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Jiang Simei and Jiang Sijing looked extremely exhausted. It could be seen that the consumption of energy for them to complete all of this was extremely large.

"You should all rest first!" Chen Xiang said.

"Don't worry about it. You'll be able to recover very soon. Your environment is so good, and you can recover very quickly." Jiang Simei said: "The gra.s.s in your hand is called Golden Dragon Magic herb! Sister and I made it using a combination of a Dragon magic herb and a type of Gold Yuan Divine Gra.s.s that can increase a Medicine aura. "

"The Gold Yuan Divine Gra.s.s and many other medicinal herbs can be perfectly combined, so it might not be able to create a repelling force. The biggest benefit is that this kind of medicinal herb can increase Medicine aura s by many times." Jiang Sijing added.

"This Dragon Magic Dan only needs a single Dragon magic herb to be refined. If the number of Medicine aura increases, it means that the number of Golden Dragon Magic herb that comes out will be even more."

Chen Xiang immediately understood why they combined the Dragon magic herb and the Gold Yuan Divine Gra.s.s in order to produce even more pills and not affect the effects of the Dragon magic herb.

"I can only try to refine more specific things to try." Chen Xiang was already able to refine Taizun Dan.

Taiji Yuanshen Dan were indeed Taizun Dan s. Although they were only of low quality, they required a lot of medicinal ingredients to refine, and Dragon Magic Dan only required one. Not to mention that the refining speed would be much faster, the refining process would also be very easy.

To Chen Xiang, refining a Dragon Magic Dan was not difficult at all!

Shen Yi had quickly refined one of these Golden Dragon Magic herb into a pill and ten of them came out. This number of pills being given out made Chen Xiang feel that it was unbelievable!

After all, this was only a single type of medicinal ingredient, being able to refine ten pellets just by entering. This made Chen Xiang unable to believe that this was a Dragon Magic Dan.

"I have to give it a try!" In order to try out this pill, Chen Xiang could only go to the Great Clan Elder to ask for a Dragon magic poison.

The Great Elder was also in the house at the moment, and the people from the other sects were all heading towards the Transmission array to investigate. As long as they could investigate thoroughly, they could immediately head out to deal with the Dragon Demons who were occupying the Transmission array.

Seeing the Great Clan Elder, Chen Xiang anxiously took out a Dragon Magic Dan.

"Grand Elder, can you tell what kind of pill this is?" Chen Xiang asked.

The Great Elder was also an alchemist and a Taizun Dan. When he took a look at it, he immediately concluded and said, "This is the Dragon Magic Dan, and it was even refined by you, right?"

The pills Chen Xiang refined all had a faint Heavenly Alchemy immortal power, so Great Elder could feel it.

"Yes, but. This kind of Dragon Magic Dan was created by adding other things, I just don't know if it has the original effects. " Chen Xiang rubbed his hands together and laughed: "Great Clan Elder, why don't you help me try!"

While the Great Clan Elder was a Late period of Tai Zun realm, if he succeeded in the test, then there would be no problem with the other cultivation.

"Alright!" The Great Clan Elder nodded with a smile. He was curious about the Dragon Magic Dan that was refined by Chen Xiang, because he could feel that there was something different about it.

The Great Clan Elder ate a Dragon magic poison and even ate a lot, going in as little as half a cup!

When Chen Xiang saw this, he started to worry. Last time, he only ate a small drop, but it was enough for him to forget what his surname was.

"This is all for the sake of being quick with the poison." The Great Elder chuckled. This kind of test was quite comical. In order to quickly know the results, he could only use a little more of the poison.

Very quickly, the Great Clan Elder was about to fall asleep, so he immediately ate Chen Xiang's Dragon Magic Dan.

After eating, the originally listless Great Elder immediately became spirited.

"Not bad, its effects are strong. It is actually much stronger than the Zhao Clan's Dragon Magic Dan." The Great Elder praised, "What exactly did you join?"

"I've added the Gold Yuan Divine Gra.s.s …" Chen Xiang laughed, "I am planning to sell this kind of Dragon Magic Dan, will Zhao Clan kill me when the time comes?"

"They definitely want to kill you very much, but they don't dare. I support your selling, and the number of conflicts with the Dragon Demons will only increase. When the time comes, the demand for these Dragon Magic Dan will only grow." The Great Clan Elder said: "But you have to buy the Dragon magic herb from his Zhao Clan!"

Chen Xiang smiled mysteriously: "No need!"

The Great Elder was shocked and then laughed, "That's good. Everything is under my control. You can sell it without worry!"

Chen Xiang hurriedly returned to his room. At this time, Jiang Sijing and Jiang Simei had also recovered and started to plant Golden Dragon Magic herb. According to them, it was not that hard to cultivate these Golden Dragon Magic herb.

Right now, the people of Four Great Divine Sects had already set off, but this was only their first attack, testing the strength of the Dragon Demons, because the Dragon Demons this time were very unfamiliar to them, they needed to gather more information, and only after would they launch their main attack.

Although the Four Great Divine Sects was powerful, they were cautious when facing Dragon Demons. They never underestimated the Dragon Demons because their ancestors were all killed by the Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable.

Jiang Simei and Jiang Sijing had also brought out the required medicinal ingredients for the Taiji Yuanshen Dan. These medicinal ingredients had all been combined with the Gold Origin Divine Gra.s.s before, which meant that when Chen Xiang was refining the Taiji Yuanshen Dan, he had obtained even more Medicine aura s. If he had chosen to refine many pills, he would definitely be able to refine many of them.

If he only chose to refine a single pill, the quality would definitely be very high!

The increase in Medicine aura s by a lot meant that it would be even more difficult to refine pills.

Just like this, ten days had pa.s.sed and the first batch of Golden Dragon Magic herb had matured. These were low quality divine medicines, but they grew like cabbages in the hands of Jiang Simei and Jiang Sijing.

"There are a total of one hundred Golden Dragon Magic herb s. A pot of ten would make a thousand." Chen Xiang immediately began refining.

Jiang Simei and Jiang Sijing would do their best to cultivate a few Golden Dragon Magic herb s, allowing them to grow a large amount of gra.s.s seeds to grow.

"The refining time of Dragon Magic Dan is also very long. It will take at least two days to finish one furnace!" Although this was faster than Taiji Yuanshen Dan, Chen Xiang felt that it was still too slow.

There were a lot of Alchemist s in the Zhao Clan, so their production of Dragon Magic Dan was very high.

"Ten batches at the same time should not be a problem!" If Chen Xiang was only refining a single batch, he would have it easy and without any pressure. If it was ten batches at the same time, after he was done refining, he would be completely exhausted.

In order to increase his speed, this was the only way to proceed. At most, he only needed to rest for a day to recover!

In this way, he would be able to refine ten batches in three days, which would make a hundred batches per month. With a thousand pills, he would be able to produce as many as Zhao Clan s in a month.

One month later, the people who went to fight the Dragon Demons in the Transmission array had returned. Chen Xiang had also finished refining a hundred batches of Dragon Magic Dan!

"I have to hurry and find Uncle Lin and Little Bat. I have to ask them about the situation with the Dragon Demons." Chen Xiang immediately headed to the Villa that the foreign disciple lived in, at that time, he would also be able to sell his Dragon Magic Dan there.

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