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When the Six Realms mirrors flew to the place where the light pillar had appeared, Chen Xiang and the Bat Super Venerable above all saw a gigantic Sky Cavern. It was so deep that they couldn't see the bottom, a black mist came out from it, the evil aura continuously spreading out, and from time to time, a cold wind would blow.

"What's down there?" Chen Xiang asked the Six Realms mirrors to come to the top of the deep pit.

"I don't know, there definitely won't be any good stuff!" What is certain is that this is definitely the lair of the Dragon Demons. A large number of Dragon Demons came from this place. " Bat Super Venerable shook his head. Even though he was at the late stage of the Supreme Realm, he didn't have the guts to go down.

"It's done, let's go back!" Chen Xiang said: "It's very strange down there, it should be very dangerous!"

"En, hurry up and leave this place." Although the Bat Super Venerable was curious, he didn't dare take the risk and urged Chen Xiang to leave the deep pit as soon as possible.

Chen Xiang activated his Six Realms mirrors, and the moment he started flying, the Bat Super Venerable started shrieking.

Chen Xiang also felt it, the suction force was extremely strong, to the point that his Six Realms mirrors could not move at all under the rapid pace of flying, and was even being pulled backwards a little.


The gigantic and unfathomable Sky Cavern suddenly released a wild roar, shaking Chen Xiang and the Bat Super Venerable's Qi and blood all over the place, almost fainting, and the suction force was getting stronger and stronger!

"What a terrifying thing!" Chen Xiang immediately used the power of s.p.a.ce to incite the White Tiger to jump, and in the blink of an eye, it had already teleported far away from the deep pit.

Chen Xiang had teleported once. Even though he had already left the deep pit, they still felt that they were in an extremely dangerous situation!

In the depths of the pit, there was clearly a very terrifying Dragon Demon. At this time, the Dragon Demon roared once again, and the sky ditch once again spat out a blood-colored pillar of light.

The blood-colored beam of light was exactly the same as before, shooting up into the sky!

"Look at the blood-red light pillar!" Bat Super Venerable shouted, "Coming!"

There were many dense black shadows inside the blood-colored pillar of light. Those black shadows were all Dragon Demons of various sizes. The blood-colored pillar of light suddenly exploded, and the Dragon Demon inside the pillar of light came crashing over like a churning wave.

"What exactly is down there? It can spit out so many Dragon Demons in one go! " Chen Xiang frowned, he activated the Six Realms mirrors and flew quickly, although they were already invisible, the powerful Dragon Demon at the bottom of the pit was still able to sense their existence.

Chen Xiang had originally planned to fly high in the sky and see if he could avoid the raging tides of the Dragon Demons, but after he flew high in the sky, the Dragon Demons had also flown up with him.

"Looks like there's something guiding this group of dragon demons!" Bat Super Venerable said as he took out his Heavenly Refining Divine Trident. This divine trident was very long and golden, it radiated with golden lightning bolts. He held the divine trident in both hands and swept it backwards.

Golden lightning surged forth like waves. The ma.s.sive golden lightning waves didn't pale in comparison to the Dragon Tide.

The golden lightning quickly clashed with the violent waves of Draconic Dragons!

At the moment of impact, the miserable cries of the Dragon Demons came out sinisterly and sharply, enveloping the world, causing people to feel a chill run through their bodies after hearing it. And the lightning waves released by the Dragon Demons that touched the Bat Super Venerable were immediately chopped into pieces by the lightning waves, and the remnant ripples even created a berserk lightning hurricane that forced a large group of Dragon Demons to retreat.

"Hurry up!" Bat Super Venerable shouted.

Chen Xiang had already channeled his spatial energy and continuously used spatial teleportation. Just as he had teleportation for a moment, he felt a spatial collapse behind him, which made him extremely terrified!

Only an absolutely powerful force could cause s.p.a.ce to collapse. This was obviously the move of the super dragon devil below the Sky Cavern!

"What just happened?" Why is that feeling so terrifying! " Bat Super Venerable was also frightened to the point that he broke out in a cold sweat. His reaction to s.p.a.ce was not as deep as Chen Xiang's, but he still felt such fear.

"That big guy attacked just now. If we were a bit slower, we would have died already." Chen Xiang was also drenched in cold sweat, but his forehead was still perspiring profusely.

At this moment, Bat Super Venerable knew that Chen Xiang had an ability that could travel very far in an instant, which was why they were able to escape the attack range of the super dragon demon in a short period of time.

"Looks like we have to keep running. That guy is too scary. The farther away we have to get, the better." Chen Xiang said, then he continuously teleported, and after half a day, they had already left Dragon Devil Dead Land.

"Weren't there still a wave of Dragon Demons before this? Why are there no attacks on the outside of Dragon Devil Dead Land? "

When Bat Super Venerable saw that they were far away from the Dragon Devil Dead Land, he felt a lot more at ease. He put on his mask now and said, "I'm going back to the Flying Dragon Palace, the old fellow inside the Flying Dragon Palace should know something about this."

"Mn, I also want to return to the Yuan Shi Tao School. Right now, all of the large sects are probably discussing this matter." Chen Xiang said.

"Oh right, help me pa.s.s this Heavenly artifact to Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect. Tell them, I will not return the Heavenly Refining Divine Trident, but I am willing to use this Heavenly Alchemy artifact to compensate them." Bat Super Venerable gave the heaven refined fan he got earlier to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang received it, and laughed: "You trust me this much?"

"Does that even need to be said?" Bat Super Venerable snickered, "See you later!"

After Bat Super Venerable left, Chen Xiang immediately returned to the Yuan Shi Tao School. He was very curious about where the group of Dragon Demons that came out of the Dragon Devil Dead Land had gone to.

"I wonder how the others are doing now!" Chen Xiang saw that a lot of people were rushing over, and the Dragon Devil Dead Land was becoming more and more dangerous. It was not bad that there were Heavenly Alchemy artifact inside, but at the same time that they were looking for Heavenly Alchemy artifact, they would definitely meet those Dragon Demons.

On the way back, Chen Xiang saw that many people were headed towards the Dragon Devil Dead Land. He also asked a few people along the way, but they had never seen any Dragon Demons!

"Strange, that Bat Super Venerable and I clearly saw many Dragon Demons running out!" Chen Xiang confirmed that she was not mistaken at the time.

Those Dragon Demons were like the raging waves in the vast sea. He remembered them clearly. Coupled with their imposing auras, they were definitely not illusions!

"I have to figure out where these Dragon Demons are going!" Chen Xiang kept feeling that this was a huge hidden danger.

After returning to the Yuan Shi Tao School, Chen Xiang went to walk around Lin Jitian, but Lin Jitian was still in closed door cultivation. He went to look for a few Supreme Elders, but these elders had all left with their disciples!

"I can only ask Leader." Chen Xiang came to the place where the Leader was undergoing closed door cultivation. It was a cave.

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