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When Chen Xiang was outside the Myriad Tao Mausoleum, he had already refined a Taiji Yuanshen Dan. That Taiji Yuanshen Dan, before he even had the chance to eat it, had already experienced a series of events.

After eating the Taiji Yuanshen Dan, Chen Xiang took out the Taiji Yuanshen Dan's medicinal ingredients and refined them at the same time.

He was worried that the Taiji Yuanshen Dan was not enough for him to step into the middle stage of Six G.o.ds Stage, so he had to make preparations.

Sure enough, after he refined that Taiji Yuanshen Dan, he had not reached the middle stage of Six G.o.ds Stage yet. Now, he could only continue refining the Taiji Yuanshen Dan.

Refining a Taiji Yuanshen Dan would require around ten days of time, and refining it after eating it would only require around a day. At that time, he would have to put in a billion Dao crystal to buy another day's time.

Ten days pa.s.sed, and after Chen Xiang finished refining the Taiji Yuanshen Dan, he spent one billion to buy another day. Then, he ate the Taiji Yuanshen Dan and began to refine it!

In only half a day's time, the medicinal power had been completely refined by him and he smoothly stepped into the middle stage of Six G.o.ds Stage.

"Zhao Kunxin, just you wait, don't let me meet you!" Chen Xiang laughed coldly in his heart.

"You've already broken through! Your pill techniques are not bad, did you use the Heavenly Alchemy? " Time Ghost asked.

"Yes, how did you know?" Chen Xiang said. He had been busy these past few days and did not have time to talk to the Time Ghost.

"I can see that! The Heavenly Alchemy is very powerful, but it is very hard to understand the complete version of the novel in the end. " Time Ghost sighed: "I heard that the time it takes to refine a complete Heavenly Alchemy is very scary."

"I know that there is a stone wall in the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. Inside the stone wall, there is the last part of the Heavenly Alchemy." Chen Xiang said: "Time Ghost, do you know where the stone wall is?"

"Of course I know, I'm right in the middle of the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. But your current strength is too weak, it would be very difficult for you to reach there. You just need to pick up things on these small paths." The Time Ghost said.

"Oh right, Time Ghost seems to be in a strange state. What's going on?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"The main thing is that the Ghost Emperor has woken up. Many little ghosts are going to attend the Ghost Emperor's banquet." Time Ghost's words made Chen Xiang's hair stand on end.

"What Ghost Emperor?" Chen Xiang looked around: "Are you really a ghost?"

"Of course not... But I do have a body, it's just that my body is sealed, and I need a certain amount of Dao crystal s to undo the seal. " Time Ghost laughed: "There are no ghosts here, most of the people here are human, it's just that they are very powerful humans! We are equivalent to being imprisoned here, sealed away, and unable to leave the Myriad Tao Mausoleum ever again. "

"Is this true?" Chen Xiang was in disbelief: "How come I've never heard such a thing before?"

"That's because no one has ever met me. If they had entered any other tomb, they wouldn't have said so much." Time Ghost said, "There are so many tombs, only I can communicate with humans. The other tombs have all fallen asleep and do not know when they will wake up, but I am different. I have so much time, I will never die."

"What nonsense …" Why are you sealed here? Are you a great devil? " Chen Xiang asked again. Right now, he still had a bit of time, so he wanted to talk some more with the Time Ghost.

"I am a good person, but I was following the wrong boss. My boss was also imprisoned here because of failure." The Time Ghost sighed, "My boss is the Ghost Emperor that I mentioned before. Everyone calls him that now.

"In that case, your boss is very strong. However, if you lose in a battle with someone else, you will be imprisoned, and his little brother will be in trouble as well." Chen Xiang said.

"Yes, that's right!" Time Ghost laughed bitterly, "This is the only thing we can do for now, and those people who locked us up would occasionally give us some fun. They would open the door and let people from the outside come in to relieve our boredom."

"To relieve our boredom?" Do you want to kill for fun? That's not good! " Chen Xiang frowned: "I heard that there are many Evil Soul s here, how did they come here?"

"There are several areas within the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. The area that the Evil Soul is located in is where all imprisoned heinous demons are imprisoned, and the people that are locked up in this area are all people like me. There are also a few other places where some vicious fellows are imprisoned, those who are sent in will die without a doubt." The Time Ghost said, "But you don't have to worry. The tunnels that you have come through this time are all safe."

This time, it was very obvious what happened in Myriad Tao Mausoleum. Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable and a few other Leader s came in, but no one knew where they went.

"So it's safe here?" Chen Xiang was worried that something dangerous would suddenly appear.

"It should be safe, not to mention our boss just woke up. Things from other areas wouldn't come here to cause trouble, so you should be at ease here to pick things up." The Time Ghost said.

"Oh right, where is the Heavenly Alchemy's stone wall? "You must know. Tell me quickly, I want to take a look!" Although the Time Ghost said that he was too weak, Chen Xiang still wanted to try because he had the [Invisibility] technique and the spatial energy.

"Alright! If you want to get to the middle, it's very simple, you can go by the biggest road. " The Time Ghost said, "You should know what the biggest road is."

"Got it!" Chen Xiang nodded his head: "Then I'll be taking my leave. Goodbye!"

"The Heavenly Alchemy stone wall are in the middle of the Myriad Tao Mausoleum, and the Myriad Tao Mausoleum is the most chaotic place. The Time Ghost said again.

"Yes, I will be careful." Chen Xiang opened the stone door and went outside. Right now, he did not know if it was only a day outside.

The time he had to enter the Myriad Tao Mausoleum was limited, so he was willing to spend ten billion to buy ten days.

After walking out, Chen Xiang returned. He wanted to go through the biggest pa.s.sage which led to the middle of the Myriad Tao Mausoleum!

Chen Xiang quickly returned to the tunnel. On the way, he was extremely safe, and he did not meet Zhao Kunxin and the others, which made him feel a little disappointed. Right now, he had already stepped into the middle stage of Six G.o.ds Stage, so he was not afraid of Zhao Kunxin.

"The last stage of the Heavenly Alchemy, I'm coming!" Chen Xiang stepped onto the main road and sprinted forward.

After running for two hours, he suddenly heard the sounds of a battle from the front. He had long since become invisible so as to not be discovered by the people in front of him. He slowed down so that his breathing would not leak out and be sensed by the people in front of him.

A battle was going on in front of them, and it was going to be very intense. Booms and explosions rang out one after another, and waves of energy rushed out like a violent storm.

"This pa.s.sageway is really st.u.r.dy. It's not damaged at all even with this kind of fighting style." When Chen Xiang approached, he heard Zhao Kunxin's voice.

was actually fighting with someone else, Chen Xiang was surprised, but when he thought about Zhao Kunxin's character, he did not find it strange.

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