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The holy-moon state had already exceeded the limits of what Long Fei could endure.

He had been severely injured by the previous blow.

Long Fei wanted to continuously bleed from his wound. Although it wasn't fatal, he wouldn't be able to endure it for a long time because at the same time he bled, bright red damage numbers continuously floated up from the groove above his head. His health point was frantically decreasing.

Time was not good for him.

Long Fei locked the center of his brows as he continued to think of a countermeasure.

On the other side.

Seeing how injured Long Fei was, King of Sword Elves immediately became excited, "You dog, are you still arrogant?"

"Aren't you awesome?"

"Didn't you not put the Sword Elf Mountain in your eyes?"

"Now you're so awesome, hahaha …"

"Long Fei, you are about to die. The Liu Luoxi you want, I will offer him to the Lord G.o.d for his plaything."

"Feeling good?"

King of Sword Elves was showing off crazily.

He finally saw the scene he wanted to see the most, Long Fei being heavily injured.

Moreover, in this kind of situation, Long Fei was definitely going to die.

Absolutely not.

If they did not release their energies at this time, the King of Sword Elves would hold back and suffer internal injuries.

Xuanlie mountain also faintly smiled, and said: "Are you saying that the woman he is looking for is also the woman I want?"

King of Sword Elves immediately bowed and replied: "Reporting to Lord G.o.d, the woman he wants is Liu Luoxi, and what you want is her as well."

He was as respectful as a grandson.

Xuanlie mountain looked at Long Fei, laughed, and said: "What a coincidence then."

"Your woman is about to become my plaything."

"You probably don't know yet?"

"Your woman is an exceptional one. She has the [Holy Yin Body]. Do you know what [Holy Yin Body] is? That is, the inside of the body contains an incomparably strong Profound Yin energy, this kind of power is just what the Master needs. "

"She will be sacrificed for the Master to cultivate!"

"Hahaha …"

Xuanlie mountain laughed out loud.

Long Fei clenched his teeth so hard that they were about to shatter.

Anger spewed out.

However, no matter how angry he was, it was useless. What he needed now was to calm down and think of a way to deal with the two old men.

Long Fei asked solemnly: "Long Kuang, can the power of the twelve-rate ancient dragon body be used against it?"

He also wanted to use spirit blood to stimulate his strength.

He could not think of a way!

He could only use his own spirit blood to exchange strength.

Long Kuangdao: "You just used spirit blood on the clan congress, your body has not fully recovered yet. Even if you use spirit blood to stimulate your strength, it would still be around the same as level ten ancient dragon body."

No way!

ten essence and blood s were too difficult for the current Long Fei.

Even if they could forcefully activate the twelve-rate ancient dragon body, their power would still be greatly reduced.

After all, it was beyond what his body could handle.

"G.o.ds pavilion, how are things over there?"

"Are you done?"

Long Fei asked.

G.o.ds pavilion did not respond.

At this moment.

It could be said that in the G.o.ds pavilion, it was like a world war, the G.o.ds pavilion did not have the time to care about Long Fei at all.

He was as excited as if he had eaten a ton of v.i.a.g.r.a.

The power Long Fei's star p.u.b.es gave him was just too strong.

Long Fei also thought about his own star p.u.b.es, wanting to release that Power of the Emperor. It couldn't be activated at all.

Was there no other way?

Dragon Kuang wanted to make Long Fei escape again, but... He didn't say it out loud.

He was also thinking.

But Long Fei was his foundation, the limits of his cultivation was not even a match for powerhouse Divine Moon, so even Long Kuang could not do anything about it.

He was worried now.

He was even more worried than Long Fei, because if Long Fei died here, how would he be able to explain it to his' master '?

He wanted Long Fei to partic.i.p.ate in the war for the G.o.d of Boundary.

He wanted Long Fei to become the ancient world's G.o.d of Boundary, and wanted him to stop that thing from happening …

Long Fei cannot die!

Long Kuangdao: "Master, how about … …"

Just as Long Kuang was speaking, two old men from holy-moon state took a step forward with a cold and complacent smile on their lips.

They were going to make a move.

Xuanlie mountain coldly snorted. "Kill him, don't waste my time!"

"Yes sir!"

The two old men sneered and moved their swords.


The power of the Lunar Meteorite exploded, distorting the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

Long Fei's ear drums almost burst. His entire brain was unable to take it, but... When he saw the swords of the two elders, his expression tightened as a sharp light flashed in his eyes, "Long Kuang, can you clearly see their sword moves?"

Long Kuang took back what he had just said and said, "I can see it clearly, but it's useless. Your cultivation can't keep up …"

Not waiting for him to finish.

The corner of Long Fei's mouth raised into a faint smile, and said: "It doesn't matter if I can't keep up, as long as you can see everything clearly."

Long Kuang didn't know what Long Fei was going to do, and said, "I can see it clearly."

"Alright then!" Long Fei moved his right hand, immediately summoning his Dong Huang Sword.

Long Fei was serious, his expression was serious as he pulled one of his hands out!


He then pulled out a sword hilt.

A bare sword hilt.

It did not have a single blade, making it look extremely comical.

Everyone was stunned, made a little stupefied by Long Fei's actions.

The air was frozen.

In the next second, Xuanlie mountain was the first to start laughing, "Hahaha … Hahaha... Are you here to tease me? "

"Pull out a sword hilt seriously, hahaha..."

"I'm about to be f * * king laughed to death by you!"

Long Fei's actions were indeed a little stupid.

He was also shocked, "Eh? What's going on? G.o.d's sword spirit, where the h.e.l.l did you run off to? "

The G.o.d's sword spirit only replied coldly, "Just do what you have to do."

He was starting to get impatient.

It was as if they were looking down on the two Divine Moon powerhouse s who used swords.

The G.o.d's sword spirit that he had found in the Sword Emperor instance dungeon.

How strong is it?

Long Fei also couldn't explain it clearly.

However …

He had a move on the sword free boundary, any sword would turn into dust in front of him, he was without a sword!

The two Mystic Moon powerhouse s on the other side were sword cultivators.

Sword Qi radiated from their bodies, especially from the swords in their hands.

Therefore, Long Fei wanted to use the G.o.d's sword spirit to deal with them.

Hearing the G.o.d's sword spirit's words, Long Fei became even more relieved. His gaze darkened and he hooked his fingers at the two elders.

The two old men's eyes turned sinister.


"You're courting death!"

Instantly, the figures of two people moved, their long swords appearing before each other.

At this moment.

The entire Sword Elf Mountain was enveloped in sword qi.

The power of the Lunar Meteorite was released.

The sword aura became even more ferocious.

The longswords in the entire Sword Elf Mountain were trembling, not because they resonated, but because they were afraid that the swords in this mortal world would not be able to withstand this kind of sword aura.

Long Fei's gaze darkened, and he said: "Long Kuang, look carefully."

Long Kuang's gaze was locked onto him.

Long Fei held onto the Dong Huang Sword's hilt tightly, and thought: "It's all up to you now."

Long Kuang replied, "They're here."

"The positions of their sword moves are …"

Dragon Kuang explained in detail where their sword moves were.

Long Fei bellowed, "Break!"

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