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Lu Xun was severely injured, causing his anger to surge.

He's already fighting his way to his doorstep, how could he endure this kind of att.i.tude?

Of course not!

Lu Xun s injuries had stabilized, Long Fei explained to him before immediately walking out of the courtyard towards the No.1 Room with Word Huang.

Long Fei did not have any grudges against him.

If he did not take revenge, then he would not be called Long Fei.

However …

It could be said that the G.o.d's extrreme palace's side had suffered terrible losses.

Originally, they wanted to take control of Sky No. 1 when Long Fei and the rest were at the auction, but who would have thought … One array killed six disciples, and two of them were super disciples of the Emperor Swordsman Rank.

The final formation had been broken.

But Dongfang Hao was also severely injured.

Especially during his battle with Lu Xun, he did not benefit much. Even though he had injured Lu Xun, he had no choice but to escape at the last moment.

If a disciple was this strong, when Long Fei and the rest return, would he still be alive?

Initially, he only felt that Long Fei and the rest were just a bunch of upstarts with high cultivation, but they weren't profound enough. With the strength of his disciples, defeating them wouldn't be a problem.


He was completely wrong.

Lu Xun almost caused him to fall over, if all of them came back, would he be able to hold them off?

Dongfang Hao was well aware of this point.

Thus …

After he returned to the No.1 Room with Word Huang, he directly went to the courtyard of the leader.

He directly went to find the head of the G.o.d's extrreme palace, who was also the Palace Master of the G.o.d's extrreme palace, qian xuan belle!

"Mistress, the reason why I'm doing all this is also for the G.o.d's extrreme palace. It is also because I want to find more cultivation resources for the G.o.d's extrreme palace."

"If we can get our hands on the Holy Source's vein mine, then our G.o.d's extrreme palace will definitely surpa.s.s the Sword Sky Sect and become the number one sect in the ancient world within ten years."

"Please enlighten me, Mistress."

Dongfang Hao had mixed feelings for her, and she talked about how she would do her best for the G.o.d's extrreme palace, showing her loyalty.

qian xuan belle.

She was a woman that was capable of bringing calamity to the world.

Her beauty was something that even Strongest Emperor Swordsman like Dongfang Hao did not dare to look at directly. It was a kind of breathtaking beauty that would cause one to be infatuated with it just by looking at it.

Other than being beautiful, she was also exceptionally cold.

His eyes were filled with coldness, as though he was ready to die at any moment.

qian xuan belle listened coldly and looked at Dongfang Hao with both eyes. He said lightly: "Are you sure they have discovered the vein mine of the Holy Source?" Joy immediately burst forth in Dongfang Hao's eyes, and he immediately said: "I am sure, but if we did not find out that the veins of the Holy Source, for sure, would not be able to produce so many of those, then it would be easily worth tens of millions of Holy Source Stones. Even the Sword Sky Sect does not have those!

"So generous."

Dongfang Hao spoke with conviction, afraid that qian xuan belle would not believe him.

He had to make the Asgard Master believe it.

Because …

So many disciples had died, if he did not take revenge, if he did not get a piece of the Holy Source's essence ore, he would not be able to take it.

He had wanted to keep it for himself, but now it seemed that he couldn't.

He could only borrow qian xuan belle's power.

This was his only path.

qian xuan belle squinted his eyes and started to think.

An elder standing at the side said: "If this is an ordinary sect, then it is really possible that they have discovered the Holy Source Vein Mine, if not they would not have been able to stay in the G.o.d no.1 yard."

"How many Holy Source Stones is that?"

"I think that what Elder Dongfang said is most likely true. Otherwise, how could a small sect send a Strongest Emperor Swordsman out of a Great a.s.sembly of the war master?"

"You're right."

"Mistress, this might be a chance."

… ….

The Holy Source Vein Mine, who wouldn't want to own it?

It had to be known that the cultivation resources of the ancient world were becoming fewer and fewer, and the consumption of Holy Source Stones was extremely huge. If one wanted to support a large sect, without cultivation resources, they could only decline.

In order for a sect to become stronger, cultivation resources determined everything.

Why was the Sword Sky Sect so strong?

It was also because of the abundance of cultivation resources.

In these few years, it was very difficult to break through G.o.d's extrreme palace, and it was also because there was no further increase in cultivation resources.

When Dongfang Hao said this, her heart throbbed a little.


What kind of sect was the ancient antiquity?

A middle ranking sect, this kind of sect was like a grain of sand in front of her G.o.d's extrreme palace, nothing more.

It would be easy to destroy it.

However, she was still a little doubtful about one thing, was that the ancient antiquity did not possess the Holy Source Vein Mine after all.

At this moment.

A disciple walked into the hall and said: "Mistress, elder Dongfang is right. They definitely have the Holy Source Veins Mine, and they nearly contracted out on the auction."

"Buy whatever you want, and they are all worth several times the price. They don't even give others the chance to compete."


"The most important thing is that he took song xianhu's things, and did not give him any face at all. When song xianhu went berserk on the spot, Sword Sky Sect would definitely not let them get away easily."

Everyone was shocked.

song xianhu and the others knew what kind of person he was.

It would not be excessive to say that he was Sword Sky Sect's number one genius. He had reached the Emperor Swordsman realm at such a young age, but the Sword of the Emperor of the Invisible Sword Realm had shocked the entire ancient world.

Amongst the disciples of the younger generation, there were almost no one that could rival song xianhu, other than a few monsters.

They never thought that Long Fei would actually fight with song xianhu and s.n.a.t.c.h song xianhu's things on the spot. How could Sword Sky Sect let them off?

These were not what the G.o.d's extrreme palace had to consider.

qian xuan belle was thinking about something else, a mine with the Holy Source!

Contractual auction.

Pick up the thing that song xianhu wanted.

This was not a normal amount of money.

This meant that they were very, very wealthy. Even the Sword Sky Sect would not be able to compare to this kind of wealth, and it was as Dongfang Hao had said, they all had spirit medicine vein mines!

With the Holy Source Vein Mine, his power would at least double in two years. It would not be impossible for him to surpa.s.s the Sword Sky Sect s in ten years.

When that time comes, he would become the hero in the eyes of the powerhouse s of the divine s.p.a.ce.

He might even be able to cross the Emperor Swordsman and step into the Heavenly G.o.d Domain!

Thinking of all these …

qian xuan belle's cold eyes flashed with a trace of excitement, he was no longer calm in his heart, and asked with a heavy voice: "Where are they now?"

Dongfang Hao said: "The auction is over, they should be back in G.o.d no.1 yard soon."

"Mistress, give them to me. I'll capture them immediately."

He couldn't take it anymore.

Tonight, he was in an extremely sorry state, so he must take revenge.

Although he was severely injured, he believed that as long as he could bring a few elders of the G.o.d's extrreme palace with him, getting rid of the ancient antiquity would not be a problem.

qian xuan belle was about to speak.



A loud explosion resounded.

The outer court's gate was kicked flying. The two heavy pear blossom doors were directly smashed into pieces. The two guards were also sent flying into the yard wall. They coughed out blood and died on the spot.

At this moment.

A man was standing at the entrance to the courtyard.

Anger was written all over his face.

His eyes were filled with killing intent.

Long Fei arrived.

He took a step into the courtyard and shouted loudly, "You sc.u.m of the G.o.d's extrreme palace, come out right now!"

qian xuan belle also frowned, "You dare come here and behave atrociously?" How dare you! "

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