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Dragon Magic Dan s had a lot to do with Dragon Demons from their names, so Chen Xiang was very curious. Before this, he had never heard of this kind of pill, and now that the problem of Dragon Demons was right in front of him, suddenly producing this kind of pill was indeed very eye-catching.

Someone heard Chen Xiang's question and agreed, "That's right, what is this Dragon Magic Dan? "I've never heard of it before. Is it really that powerful?"

"You might not know this, but Dragon magic herb existed a long time ago. It goes back to the time when the Heavenly Alchemy Venerable Ancestor and the Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable were at war. "Access:." A person said with his mouth full of saliva, "In that period of time, in order to find a way to deal with the Dragon Demon, we found a strange gra.s.s, called the Dragon magic herb."

"You guys don't know anything about Dragon Demons. Back then, when many people fought with Dragon Demons, although they were able to repel Dragon Demons, after fighting with them, they would fall into a tired-looking state. All day long, they weren't in the mood to fight, and even had a sense of fear towards Dragon Demons."

"Later on, I realized that when fighting against Dragon Demons, I would accidentally inhale a strange poisonous gas released by Dragon Demons. That kind of situation would suddenly occur! Then, someone found this gra.s.s in the Dragon Devil Dead Land and brought it back to refine it into a pill.

Chen Xiang had never fought with a Dragon Demon before, so he did not know if he would be poisoned by this Dragon Demon Poison, nor did he know if he would be poisoned. Although there were many powerful poisons that had no effect on him, he still had to be wary of this Dragon Demon Poison.

"The Demonic Dragon's poison does not cause one to die, but it causes one to fall into a muddled state. During battle, it is very easy for one to die." The man continued: "If we were to fight the dragon demon in Dragon Devil Dead Land, we would have to eat a Dragon Magic Dan, this way we can prevent the dragon demon's poison from invading our body."

"If Zhao Kunxin obtains the Dragon magic herb, doesn't that mean he's earning himself a great death?" One of them said unhappily, "If this thing falls into his hands, he will definitely make a fortune with it."

"This is for sure!" But when that time comes, Leader will probably force him to release the price a bit, otherwise, many people will not be able to afford it. "

Chen Xiang also wanted to 'get' some Dragon magic herb to 'get back, but after asking around, although there were people who had heard of the Dragon magic herb, they all appeared somewhere.

"Where did Zhao Kunxin 'get' it?" Chen Xiang thought, while walking on the street, he felt that the Dragon Devil Dead Land might have Dragon magic herb.

"If you have the chance, ask the Grand Elder!" Chen Xiang strolled around for another day, and at this time, he also found the few medicinal ingredients he needed. These medicinal ingredients to refine pills could allow him to improve rapidly in the Six G.o.ds Stage, it was just that they were all low grade Supreme G.o.d pills.

Even if he wanted to successfully refine the pill, he would need to eat a lot of granules. This meant that he would also need a lot of ingredients, and he couldn't grow a lot like before.

If he were to directly buy the seeds, he would need even more Dao crystal.

"Seems like I can only use the old method!" Chen Xiang's old method was to use the Alive Slain Method to condense the purple pearl and then duplicate the medicinal ingredients.

The Supreme Divine Medicine was an extremely high-grade Divine Medicine, and even with Chen Xiang's current cultivation, if he were to use the Alive Slain Method to condense the purple pearls, there would be a lot of purple pearls, which meant that it would take a very long time.

Chen Xiang returned to the small island in the lake and looked at the herbs grown in You Yao Mountain Villa. They were all the ingredients to refine Six Shenprofound Dan s and would ripen soon.

The Six Shenprofound Dan could let people at the peak of the Late period of Three profound realm to easily step into the Six G.o.ds Stage, and there were many disciples at the peak of the Late period of Three profound realm.

"All we need to do is wait patiently."

Chen Xiang closed his eyes, and looked at the Six yuan G.o.d in the Divine Sense Sea. This Six yuan G.o.d was currently very weak, he was only in the early stages of Six G.o.ds Stage, but luckily his previous foundation was very solid. Therefore, even though his Six yuan G.o.d was in its weakest state, if he used his full strength, he could still compete with those in the middle stages of Six G.o.ds Stage or later stages.

After a few days, Chen Xiang did not see the Great Clan Elder return either. He guessed that the Great Clan Elder had gone to the Dragon Devil Dead Land to investigate.

"It's already matured. High-grade Heavenly G.o.d medicine is relatively easy to cultivate …" It's just that I don't know if the Primordial Divine Medicine will be hard to cultivate. "

Cultivating medicinal herbs was a method for Chen Xiang to obtain endless pills and earn more Dao crystal s. Currently, in many of the shops here, there were many rare medicinal herbs that he could not grow, and this caused his head to be injured.

"There must be a way, I will start refining the Six Shenprofound Dan now!" Chen Xiang took out the medicine for the Six Shenprofound Dan. He used the dao energy of the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line to refine it.

"The fastest speed is three batches in two hours, and I can produce eighteen pills!" After Chen Xiang refined for two hours, he took a small breath and relaxed his mind.

"Now that I have the Heavenly Alchemy soul, I wonder if it will be of any help in refining pills."

Chen Xiang's heart stirred, and then he started to refine pills again. This time, he released the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power, urging out the flames, which ignited the medicinal ingredients before they even touched the flames.

When the Divine Might Torch wrapped around the medicinal ingredients, it suddenly flashed and caused a small and weak explosion. The medicinal ingredients were already gone and had turned into many tiny crystal particles.

"So fast!" Chen Xiang himself was shocked. Using this divine fire to refine pills was much faster than before.

When using the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line, the speed at which the ingredients were refined was already fast enough. Now that the divine flame was added, the speed had increased by a lot.

Releasing the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power would require a Heavenly Alchemy Dao power, if not, the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power would have become much weaker. Now that Chen Xiang had fused the two together, the effect was unexpectedly good.

After the medicine had turned into a crystal grain, Chen Xiang once again released the divine flame to refine the crystal grain. Once the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power was out, the crystal grain immediately melted and then merged together by Chen Xiang, turning into a large lump of medicinal crystal.

Chen Xiang split it into seven parts, and separated them into different pellets!

When he was condensing the pellet, he also used the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power to wrap it up, which suddenly made the originally difficult condensing the pellet much easier!

"Seven pills!" Chen Xiang refined one more pellet than before. Before this, he never thought that the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power would bring such a huge advantage in refining pellets.

"It will be even easier to refine pills in the future. Currently, I'm only lacking medicinal ingredients!" Chen Xiang's own body being able to fuse with the Heavenly Alchemy soul was a matter that had never happened before. Previously, the people from the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect who possessed the Heavenly Alchemy soul had all thought of using the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power to refine pills, but none of them succeeded.

Chen Xiang had succeeded now, possibly because of his fusion with the Heavenly Alchemy soul. The Heavenly Alchemy soul had merged with his body, and was able to connect directly to him in every way possible. 2hh + 25223322-- >

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