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Everyone had almost forgotten that there was Chen Xiang. Just now, everyone saw him stuffing a lot of ingredients into the pill furnace. They were all looking forward to seeing him concoct the pills. The updates were quick.

"This guy, he doesn't have much ability at the bottom of the pit, he only knows how to mess around and waste potions here." The last time he was violently beaten up by Chen Xiang, the pain and resentment he felt had yet to subside. As long as he saw Chen Xiang, he would grit his teeth and itch in hatred.

"What kind of pill are you refining?" An old man from Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect asked.

As long as one or two good pill formulas could be obtained for this compet.i.tion, the elders of the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect would be satisfied. This was something that could benefit many people.

"The name of the pill I refined is Six Shenprofound Dan!" Chen Xiang said: "As long as you consume this pill, you will be able to enter Six G.o.ds Stage!"

Chen Xiang opened his pill furnace and took out six white pills!

If you eat the Late period of Three profound realm, you will definitely step into the Six G.o.ds Stage! Everyone was stupefied by these words. There were many doubts in their hearts, and they all thought that this was impossible!

It wasn't that there were no pills that could help someone enter the Six G.o.ds Stage with the Late period of Three profound realm, but there had never been a pill that could allow someone to definitely step into the Six G.o.ds Stage!

"How many do you need?" An old man from the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect asked. He was also very curious about it, he knew what kind of medicine Chen Xiang had just added, and he had never tried this kind of combination before.

"One!" Chen Xiang answered: "There are quite a few friends from the Late period of Three profound realm here, I think they should be able to endure the test."


The people of Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect immediately picked six young people to take the test. Among the six, there were Gu Qingtian, Liang Jinjun, and Murong Ling, the three people Chen Xiang was familiar with.

"I might need a period of time to achieve a breakthrough, but I'm not sure how long it will take!" Chen Xiang said. Although he had never taken this pill before, he knew the medicinal power within it was extremely strong, enough to push three profound G.o.d s to fuse together.

"This is not a problem. If there really is such a medicine, we can wait. After all, breaking through the Late period of Three profound realm to the Six G.o.ds Stage would take a lot of time." An old man said, after which he took the six pellets from Chen Xiang's hands and fed it to the six of them.

After eating, the six of them sat down with their legs crossed. Not long after, they entered a very excited state. It was obvious that it had some effect.

At this time, an old man also followed Chen Xiang's instructions and concocted a batch of pills, but he could only concoct 5 pills!

Chen Xiang could refine six pills in a single furnace, but the Supreme Pill G.o.d of the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect could only refine five pills, which made many people feel that it was inconceivable.

"Impressive, I can only use five pills at full strength, but you can only use six pills!" The old man looked at the five Six Shenprofound Dan he had refined and could not help but exclaim in admiration.

Four hours later, the person who had just eaten the Six Shenprofound Dan had already broken through to Six G.o.ds Stage.

There were a lot of Six G.o.ds Stage and Tai Zun realm here, they had all experienced the breakthrough of Late period of Three profound realm to Six G.o.ds Stage, and back then, it was extremely difficult!

Yet now, it was only a single dan bead!

"After breaking through, I did not experience any instability in the Six yuan G.o.d. My Six yuan G.o.d is very strong, so there shouldn't be any hidden ailments." At this time, Gu Qingtian was extremely 'agitated' and hurriedly thanked Chen Xiang.

"Mine, too. Looks like this pill already has the effect of stabilizing the Six yuan G.o.d." Her beautiful face was filled with surprise and joy, and she repeatedly thanked Chen Xiang.

The others were also in the same state. The Six yuan G.o.d was very stable, after which their masters all checked it one by one and nodded!

"This kind of pill is really amazing. It's actually only concocted from the Heavenly G.o.d's medicine." A Supreme Pill G.o.d praised repeatedly.

In order to further verify this pill, the old man from Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect had drawn five people to try it out. After four hours, all of them had broken through to Six G.o.ds Stage!

This once again shocked the whole audience. This meant that in the future, the Late period of Three profound realm would no longer need to go through so much trouble and could quickly step into the Six G.o.ds Stage.

"Now you can begin. Everyone here has a vote. We can give you the pill that you think is the best!" An old man said.

At this moment, there were thirteen jade vats, each of them a type of pill!

The main pellets given were Purple Spirit Concentrating Pills, Six Shenprofound Dan s, and Reverse Profound G.o.d Restoring Pellets!

Amongst them, there were more votes on the Inverse Profound G.o.d Pellet and the Six Shenprofound Dan that Chen Xiang had refined.

Yu Haorui and his son, who hated Chen Xiang the most, would obviously not throw their pellets towards Chen Xiang's Six Shenprofound Dan, so they had given their pellets to him as well.

Chen Xiang found that there were more Inverted Profound G.o.d Convention pills that were given to him, mainly because there were more Six G.o.ds Stage s present who had more of these pills which were more useful to them. And what was given to Chen Xiang, were all more Late period of Three profound realm s.

Very quickly, everyone had finished voting, but the result made Chen Xiang feel extremely disappointed. He only had ninety eight votes for his Six Shenprofound Dan, but he had ninety-eight for the Inverted Profound G.o.d Pellet!

The Purple Clouds Spirit Concentrating Pill was also not bad. With 50 votes, it was ranked third!

"We failed!" Chen Xiang sighed, although he was shocked, but he understood what was going on.

"I knew this guy couldn't possibly win, haha!" Yu Haorui laughed.

At this time, many people felt pity for Chen Xiang. The Six Shenprofound Dan he created was indeed very good, but there were less Late period of Three profound realm here, so naturally there were fewer votes.

"Although the result is the most Inverted Mystery Restoration Pills! However, that does not mean that this kind of pellet is the best. From the looks of the result of our discussion, the amount of people leaking out of the Six Shenprofound Dan that Chen Xiang refined, is much greater than that of the early stages of Six G.o.ds Stage! Furthermore, Chen Xiang has refined five or six out of the first batch of pellets, which includes the number one pellet in the Ranking of the Inverse Profound Spirit Pill. "

The one who spoke was the most prestigious old man in the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect, but he actually didn't speak up for his own Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect's disciple.

But what he said was actually the truth. From its effects, Chen Xiang's Six Shenprofound Dan was far better than the one with the most votes!

"Great Clan Elder... But... The rules were set by you just now, so how are you going to change it? " He was a disciple of the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect, and furthermore, the number of votes he received was also number one. To think that he, an elder of the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect, would actually speak up for someone else.

"Kunyun, please 'touch' your own conscience. How is the Six Shenprofound Dan that Chen Xiang refined compared to yours?" The Great Clan Elder of the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect said.

"Better than mine! Even so, the rules have been set! " Kunyun was still very unresigned.

"Yes, but I've said it before, we will use the circ.u.mstances to determine whether or not we should give the Heavenly Alchemy soul to the one who obtained first place. You should know what's going on right now. " The Head Elder shook his head and sighed, "Your profit is too great!"

"Forget it, give it to him!" For me, being able to create a Six Shenprofound Dan is already my biggest gain. " Chen Xiang said, but he was actually quite open-minded about it: "I just want some Six Shenprofound Dan s' medicine materials!"

Then, he took some of the ingredients needed to refine Six Shenprofound Dan, as he wanted to plant them in his own You Yao Mountain Villa.

Just as he was about to become more powerful, the Great Elder stopped him.

"Wait, the Heavenly Alchemy soul itself is very provocative, I can give it to Kunyun, but we are not sure if the Heavenly Alchemy soul will fuse with Kunyun, if it is not able to, then let me give it a try." [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]


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