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Before Chen Xiang bought the seeds, he had already understood that usually, buying the seeds was a big deal. Although the shop had a price tag, selling them or not was one thing.

Chen Xiang was worried that these shops had a good relationship with the Zhao Clan, because he would not sell them to him if he found out that he was the buyer. Hence, he changed his appearance and used a lot of ident.i.ty to purchase the three flower seeds.

The process of buying the seed was very complicated, it required them to sign a blood contract. Chen Xiang had to promise them that if they were to grow a large amount of this flower, they definitely could not sell it in the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect. Furthermore, the other party had guaranteed that the seed would definitely sprout and grow.

"I'm too lazy to sell medicinal herbs, selling pills is the way to go." Chen Xiang was secretly happy. To be able to buy these three flowers, he felt a lot more at ease. What he needed next was time before he could break through.

These few days, he had refined 600 Six Shenprofound Dan and sold it off. Previously, he had spent 60 billion on buying medicinal herbs, but now he had earned it back.

This batch of Six Shenprofound Dan that he refined had been sold out for a relatively long time, and it was much longer than the last two times. The main reason was because there weren't as many people who needed Six Shenprofound Dan as before.

Chen Xiang felt that he could still sell two to three batches. At that time, if the time was right, he would sell the Taiji Yuanshen Dan.

He also needed a large number of Dao crystal to enter the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. In order to make it more convenient, he needed to prepare a lot of Dao crystal.

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The Great Clan Elder had said twenty days ago that the Four Great Divine Sects was going to hold a meeting, and the meeting was about to begin soon. The people of Four Great Divine Sects and the Flying Dragon Palace had already gathered at a reception area in the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect.

Chen Xiang was also invited to that place by the Great Clan Elder, and it was extremely lively inside. At this time, Chen Xiang also saw that the other Divine Sects s were all extremely strong, and many of the young people there were in the mid to late stages of Six G.o.ds Stage.

Many of the houses in the manor were filled with people, all of them were from the other three Divine Sects s and Flying Dragon Palace s. Chen Xiang never thought that there would actually be so many, adding up there would be more than a thousand.

While Chen Xiang was wandering around, he suddenly saw a familiar face.

"Uncle Lin!" Chen Xiang immediately sent a sound transmission to Lin Jitian. Lin Jitian had finally come out of seclusion.

After Lin Jitian came out of seclusion, he found out about many things related to Chen Xiang. He was extremely shocked and impressed by Chen Xiang's current achievements.

"Brat, you're really amazing! Speak from the inside!" Lin Jitian also used sound transmission to communicate with Chen Xiang. He knew that Chen Xiang's current ident.i.ty could not be revealed.

After Lin Jitian came out from closed door cultivation, his strength had increased a lot.

For Lin Jitian to be able to follow the six Divine Sects s to this meeting, it could be seen that he had a certain amount of strength, and that he even had a room of his own here.

"Uncle Lin, just what is going on?" It's just a meeting, but there's actually so many people here! " Chen Xiang said: "Could it be that we are going to start a war?"

"More or less! Now it's time to discuss how to fight! " Lin Jitian said, "The situation outside is not very serious, because the Dragon Demon did not attack the humans on a large scale. Instead, they took over the ancient Transmission array to head to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum."

There was only one Flying Dragon PaG.o.da that had access to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum, and that was because many experts from the Four Great Divine Sects and the Four Great Divine Sects were guarding it to prevent anyone from destroying it.

But now, it was occupied by the Dragon Demons. It was obvious that the Dragon Demons had used a very powerful force at that time to seize it. Who knows, an intense battle might have broken out there.

"Brat, you are now in Six G.o.ds Stage right? You can come with me to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum now. It's said that the reason for this meeting is to kill off the Dragon Demon and then enter the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. " Lin Jitian laughed, "Don't worry, when you are with me, I guarantee that you will be fine. I am now using the Late period of Tai Zun realm, not only did I recover my strength, I even broke through a level."

"Really? That's great! " Chen Xiang was also very happy. "When the time comes, I will go with you! But I'm worried that the Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable will cause trouble in the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. "

"There will be that group of reverends to settle this, we don't need to worry about that. We just need to enter the Myriad Tao Mausoleum and take whatever we see." Lin Jitian was actually very optimistic, he patted Chen Xiang's shoulders and laughed: "I didn't expect you to be so good at refining pills, to have collected so many Dao crystal in the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect."

Chen Xiang only laughed, the Dao crystal he earned was something many late stage Overlords found difficult to earn.

Chen Xiang and Lin Jitian chatted idly, talking about his encounters in the Super Origin Dan Hall. Lin Jitian sighed that he was in closed door cultivation, if not for that, he would definitely beat the c.r.a.p out of Yu Jinggong.

Just as they were chatting, Chen Xiang suddenly sensed a very weak yet familiar Qi.

Seeing the change in Chen Xiang's expression, Lin Jitian anxiously asked: "What's wrong?"

"There's a very strong guy approaching us." Chen Xiang said: "Let's go out and take a look!"

"What guy?" Your enemies here? As long as they are not your ancestors, I can fight with them. " Lin Jitian had six Divine Bars in his hands, these weird Divine Tools could turn a person into a pig, a cow, or a sheep at any time.

"No, this guy is my friend …" You might have heard of his name, his name is Bat Super Venerable. " Chen Xiang said.

He was very familiar with the aura of the Bat Super Venerable. Back then, when the Bat Super Venerable made a move to kill a large number of Dragon Demons, the shock he felt was hard to forget.

"This guy!" I have indeed heard of him, but I heard that he's just a little brat, and is indeed very powerful. However, if I were to fight with him, I might not necessarily lose. " Lin Jitian was very confident in his own strength. He followed Chen Xiang out and sure enough, they saw a person in a black robe and wearing a black mask on his face.

Because Bat Super Venerable's cultivation technique was a bit special, he was only a child in his teens right now, so he wasn't too tall.

However, everyone recognized this ghost mask. After they saw him arrive, they all stepped aside, worried that he might kill them.

No one dared to breathe too loudly. No one expected that the person who had a grudge with the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect would actually come to the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect.

"Little Bat, this way!" Chen Xiang transmitted to the Bat Super Venerable.

Bat Super Venerable immediately walked over. He was also here to look for Chen Xiang. After he entered Lin Jitian's room, he asked: "Is this guy reliable?"

"He's my elder, of course he's reliable." Chen Xiang hastily invited Bat Super Venerable to sit.

"People of the Six Paths of the Divine Sects! A very strong Primordial Six Realms' Power and six Primal Law Veins, pretty strong. " Bat Super Venerable could tell at a glance.

"Little bat, you have good eyes!" Lin Jitian laughed: "You and I are both Late period of Tai Zun realm, how about a match?"

"I'm not here to fight." Bat Super Venerable took off his mask. "Although I want to fight with you, now is not the time. I have something important to discuss with Chen Xiang."

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