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Long Fei was helpless.

The star relate to Dantian was simply too big, he simply did not know how to grasp it, nor did he know how to convert the power within it into his own.

Facing the star relate to Dantian, he was a little powerless in his heart.

For the past two days, he had been like a headless fly. He kept b.u.mping around and trying, but to no avail.

Furthermore, the star relate to Dantian was not compatible with the System, so he had no other choice.

Right now, there was a sliver of hope for the G.o.ds pavilion.

He didn't want to give up.


King of Hen Tribe!

This awesome figure that appeared in the novel 'Heaven Shrouding', this fierce group of people, did the G.o.d Soul he obtained actually possess the strength of the 'Sky Shrouding'?

Long Fei also wanted to know!

Thus …

Even if he knew that the G.o.ds pavilion might have other ulterior motives, he still wouldn't be able to do anything!

As if he had no choice.

Obtaining Long Fei's approval, G.o.ds pavilion became completely excited and said: "Thank you, thank you … Rest a.s.sured, I will definitely wake her up as soon as possible. I will also definitely help you figure out how you should cultivate this power. "

Long Fei said: "I'll lend you my power, you have to report to me at any time."

G.o.ds pavilion replied, "No problem."

Long Fei said: "This power is for you. How long will it take for you to awaken King of Hen Tribe's soul?"

G.o.ds pavilion frowned, he thought for a moment and said: "I cannot guarantee anything, but I will do my best to complete it as soon as possible."

Long Fei said: "Okay, if you can complete it within three days, I will reward you with three of these powers. You don't need to use these three energies to nourish your divine soul, you can keep them for yourself."

"Three days?"

G.o.ds pavilion's pupils tightened, "Ten strands of power?"

Very excited.

G.o.ds pavilion said: "Alright, I will definitely give this old life of mine my all."

There will always be brave men in the midst of great rewards.

Three days was basically impossible, but under the stimulation of this kind of reward, G.o.ds pavilion would definitely do his best.


How strong exactly was the star relate to Dantian?

This can also be tested.

If he really could only awaken the King of Hen Tribe's soul within three days, that would mean that the strength of the star relate to Dantian was stronger than even the G.o.ds pavilion's power of a thousand years.

What kind of concept was this?

It was unimaginable!

Long Fei moved and said: "Let's begin."

The G.o.ds pavilion did not dawdle and said: "Alright, I'm coming!"

Long Fei opened his mind completely.

G.o.ds pavilion entered his body with his consciousness in a defenseless state. In his hand was a small black jar.

The instant they entered the p.u.b.es.

G.o.ds pavilion was so excited that he almost peed.

His heart was incomparably shocked.

"Oh my G.o.d!"

"Is this a p.u.b.es?"

"This is obviously the Myriad Heavens."

"This luck..."

"What great luck!"

"I'm so lucky." G.o.ds pavilion was envious and jealous, but he was clear that this kind of great luck was not something that he could have.

Even if he tried to possess her now, it would be useless.

If it was him, it probably wouldn't be this kind of star relate to Dantian.

And then …

G.o.ds pavilion chanted for a bit, then the small jar started to move, as though he was holding water, he closed the lid and looked at the glowing world, he once again swallowed his saliva.

He was extremely envious.

He did not dare to stay any longer. He was afraid that he would be lost here.

The idea moved.

He quickly came out of the star relate to Dantian.

The G.o.ds pavilion said: "Many thanks, I will go back to work first."

Long Fei said: "Go!"

G.o.ds pavilion withdrew his consciousness and entered the building.

Everything was calm again.

Now, I just need to wait and see what he can do. Long Fei's heart throbbed a little, "If the King of Hen Tribe's divine soul wakes up, it can be used by me …"

"Heh heh …"

"That would be great!"

Long Fei smiled faintly.

It was good for the King of Hen Tribe's divine soul to awaken, but she was still a divine soul after all.

There was no way for them to fight for long.

Long Fei relied on himself.

The key was to master the power within the star relate to Dantian as soon as possible.

… ….

The night pa.s.sed in silence.

The next morning.

qian xuan belle had already prepared breakfast for everyone.

She clearly knew her ident.i.ty, and also clearly knew that Long Fei had only set his eyes on her body, and that he had not taken her into his heart.

What she needed to do now was to take good care of Long Fei.

Try to be sensible.

Only then would she be able to stay by Long Fei's side.

She wanted to follow Long Fei and enter the divine s.p.a.ce.

Although she was only at the sixth stage of the G.o.d of Heaven, she had to be guided to enter the divine s.p.a.ce. Long Fei was his only choice.

Because …

It was impossible for any family with a divine s.p.a.ce to bring a person who had fused with a holy G.o.dhead into the divine s.p.a.ce.

The person who fused with the holy G.o.dhead in the divine s.p.a.ce was a piece of trash who had no value at all.

qian xuan belle's dream was to enter the divine s.p.a.ce. She just wanted to see the scenery of the divine s.p.a.ce, to see the world there!

Long Fei was also extremely satisfied with qian xuan belle's performance.

A bed can slap.

Without even needing him to explain, he naturally knew what actions Long Fei was about to take.

Under the bed can be taken care of living.

This kind of woman was called a sensible woman.

Don't worry about her.

Long Fei said: "I heard from Great Clan Elder yesterday, that there will be a clan with a divine s.p.a.ce coming by in a few days. When the time comes, I will come here to select a person to partic.i.p.ate in the selection.

Everyone nodded.

Zhao Dahan said: "Boss, do you really want to enter the divine s.p.a.ce? I see that the people from the divine s.p.a.ce do not see us from the mortal world as human beings, and would probably not be taken seriously if we were to go up there.

Long Fei said: "The more you look down on us, the more we must work hard. Right now, they are high up in the sky, they are G.o.ds, but no one can always be a G.o.d, as long as you step down from being a G.o.d, you are a new G.o.d."

"The martial arts training is an unending challenge."

Zhao Dahan nodded his head: "I understand, boss, what about you?"

"Do you want to enter the divine s.p.a.ce?"

Everyone looked at Long Fei.

Long Fei nodded his head: "I have a reason to enter the divine s.p.a.ce, I want to go there to kill a person!"

Everyone was stunned.

laughed and said: "The divine s.p.a.ce is the finishing point of the ancient world. Anyone who wishes to enter the martial arts training would want to enter it, and so am I."

"When the time comes, we brothers will go in together."

Zhao Dahan said excitedly: "It's more fun to flip the world upside down with the divine s.p.a.ce."

"Hahaha …"


Long Fei brought everyone into the Holy Source Vein Mine.

The Holy Source was too abundant here.

Every person who entered this place felt as light as a feather, as if they were lying in a sea of power.

After they landed, they quickly entered a state of cultivation.

Long Fei also sat cross legged, he did not continue cultivating the power of the star relate to Dantian.

The reason he entered this place was because it was quiet. Furthermore, only he could enter this place, and no outsiders could enter.

He had come here for the instance dungeon.

Sword Emperor instance dungeon!

This was also his last instance dungeon.

Long Fei moved and said: "Activate the instance dungeon!"

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