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The Six Shenprofound Dan that Zhao Kunxin bought from him last time had a loss of over 100 billion. They had originally planned to earn it back using the Dragon Magic Dan, but did not expect that Chen Xiang would actually compete with them on the Dragon Magic Dan s. Furthermore, the Dragon Magic Dan that Chen Xiang refined had a much better advantage than theirs.

What made the Zhao Clan unable to understand was where Chen Xiang actually got the Dragon magic herb! Under normal circ.u.mstances, a Dragon magic herb could at most refine two. Chen Xiang had just sold a thousand Dragon Magic Dan, he should need five hundred.

Even if it was the Zhao Clan s themselves, they would need a certain amount of time to consume so many Dragon magic herb and they would need many of their Zhao Clan s to refine them together for a month.

But Chen Xiang, who was alone, was able to refine a thousand Dragon Magic Dan in a short amount of time!

Because Chen Xiang's Dragon Magic Dan had suddenly appeared, caught the Zhao Clan by surprise. At this time, they were also discussing how to deal with it, this kind of thing had never happened before, they had extremely strict control over the Dragon magic herb seeds, only the higher ups of Zhao Clan possessed the Dragon magic herb seed!

Just when Zhao Clan was feeling suspicious, the Bat Super Venerable suddenly revealed something. He said that when he first entered the Dragon Devil Dead Land, he obtained a type of golden Dragon magic herb and gave it to Chen Xiang later on, which was why Chen Xiang had the Dragon magic herb to refine Dragon Magic Dan.

But the Zhao Clan did not believe it, they believed that only they, the Zhao Clan, had the Dragon magic herb!

Chen Xiang's Dragon magic herb s were all grown by the Mei Jing Sisters, and their methods were all extremely detailed. The YDU was very special, and it had the characteristics of fusing with other medicinal herbs, allowing him to concoct even more pills.

At this time, Jiang Simei and Jiang Sijing had become more and more familiar with the Golden Dragon Magic herb s that they were growing. The cultivation speed could increase even more quickly and with the addition of the purple gold pearl that Chen Xiang had condensed with the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power, their cultivation speed could increase by a lot.

"A batch of Dragon Magic Dan every month, this speed is still a bit slow!" Chen Xiang only had himself to concoct pills, which could be considered fast, but he was not satisfied.

If he wanted to increase his speed, he could only increase the number of Magic method furnace s. Previously, he had to refine ten batches at the same time, but now, he had to refine twenty of them!

He believed that with his own potential, he would definitely be able to hold on. At the same time, he had refined so many Furnace Taizun Dan, it was equivalent to continuously squeezing out his potential.

"Refining 20 batches in 3 days, 100 batches in 15 days, and his speed has doubled. Now, let's see if he can succeed. It's time to challenge the limit."

Chen Xiang was now full of confidence, and released twenty Magic method furnace s to begin the refinement process. With the help of the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power, he could refine medicine much more easily, which would reduce a lot of his pressure.

In the past, just the stage of refining medicinal herbs would have been a headache for him. However, that was only for a pot, let alone 20 batches.

Everything went according to Chen Xiang's expectations. Under his control, the twenty Magic method furnace were very stable, but they consumed a lot of his energy. He did not know if he still had enough energy to complete the final step of condensing the pellet.

But now, no matter what, he had to persevere!

Three days of time was still too little for refining Taizun Dan. Many Alchemist would need at least ten days for refining their Taizun Dan, and they might even need a month or a year for refining a batch of Taizun Dan.

But Chen Xiang, who was pursuing the extremes, used the help of the divine might fire to forcefully shorten the time to three days!

"Done!" Chen Xiang was already exhausted. After he had finished refining the twenty batches, he almost fell over.

"Die of exhaustion!" Chen Xiang placed the two hundred Dragon Magic Dan into a jade box and then lied down to rest. His recovery speed was also very fast, he had only slept for half a day before completely recovering.

While Chen Xiang had been cultivating for the past three days, he did not know anything about what was happening outside. Just as he came out, the Great Clan Elder came to find him quickly.

"Chen Xiang, where did you get those Dragon magic herb? Zhao Clan said that their medicine garden was stolen, and there are less than a thousand Dragon magic herb. " The Great Clan Elder anxiously asked: "Moreover, they now suspect that it was you, and they even say that you are a strange thief, who previously stole the Heavenly Alchemy art from the Flying Dragon Palace and then stole the Gold paG.o.da Ganoderma from him, all using a strange method."

"They felt that you could have stolen the Dragon magic herb, and after that, you sold a large number of them. Now, they have reported it to the Leader, and he has come forward to investigate."

When Chen Xiang heard this, he remained calm. He was not surprised by this.

"No problem, just let them investigate!" Chen Xiang snickered: "The price of Dragon Magic Dan has already been lowered, right?"

"Zhao Clan has already lowered the price of Dragon Magic Dan to one hundred million, otherwise, no one would buy them. Now, they are prepared to destroy you." The Great Elder asked, "Will your medicinal ingredients really be alright?"

"It's definitely not a problem. You don't have to worry, Zhao Clan's tricks won't be able to deal with me." Chen Xiang laughed: "When are they coming to investigate me?"

"It should be in these two days. Just wait here for these two days, then we'll confront them face to face!" As long as your medicinal ingredients are fine, then you don't have to be afraid of them. Leader is a person who knows what's right and wrong. " The Great Elder said.

Chen Xiang did not plan to refine pills in the next two days and just waited here for the people from the Zhao Clan.

The people from Zhao Clan came quickly, and only came in the morning of the second day. A large group of people even came, and Chen Xiang even saw Zhao Kunxin.

It was not only the people from the Zhao Clan who came, but also the disciples of the other sects. This was all called over by the Zhao Clan, so it was clear that the Zhao Clan was very confident this time in being able to take Chen Xiang down.

Lin Jitian and Bat Super Venerable were also here, they obviously knew that Zhao Clan was going to deal with Chen Xiang, so they came here to support Chen Xiang.

Most of the disciples from the other sects supported Chen Xiang, because Chen Xiang could sell them cheap Dragon Magic Dan, and the effect was much better than Zhao Clan's.

Although the price of the Zhao Clan's Dragon Magic Dan had already been lowered to a hundred million, many people did not buy it because Chen Xiang's Dragon Magic Dan was also one hundred million, but the effect was two times better than that of the Zhao Clan's. Adding the fact that Chen Xiang's reputation was not bad, even if Chen Xiang sold for a hundred and fifty million, many people still chose to buy Chen Xiang.

The Leader s of the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect did not come, but more than ten Elders had come. All of these Elders had very high status, so the Great Clan Elder could be at ease with them coming to investigate.

"Chen Xiang, you should already know this. Today, we're here to investigate you! Your Dragon magic herb s' origins are unknown, but a large portion of our Zhao Clan's Dragon magic herb s have suddenly been stolen. " The one who spoke was Zhao Kunxin: "Ten elders, please go investigate with our Zhao Clan and confirm that the Dragon magic herb of our Zhao Clan has been stolen."

"Now, we suspect that you stole the Dragon magic herb. Only you are suspicious."

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