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Phoenix jumped in joy.

Liu Luoxi looked at Long Fei and said, "She's still a child, what do you want her to do? Do you have any sympathy? "

"To think that she was so good to you." To think that she was so good to you.

Long Fei was stunned by what he had said.

Phoenix said, "Elder Sister, I'm very strong."

Liu Luoxi said: "No matter how strong you are, you are still a child. This kind of thing cannot let you take the risk."

Long Fei said: "Don't worry, I know what to do."

"Actually, the Three Fans Gate … Without the most dangerous door, the level of danger would be the same. "


"All three of us must enter the Three Fans Gate at the same time. Everyone's path is different. All three of us must enter the Three Fans Gate at the same time."

Liu Luoxi said: "It's the same if we enter at the same time, we cannot let her be in danger."

Phoenix replied, "I won't be in any danger."

Everyone's dao was different. On the way to cultivation, you could encounter all kinds of bottlenecks, thorns, temptations, and slaughter.

This was something one would encounter on the path of cultivation.

He had to face it, face it at the same time.

However …

How could a person enter three doors?

Of course not.

Here is the team!

Only those who were on the path of cultivation would be able to do so.

didn't know what the design of the South Heaven Gate meant, but he guessed correctly. Cultivating was already very boring and, if he could have a few more brothers, a few more friends, and enjoy the fun of cultivation, it would be a wonderful thing in life.

Liu Luoxi still didn't agree.

She did not want to take Phoenix's life as a joke.

Long Fei had no other choice, and said: "I'm just asking you, do you wish to complete the mission?"

Liu Luoxi said: "I think, I won't use your method."

Long Fei said: "I really admire you, so what if I have this kind of method? At least it's better than if you didn't have the brains to randomly choose, right? "

"Big chested and brainless, he's talking about people like you."

Liu Luoxi was furious, he stared straight at Long Fei and said: "You!"

"I what?"

"Am I wrong?"

"Didn't you complete your mission to find a man? Is it worth it? "

"Is it worth it for you to risk your life like this? Did you ever wonder what he was doing when you were fighting for him? He might be having fun, hugging left and right, or he might have already died and turned into a pile of mud. Is it worth it? "

Long Fei said fiercely.

Liu Luoxi stared intently at Long Fei. She seemed to have no time to think and spoke straightforwardly: "It's worth it!"

Even if he was like what you said, I am worth it. I, Liu Luoxi, have only believed in one man in my entire life. "

"What's a hundred years worth?"

"Even if it's a thousand years or ten thousand years, I will still wait. It's still worth it!"

Liu Luoxi said in a similarly ruthless tone.

Long Fei laughed bitterly, "Silly woman."

At this moment.

Phoenix walked to the left door, turned her head to look at Liu Luoxi, and said: "Beautiful Sis, you're willing to risk your life for a man. Although my husband can catch up to you, but your words have touched me, so I should help you even more."

"Hubby, I'll be going in first."


Phoenix stepped through the door.

Liu Luoxi wanted to shout to stop, but... It was too late.

It was also at this time.

Long Fei walked to the big door in the middle and said: "I will grant your wish!"

"Whether you enter or not is your problem."


Long Fei also stepped inside.

He didn't want to argue with Liu Luoxi anymore. He was even envious of the man that Liu Luoxi was talking about.

He walked through the door.

Liu Luoxi's expression changed, he looked at the two of them, then looked at the door on the right, and at this moment … She did not think too much and quickly rushed in.

She was waiting for someone.

But it didn't hurt. Every day she imagined the moment he'd met her.

"No matter where you are, no matter what you're doing, no matter if you still love me or not, I'll wait for you!"

Liu Luoxi rushed through the door.


A buzz.

The four coiling dragon pillars suddenly shook.


The four coiling dragon pillars fiercely collided with each other.

It formed a door.

Two big words appeared on top of the door frame: South Heaven Gate!

This was the first time the South Heaven Gate had appeared.

In the real sense of the word.

In the past, everyone who came to this place would enter through a door. No matter how many people came, they would enter through the same door.

He would only face one kind of test.

The three of them entered, and the world changed.


"Hee hee... You're really too smart. " When Phoenix saw Long Fei, she immediately ran over and threw herself onto Long Fei's body, her legs wrapped around Long Fei's waist and her entire face full of smiles.

On the other side, Liu Luoxi also appeared.

The moment she saw Long Fei, her heart also sunk. She looked at her own chest and said: "Am I really brainless with a big chest?"

Long Fei said: "With me here, you don't need to bring brain."


"Let's go to the front and take a look."

The world was very special, especially because there were no thorns that filled the world, no demon beast, and no desperate situations.

There was only a flat road.

The main road led to a temple.

Not long after, the three of them stood in front of the Temple.

It could be said that it was a Temple, or it could be said that it was a ma.s.sive Magic Cube, with no way to enter.

Liu Luoxi looked at Long Fei and said, "Weren't you stupid? What do we do now? "

Long Fei looked at the entrance of the Sacred Hall and thought to himself, "Could it be that my choice was wrong? The Great Dao without a door? "

He glanced back at the road behind him.

A great Dao!

What did this mean?

The Great Dao!

Cultivation path?

"Great Dao without a door?"

"F * ck!"

"It's impossible for laozi's road to be devoid of doors. Even if it doesn't have a door, I can still carve one out." Long Fei circled around the Sacred Hall, "Every piece is different."

"Do you want to put them together neatly?"

Long Fei indicated and it turned.

"It really is the Magic Cube."

"The ancient world has a Magic Cube?"

"Universe Magic Cube?"

"f.u.c.k, don't tell me there's also an ore inside?" Ever since Long Fei had obtained the Spirit Source Stone, he had been a little possessed by the 'Women's Union 3'.

Right now, he just wanted to collect all the ores and snap his fingers. Then just two? Three, four …

Phoenix asked, "Hubby, this seems to mean that there's no door."

Liu Luoxi thought to himself as he looked at Long Fei: "No wonder when we look at the road that we have taken, it turns out to be a great road?"

Long Fei said: "Don't worry, I'm thinking of a way."

To put together this ma.s.sive Temple Magic Cube was not an ordinary feat, because this Temple was extremely huge, so much so that even ten lifetimes wouldn't be enough for him.

However …

Long Fei was not worried.

There was something else in his mind.

There was a technological world inside the special amber that he had obtained from the giant anchor.

The most important thing was!

There was also an advanced computer.

Using a computer to calculate it would be faster!


Long Fei moved... One more, one less!

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