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Just as the ten clan elders were about to leave, Chen Xiang suddenly said: "No! This matter definitely could not be forgiven. They had to investigate thoroughly! There is an urgent need for Dragon Magic Dan and there are also people who are stealing in the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect. Maybe it is the doing of the Dragon Demons, I think we must continue investigating and find out who stole the Dragon magic herb that was lost in the Zhao Clan. "

"That's right, there might be Dragon Demons inside the Zhao Clan, we must investigate them thoroughly." Lin Jitian shouted.

"Right, right!"

Many people also started to shout, saying that they had to find a carriage to see who stole the Dragon magic herb.

"Our Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect would never sneak into a Dragon Demon." The Great Clan Elder was now even more certain that this was caused by the Zhao Clan himself. He was extremely furious at the fact that they wanted to blame Chen Xiang and chase him away.

"Then it's very likely that there's a spy in the Zhao Clan. We have to find out." An elder nodded his head: "We will go to Zhao Clan now!"

Even though the people from the Zhao Clan were calm, their hearts were beating wildly. Their previous plan was extremely thorough, and they thought that they could definitely drive Chen Xiang away.

After the ten elders and the Zhao Clan's people left, Chen Xiang took out the two hundred pellets of Dragon Magic Dan that he had previously refined and started selling them all happily.

After the sales, everyone left. & I & Ben & Read & Fiction {}

"Brat, to think that you would have such a unique Dragon magic herb. You didn't even tell me about it, and you have caused me to worry to death!" The Great Clan Elder scolded jokingly: "I really thought you went to the Zhao Clan to steal Dragon magic herb!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "If I were to go to Zhao Clan to steal the Dragon magic herb, I definitely won't stay there any longer, and Zhao Clan will definitely not only lose Dragon magic herb as well! I have really succeeded in stealing so many medicinal ingredients from Zhao Clan's top secret location. According to my style, all of Zhao Clan's ingredients will definitely be looted by me. "

"Zhao Clan said that there are still a few Dragon magic herb remaining on their stolen medicinal fields … This is really funny, if I were to make a move, I will definitely take all of it. "

"Can Golden Dragon Magic herb really refine many pills? That was a Taizun Dan! "Although it's only low-rank, to be able to refine ten medicinal plants in one go is truly unbelievable." The Great Elder said.

Great Clan Elder, if you want the Golden Dragon Magic herb, just say it, here! Chen Xiang laughed: "You can try it yourself. This Golden Dragon Magic herb contains a lot of Medicine aura, so it can produce a lot of pills."

Chen Xiang gave the great clan elder ten Golden Dragon Magic herb to refine for himself.

The Transmission array that was sent to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum was difficult to attack, it was mainly because there were too many Dragon magic poison there.

When they entered, although they were struck by the Dragon magic poison, they did not immediately flare up. Furthermore, they all had some Dragon Magic Dan s as backup, so after eating the Dragon Magic Dan, they retreated as fast as they could, otherwise, once the Dragon Magic Dan lost its effect and they were still inside the Dragon magic poison mist, they would lose their fighting strength. In the end, only death awaited them.

However, the Dragon Magic Dan that Chen Xiang refined had already been tested, and its effects were much better than those of the Zhao Clan s. A late stage Supreme Realm cultivator went to the Transmission array to test it, and discovered that after eating one of the Dragon Magic Dan Chen Xiang refined it, it would last for ten days!

In other words, as long as he could bring three pellets into his body, he would be able to survive for a month inside the Transmission array without encountering any poison.

A month's time was enough for them to s.n.a.t.c.h back the Transmission array.

Now, they were only waiting for Chen Xiang to refine the Dragon Magic Dan!

There were around a thousand people who entered the Transmission array, and Chen Xiang needed to refine three thousand Dragon Magic Dan s. Before, he had already sold more than a thousand.

In the past month, he had also successfully refined two thousand pellets, and they were sold out very quickly. Now, he had six hundred billion Dao crystal in his hands.

This was very close to his goal of a trillion.

"I have to start refining the Taiji Yuanshen Dan. There's not much time left until I enter the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. I need to level up quickly."

Right now, there was no lack of Dragon Magic Dan outside, so Chen Xiang would stop for a period of time to refine the Taiji Yuanshen Dan properly.

Mei Jing Sisters and the others had already grown a lot of s' ingredients, so Chen Xiang would not be lacking any of them for the rest of the time.

On one hand, if they had sufficient strength, he would be able to make them come out to fight when he needed their help. On the other hand, the higher their cultivation, the faster the medicinal herbs would be planted.

"The ingredients for refining the Taiji Yuanshen Dan have all been improved by us and have all fused with the Gold Yuan Divine Gra.s.s, so you need to be careful when refining it. There will be a lot of Medicine aura." Jiang Simei said. She was also a Alchemist, but her standards were not as high as Chen Xiang's. However, she had a better understanding of pill refining.

"I have to make a collision, only then will I not waste any medicinal ingredients. Moreover, the pills refined using the Crash method have the effect of self-refinement, so during the refining process, I can do other things as well."

Chen Xiang took out his Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and began to refine the super high quality Taiji Yuanshen Dan!

After an entire ten days of time, he was only able to successfully refine a Taiji Yuanshen Dan that had undergone three Crash s, and this was his limit!

The more Medicine aura there were, the higher their quality would be, and the control they would need to collide would be higher. And after the three Crash s, Chen Xiang was also exhausted, unable to proceed to the next Crash.

"That's the only way!" Chen Xiang swallowed the pellet, then went to rest and refined it at the same time.

The refining speed was extremely fast, and was completed in just half a day. Just as the refining was finished, Chen Xiang once again began to refine the Taiji Yuanshen Dan.

Just like this, a month had pa.s.sed and he had eaten a total of three super high quality Taiji Yuanshen Dan s, but he still had not broken through!

It was not easy to break through Six G.o.ds Stage, but according to the effects of the Taiji Yuanshen Dan, Chen Xiang felt that his progress was relatively fast. His current Six yuan G.o.d was much stronger than before, if he was given a little more time, he would definitely be able to enter the middle stage of Six G.o.ds Stage soon.

The people who went to attack the Transmission array had returned as well, and they successfully took it down. The Four Great Divine Sects had sent out their experts to guard the Transmission array, and once the Myriad Tao Mausoleum was activated, they could immediately activate the ancient Transmission array and head towards the vicinity of the Myriad Tao Mausoleum.

Now that Chen Xiang was not refining the Dragon Magic Dan, he sold the Golden Dragon Magic herb to the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect for 700 million each.

A single Golden Dragon Magic herb could refine ten Dragon Magic Dan, so these shops could still earn three hundred million Dao crystal. This way, it would also be able to alleviate the lack of Dragon Magic Dan.

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