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Zhao Kunxin took a few deep breaths. He was extremely excited at the moment, he felt that once he bought these Six Shenprofound Dan and sold them off, he would be able to make a huge profit.

There were so many people in this thousand story floor, and the Dao crystal's resources were very abundant. As long as he had some time, he would be able to sell them sooner or later.

"Go count for yourself the one hundred and fifty billion Dao crystal." Zhao Kunxin pa.s.sed Chen Xiang a Storage bag.

Chen Xiang took a moment to count them all, even when using his own consciousness to count, he still needed a lot of time to count them all.

"Enough, let's have a happy cooperation!" Chen Xiang laughed, "I still have things to do, so I'll be taking my leave first!"

Chen Xiang hurriedly left, he was worried that Zhao Kunxin would go back on his words, and Zhao Kunxin was also worried that Chen Xiang would go back on his words.

Zhao Kunxin felt that Chen Xiang did not know how to make use of Six Shenprofound Dan to earn Dao crystal, he could understand why. After all, Chen Xiang's medicinal ingredients came from the Great Clan Elder, and the Great Clan Elder hoped that Chen Xiang would lower the price so that the disciples of Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect could benefit from it.

Chen Xiang was an outsider, coming to Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect, even if he wanted to sell it at a high price it wouldn't be easy, but he, Zhao Kunxin, was different.

"This guy made me a fortune, but I won't thank him for that! I have to destroy him, I can't let this guy step on my head. " Zhao Kunxin rode on the White Lion and looked at the distant streets. Chen Xiang's eyes flickered with a sinister light.

… ….

Chen Xiang laughed to himself as he walked along the road: "Does this guy really think he can profit from me so easily? Just you wait! "

He hurriedly returned to the small island, and then closed himself off to focus on growing the Six Shenprofound Dan's medicinal ingredients. He planned to refine a batch of Six Shenprofound Dan and sell them at a low price at that time, so that the Six Shenprofound Dan in Zhao Kunxin's possession would be hard to sell.

"I never thought that the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power would be so useful. The Creation G.o.d's Spring that was refined with divine power will grow medicinal ingredients even faster!" The purple pearls Chen Xiang had condensed using the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power were also very special.

However, he had yet to use those purple pearls, so he didn't know how effective they were.

Ten or so days later, Chen Xiang already had a thousand Six Shenprofound Dan in his possession. He felt that if he sold these Six Shenprofound Dan, he would be able to gather enough Dao crystal for a period of time.

Walking out of the secret room, Chen Xiang saw the Great Clan Elder.

"Grand Elder, there's something important I need to talk to you about." Chen Xiang said, he wanted the Great Clan Elder to help the Master w.a.n.g rebuild its body.

"Chen Xiang, you sold the Six Shenprofound Dan to Zhao Kunxin?" The Great Clan Elder said, he was somewhat dissatisfied with this matter, but he could not say anything, since Chen Xiang lacked Dao crystal.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "Zhao Kunxin started selling?"

"Not yet, he's been building up his momentum all this time. It seems like he wants to sell the Six Shenprofound Dan s for one pill for two billion. Even if they can't get it that high, it's at least worth one and a half billion." The Grand Elder sighed.

"Hehe, when the time comes, he'll be waiting to cry!" Chen Xiang couldn't help but laugh. Zhao Kunxin helping the Six Shenprofound Dan create momentum was also a good thing for Chen Xiang.

"How much did you sell it to him?" How much did you sell it for? " The Great Elder asked. He was also very curious about this.

"Five hundred million Dao crystal pills, I sold three hundred to him."

The Great Clan Elder was also shocked by the number. It was not 500 million pills, but 300 Six Shenprofound Dan s.

"When the time comes, he will prepare for the auction. He has invited other Divine Sects s and some sect's big shots recently because he wants to sell them at a good price. At this time, many people are already gathered in Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect who want to buy this pill." The Great Clan Elder felt that Chen Xiang was not worth it and sighed, "If you were to sell it, you would definitely earn a lot.

"I understand Zhao Kunxin, although he doesn't hate you on the surface, he definitely hates you to death deep in his heart, you shouldn't have teamed up with him." The Great Clan Elder looked at Chen Xiang with a helpless expression.

"I know that!" I have competed with Zhao Kunxin before, and I already felt his hatred for me at that time, as if he had several lifetimes of deep hatred for me. " Chen Xiang smiled indifferently: "So I plan to make him hate me to the end."

"You …" The Great Clan Elder quickly understood what Chen Xiang was planning. But if this is the case, then we can indeed suppress Zhao Clan a little. Zhao Clan took out a hundred and fifty billion Dao crystal, and gave it his all. "

Great Clan Elder, when the time comes, you will anger the entire Zhao Clan, so you must help me hold on! Chen Xiang said.

"Don't worry, at that time, if Zhao Clan dares to act recklessly, I can openly exterminate them." "If they violate the rules of the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect, I will definitely punish them severely."

"That's good!" Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, then told the Great Elder about the Master w.a.n.g.

Great Elder had also heard of the Master w.a.n.g before, and was slightly surprised to learn that the Master w.a.n.g had always been with Chen Xiang.

"Leave this matter to me. I will definitely restore the Master w.a.n.g to her original state." The Great Clan Elder patted his chest and promised, he also took out a container and allowed Master w.a.n.g to enter it.

After settling this matter, Chen Xiang felt much more relaxed.

"I'm busy now, I'm going out to sell Six Shenprofound Dan." Chen Xiang laughed and then he hopped away from the small island.

In the streets of Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect, many people knew that Zhao Kunxin was preparing to open an auction and sell a Six Shenprofound Dan every day.

Previously, when many people heard that Chen Xiang had sold a few Six Shenprofound Dan for a hundred million, they all became overjoyed. However, after hearing that Chen Xiang had sold a few Six Shenprofound Dan to Zhao Kunxin, everyone could only sigh helplessly.

Just as the Six Shenprofound Dan's name was famous, a lot of people recognized Chen Xiang as he walked on the street.

"Chen Xiang, do you still have more Six Shenprofound Dan?" After one of them recognized Chen Xiang, he hurriedly walked over to ask. He was also the person who wanted to buy the Six Shenprofound Dan.

"Yes, 100 million pills!" Chen Xiang said with a smile.

The middle-aged man was shocked. He thought Chen Xiang was joking, after all, Zhao Kunxin was building up momentum for the Six Shenprofound Dan, which meant that Zhao Kunxin had all the Six Shenprofound Dan under his control.

But now, Chen Xiang had suddenly popped up and even sold it for a hundred million, then what was going on with Zhao Kunxin?

Therefore, that middle-aged man did not expect to receive such a shocking response from him!

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