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Chen Xiang had also considered the possibility of such a thing happening, so he had a way to deal with it!

Now that the Zhao Clan had lost their Dragon magic herb, it should be them acting. However, since they were able to deceive the ten elders, it showed that the Zhao Clan and the rest had their own methods.

"That's good. What about the Dragon magic herb that you lost?" Chen Xiang asked.

"What else can the Dragon magic herb do? It's exactly this type of Dragon magic herb! " Zhao Kunxin took out two Dragon magic herb, which were black and red respectively. Although the colors were different, they were both Dragon magic herb s.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "Are all of you the ones who lost these Dragon magic herb in the medicinal field?"

"That's right!" This was lost more than a month ago. " Zhao Kunxin coldly snorted. "And you just so happen to have so many Dragon Magic Dan, so we suspect that you did it."

"It was lost more than a month ago. Why didn't you respond then?" Chen Xiang laughed: "Why didn't you start investigating when I sold the Dragon Magic Dan?"

Everyone nodded, no matter how they looked at it, they seemed to be framing Chen Xiang.

"Because our medicinal field is a top secret herb field, we only go in to take a look at it once in a while." Zhao Kunxin said: "From the traces at the scene, it seems that those Dragon magic herb have been lost for about a month, and these ten elders have investigated about it."

Chen Xiang looked at the ten elders and said: "Elders, are you sure that you have lost the two Dragon magic herb s in Kunyun's hands?"

"That's right. Because there are still a few parts of the medicinal field that we haven't lost, we can be sure that we have lost these two species of Dragon magic herb …" An elder said.

"If you doubt me, I can understand it too!" However, the Dragon magic herb that I refined was not one of these two Dragon magic herb, but a kind of golden Dragon magic herb. It was given to me by the Flying Dragon Palace. " Chen Xiang said: "He can testify for me!"

An old man from the Zhao Clan sneered: "Golden-colored Dragon magic herb … You are simply speaking nonsense. Our Leader has planted Dragon magic herb for so many years, yet there has never been a golden variety born. Your relationship with Bat Super Venerable is not bad, and it is normal for you two to collude with each other to deceive people.

"Alright, if I can take out the golden Dragon magic herb, you should believe me!" Chen Xiang said as he took out a Golden Dragon Magic herb.

The Dragon magic herb in Chen Xiang's hands was golden and looked extremely beautiful! The shape and size of the Dragon magic herb were exactly the same, except the color was different!

"This... Hmph, it's definitely fake. It's just that you used some secret techniques to get the golden color! Now that I have ascertained that you were the one who stole the Dragon magic herb, you made such preparations in order to rid yourself of any suspicions. " Zhao Kunxin insisted that it was Chen Xiang.

"Alright! How many Dragon magic herb have you lost in total? " Chen Xiang asked, there were still many Dragon magic herb in the You Yao Mountain Villa.

"Ten elders, you should be able to find an accurate number!" Chen Xiang said.

"The final result is that thirteen hundred Dragon magic herb have been lost." An elder said.

Chen Xiang secretly cursed in his heart. This Zhao Clan was too ruthless, to actually want to make him take the blame, he had originally planned to take out some Dragon magic herb, when the time came, he only needed to surpa.s.s the number of Dragon magic herb lost in the Zhao Clan, then he would be able to shake off all suspicions. But now, he could not, there were not so many Dragon magic herb in the You Yao Mountain Villa.

"You still have some Dragon magic herb s with you … However, you have already dyed them golden, now leave them all to us! It will lessen the punishment. Then, you can give us the corresponding Dao crystal. We can let you leave the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect. " Zhao Kunxin said.

Chen Xiang sighed: "My golden Dragon magic herb is called the Golden Dragon Magic herb, and is completely different from your Zhao Clan's Dragon magic herb! If I use this kind of Golden Dragon Magic herb to refine pills, I can refine seven of them in one furnace, so this should be enough to prove that my Golden Dragon Magic herb is not dyed! "

"Hmph, that's only because you refined it yourself. Everyone knows your pill techniques. If you refine seven pills for others, we believe that your Dragon magic herb is not like us." The elder of the Zhao Clan said.

When the people of Zhao Clan saw Chen Xiang's Golden Dragon Magic herb, they were already very surprised. They thought that Bat Super Venerable and Chen Xiang had colluded with each other, but they never thought that there was actually a golden Dragon magic herb!

So they also wanted to get their hands on this Dragon magic herb. They already understood why the effects of the Dragon Magic Dan Chen Xiang had refined were stronger than theirs, and that was because of this Golden Dragon Magic herb.

Chen Xiang was very angry in his heart. Not only did this Zhao Clan want to turn black and white and take away the Golden Dragon Magic herb in his hands, he also wanted to cheat him of his Dao crystal.

"All ten elders should know how to refine pills. If you all can refine many Dragon Magic Dan, then you can prove that my Dragon magic herb is yours and not stolen." Chen Xiang took out ten Golden Dragon Magic herb s and handed them over to the ten elders. "This may take some time, but for the truth, I think everyone should be able to wait patiently!"

Everyone nodded their heads. They were willing to wait for the results to come out!

The people of Zhao Clan gritted their teeth in anger, because Chen Xiang had really mastered Dragon magic herb s. Moreover, it was a very special kind of Golden Dragon Magic herb, much better than their Zhao Clan's red and black Dragon magic herb.

Fortunately, the alchemy level of these elders was very high, and refining Dragon Magic Dan only required refining a single medicinal ingredient, their speed was not slow either. Everyone patiently waited here for six days, they were finally done refining!

But the one with the most dan beads was actually ten. Of the ten elders, at least nine of them came out. Most of them could actually refine ten dan beads. Even those elders felt it was inconceivable!

Chen Xiang did not expect these elders to be so skilled, to actually be able to produce so many pills.

"It seems that in order to pursue speed, I only produced seven pellets. The ten elders' alchemy skills are truly outstanding." Chen Xiang hurriedly said: "These Dragon Magic Dan were all painstakingly refined by you. You can just keep them yourselves, but now it has already proven my innocence."

The people of Zhao Clan were jealous to death. Not only did Chen Xiang's Golden Dragon Magic herb give out more pills, it had better effects than them.

"Zhao Clan, your Dragon magic herb was not stolen by Chen Xiang. He has already proven that his Dragon magic herb was different from the ones you lost. An elder said.

"There's nothing else! Our Zhao Clan has suffered heavy losses this time, which is why we are suspicious, I hope the elders can understand. " The people from the Zhao Clan knew best what was going on. If they continued to hara.s.s Yue Yang, and found out that it was them who planned this play, they would be in for a lot of trouble.

"Alright, let's end this here!" One of the elders harrumphed, as if he had already noticed something.

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