunch of Muggle?"

"The highest cultivation is only Immortal Swordsman Rank, is this group of people sent by Fire Arrogant G.o.d to die?" The man said coldly.

With a single glance, he could tell that everyone's cultivation base was beneath his nose.

Not a single one fled!

The Fire Arrogant G.o.d he mentioned was also the current sect master of the ancient antiquity.

"I wonder why the ancient antiquity's inner sect examination will be placed on our doorstep this year. What is Fire Arrogant G.o.d's intention?"

"Send our disciples to our doorstep for us to kill?"

"How can it be possible for him to be like this?"

"Or could it be that he wants to temper these Muggle? Training here? Aren't you asking for a beating? "

An old man with his back hunched and holding a black wooden walking stick said lightly.

This was the ancient Lie Mountain.

It was also within the domain of the ancient antiquity.

Fire Arrogant G.o.d had always been a heavy stone on top of the heads of demon clan.

The ancient antiquity's sect master was a super powerhouse of the Emperor Swordsman Rank. None of the demon race could match him, so … For the past few years, the Monster race had been hiding like a tortoise.

However …

Even if they were afraid of the Fire Arrogant G.o.d, right now … ancient antiquity was bullying them at the door, how could he tolerate this?

Indeed, he could not tolerate it!

This was also why demon kings from many demon clan tribes would appear in the demon towers.

"Is Fire Arrogant G.o.d testing us?"

"You want to know the bottom line of our tolerance?"

Another burly man who looked like a tiger said in a deep voice. His two eyes were like those of a tiger's before they had even evolved.

"Who cares? Since he dares to send his disciple over, don't blame us for being impolite."

"You're right!"

"Do you really think we're afraid of him?"

Everyone said angrily.

At this time.

One of the elders coughed, and said: "Then what about the peace agreement signed with the Fire Arrogant G.o.d? Have you considered this? "

"They're only here for the a.s.sessment to gain experience, not to take action against the Monster race. If they really did take action, we could counterattack, but now it's just the a.s.sessment."

"So …"

The old man looked up, and said indifferently: "Since Fire Arrogant G.o.d wants to test our bottom line, then we will also test his bottom line."

"If the ancient antiquity can take the examination, then we demi-humans can also take the examination!"

Everyone's eyes lit up.

The purple-robed man said excitedly, "Great Elder, do you mean to say that the elites of our tribes should be brought over and placed in the valley for the examination?"

The elder said lightly, "That is not necessary. These disciples are just outer disciples. Their cultivation base is too weak. They are not qualified enough to be the elites of our clans."

"I think we should summon the surrounding demon kings. Give them a chance, whoever kills more disciples will have the qualifications to enter the demon towers to cultivate!"

As soon as he finished.

The entire palace was in an uproar.

"This is a good idea!"

"We're going to turn this place into a killing field."

"Wrong!" It's a battle of slaughter. "

"It's too easy for a Spirit Demon King level demon beast to deal with these Muggle people."

"Hahaha …"

"At that time, even if the Fire Arrogant G.o.d were to go after us, we can just push it away."

"How brilliant!"

… ….

The Goblin Tribe was the Goblin Tribe, and the demon beast was the demon beast.

What could be called a demon was the evolution of demon beast.

The Spirit Demon race was of a higher level than the demon beast.

The Goblin Tribe could command demon beast s.

demon beast only have the qualification to advance further after reaching King Level, and this step requires the approval of the Spirit Demon race.

Every single demon king had been waiting for this kind of opportunity their entire lives.

After the Monster race announced this mission, all the Demon Kings within a million kilometers will gather here in less than half a day.

A ma.s.sacre!

… ….

Long Fei frowned, he crouched down and stared into the depths of the valley.

The people behind him all lowered their bodies, quietly waiting.

After a long time.

Baili Tianhai then asked in a low voice: "Big Brother, what's wrong?"

Long Fei did not give a reason for his sudden halt.

Long Fei shook his head and said: "I feel like I'm being watched by one person, as if all of us are exposed to that one person's eyes."

Zhao Dahan said: "Why don't I feel it?"

brothers of five elements said in unison, "I don't feel it either."

Long Fei looked at Yun Xi, who shrugged and said: "You should ask her."

Yun Xi looked to the Phoenix.

Phoenix giggled and said, "Husband's lord, I …"

Long Fei gave her a glance and said: "You little girl, what do you think you can feel?"

Not giving Phoenix the chance to speak.

Long Fei's goal, even now, Long Fei still did not know. Even if Yun Xi knew that the phoenix was not simple, he still could not expose everything it had.

Phoenix pursed her lips.

Yun Xi laughed, and said: "I do not have any ill intentions."

Long Fei also did not explain, and said: "She's just a little girl, what else can she know?"


From Phoenix's eyes, Long Fei could tell that his senses were right.

Just now, someone had been staring at him.

Not just him, everyone in the valley.

Who was this person?

Was it a Demon Emperor level BOSS? Long Fei swallowed it all. When he thought of the BOSS, he could not help but get excited …

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