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Using the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power to release the Fire of Heavenly Alchemy power made Chen Xiang's refining speed seem like he was flying, it was even faster than before.

Now, in just two hours, he had refined ten batches of Six Shenprofound Dan, all of which were of extremely high quality, and each batch could produce seven pellets!

He already had nearly ninety pills, which meant that he could help around ninety people who had been stuck at Late period of Three profound realm for many years to break through to Six G.o.ds Stage!

As for how much he wanted to set a price, he did not think it through. He planned to ask Elder Dan about it, but the Great Clan Elder had not come back yet.

He continued to refine Six Shenprofound Dan for a few more hours. He had finished refining the necessary ingredients, and now that he had more than three hundred Six Shenprofound Dan s, he could start selling them.

He looked at the fish swimming around the lake and waited for the grand elder to come back. He had some things he needed to ask the grand elder.

"The Heavenly Alchemy immortal power is very helpful in refining pills, I really didn't expect that! I wonder if it can be used to condense purple pearls? " As Chen Xiang thought of this, he immediately closed his eyes and concentrated on condensing the purple pearls.

When he was using the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power to condense the purple pearl, he encountered a situation he had never encountered before.

But now, after cultivating for half a day, he was still unable to successfully condense a purple bead!

"Using the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power will allow you to condense purple pearls, but it will take a long time. Could this mean that the quality of the purple pearls you condense will be of high quality?" Chen Xiang was extremely curious, so he decided to condense a purple pearl.

Just like that, he sat by the sh.o.r.e, completely focused on condensing the purple pearl while calculating the time.

"We finally succeeded! It took us three days!" Chen Xiang spent three days to condense a purple pearl. The purple pearl was also very strange, its exterior was glowing with a golden light, and the vitality it contained was extremely strong.

After he had condensed the purple bead, he was about to give it a try when he discovered that the Great Elder had already returned.

"Grand Elder, when did you return?" Chen Xiang saw the Great Clan Elder drinking tea in the courtyard and immediately walked over and asked while grinning.

"I've been back for over a day. I saw you cultivating there, so I didn't disturb you. The Great Clan Elder poured Chen Xiang a cup of tea, and said with a smile.

From his expression, one could tell that he was in a good mood.

"Great Clan Elder, you went to the Dragon Devil Dead Land and came back?" Chen Xiang asked: "How's the situation over there?"

"It's not as bad as I thought. It's just that a lot of these people had their bodies invaded by the Dragon Demons, and the majority of these Dragon Demons are currently gathered in the area controlled by the Flying Dragon Palace. " The Great Clan Elder said, "We have previously captured a few Dragon Demons. After using a secret technique to search their souls, we found out that these Dragon Demons had obtained an order to search for the Flying Dragon Experience Place!"

The Flying Dragon Experience Place was being controlled by the Flying Dragon Palace, so a large portion of the Dragon Demons were gathered in the Flying Dragon Palace, and the Dragon Demons were going to look for the Flying Dragon Experience Place.

"Great Elder, what are the Dragon Demons planning?" Chen Xiang thought about it, but he also didn't understand why.

"Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable wants to use Flying Dragon Experience Place to increase his strength, this is our guess right now. Although Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable is already very strong, Flying Dragon Experience Place is still very helpful to him." The Great Clan Elder said, "Which is to say, he is not in the center of us, but in the Flying Dragon Palace."

"The one unlucky is the Flying Dragon Palace!" Chen Xiang laughed. Flying Dragon Palace had always been a hateful person, and was not a good person either.

"Yes!" Now that the Flying Dragon Palace has realized the severity of the problem, he has begun to request for our Four Great Divine Sects's help. " The Great Elder said.

"Then do you help Flying Dragon Palace?" Chen Xiang asked: "How strong exactly are Flying Dragon Palace? But I heard that the Yuan Shi Tao School was once on par with the Flying Dragon Palace. "

"Behind the Yuan Shi Tao School are six Divine Sects s. Back then, when the Yuan Shi Tao School and the Flying Dragon Palace were fighting, the six Divine Sects s used a lot of their power! That's why the Flying Dragon Palace is an existence as powerful as our Four Great Divine Sects. The one who called himself the Ancestor Flying Dragon is actually very strong. "

The Great Clan Elder heaved a long sigh. After drinking two sips of tea, he continued, "Supreme Lord Flying Dragon was originally an existence similar to the Heavenly Alchemy Venerable Ancestor. Only he survived!"

"We will definitely help Flying Dragon Palace now! We cannot let the Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable pa.s.s the Flying Dragon Experience Place, this will make the Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable stronger, and the Flying Dragon Palace has also promised us, if we help, the Flying Dragon Experience Place will help us at that time. "

Chen Xiang didn't understand, and asked again, "Why does Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable want to go to the Flying Dragon Experience Place?"

"He wants to become stronger! He doesn't want to be sealed anymore!" The Great Elder replied, "Everyone wishes to become stronger."

"I feel that this has something to do with the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. The Myriad Tao Mausoleum is about to open, but the Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable suddenly has an attribute, and broke the seal." Chen Xiang curled his lips: "There's no connection that's impossible."

"That's right, we had the same idea! The Myriad Tao Mausoleum is extremely attractive to powerhouses like the Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable. Right now, what we need to do is to stop him from successfully pa.s.sing through the Flying Dragon Experience Place, otherwise, once he pa.s.ses through the Flying Dragon Experience Place, his strength would increase greatly, making it difficult for him to do so. "

Chen Xiang took out the Six Shenprofound Dan he refined before, and asked: "Great Clan Elder, I am preparing to sell this kind of pill now, how many Dao crystal do you think are more suitable?"

"You have been investigating in our Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect for the past few days, right? You decide! " The Great Elder chuckled, "You don't need to ask me. No matter how much you sell, it's all your freedom."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, and had a count in his heart.

"Great Clan Elder, is the Dragon Magic Dan useful for anything? Zhao Kunxin obtained a stalk of Dragon magic herb, I wonder where he obtained it from. " This was also what Chen Xiang really wanted to know.

"Dragon Magic Dan indeed have a great use, especially when you are fighting against the Dragon Demons … According to the Dragon Demons that we captured alive, this batch of Dragon Demons now have even stronger Dragon magic poison s that are still effective in suppressing this poison. " The Great Elder said, "Don't underestimate the Dragon magic poison. Although this kind of Dragon magic poison is not fatal and would not cause anyone any pain, the most powerful thing is that it can easily cause people to be poisoned."

"Even some people with impenetrable would find it difficult to escape from this poison! Zhao Kunxin had this kind of Dragon magic herb, which was pa.s.sed down from their Zhao Clan ancestors! At that time, there were three families in Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect that possessed this kind of Dragon magic herb, but the other two families all separated themselves from Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect, went out and became independent, and were ultimately exterminated.

Even with his impenetrable, he would be poisoned, which made Chen Xiang a little unbelievable. His resistance to poisons was very strong, hearing the Great Clan Elder's words, made him really want to try and see if the Dragon magic poison could really poison him.

"Great Clan Elder, do you have a Dragon magic poison? I want to try! " Chen Xiang heard that the Dragon magic poison would only cause people to enter a very bad state for a short period of time.

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