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Chen Xiang entered the village and found an inn. The cost of accommodation there was extremely expensive and could be said to be extremely outrageous. One Myriad Tao Crystal was required every day, and it was even a relatively inferior inn.

Of course, those who were able to partic.i.p.ate in the Heavenly Refining Auction would all have some face. Even if they felt like it, they wouldn't argue with others. This was a very humiliating matter, so they could only grit their teeth and endure.

Chen Xiang was not as extravagant as the Flower Dao crystal before, and it was not easy to fish Dao crystal here, so he would not stay in such an expensive inn.

Thus, he found a civilian old man's home and gave that old man some Dao crystal. He could temporarily stay here for a period of time, which would allow him to save a lot of Dao crystal.

Chen Xiang came here to get the two medicinal herbs that the Six-G.o.ds Guiyuan Dan still lacked. He needed to quickly step into the Six G.o.ds Stage and then enter the Myriad Tao Mausoleum.

Lin Jitian had told him before that only those with the strength of Six G.o.ds Stage or above could go. This was a chance, he did not want to miss it.

Go and ask around first to see where there is a trade fair. Under these circ.u.mstances, many people don't sell the precious herbs in their hands and only trade them. When that happens, I'll give you some medicinal herbs so that you can go and exchange them. When the Master w.a.n.g heard that Chen Xiang had settled down, he immediately transmitted his voice to Chen Xiang.

After Chen Xiang asked around, he found out that there was a huge trade fair in the village and that it was being held every day during this period. One! Ben! Read! The novel asked about the two herbs he lacked.

Golden Jade Dew Fruit and Spirit Returning Violet Bamboo were both divine medicines of the Heavenly Dao. They were not supreme divine medicines, and they were not of very high quality. However, they were rather rare, which was why they were so precious.

After two days of inquiry, Chen Xiang finally got news of the Spirit Returning Violet Bamboo. The seller was an old man, and did not come, but a friend of his was there, and told Chen Xiang that the old man would be here in two days.

Chen Xiang waited for two days, and when he finally reached the old man, he made an appointment to meet him in a room in a hotel. Could it be that you plan on refining Six-G.o.ds Guiyuan Dan? " This old man was dressed in tattered clothes, but he had a pure pill aura around him. He was an expert in pill concocting, and his cultivation was also at the Tai Zun realm.

"En!" Chen Xiang nodded his head: "I wonder if senior will be able to circ.u.mcise it?"

The old man could tell with one glance that Chen Xiang was only using the Late period of Three profound realm and was continuing with his Six-G.o.ds Guiyuan Dan. Even though he couldn't break through for sure, he was still hope.

"I don't lack Dao crystal s, let's change them for ingredients! I only have one Spirit Returning Violet Bamboo, so there's no use in keeping it. " The old man thought for a moment and said, "If you have any decent medicinal ingredients, you can exchange them with me. If I'm satisfied with them, then it'll be fine."

Master w.a.n.g had already prepared several types of medicinal ingredients for Chen Xiang. These medicinal ingredients were all relatively rare and of great use.

"Unicorn Fruit!" Chen Xiang took out a fiery-red fruit. This fruit was quite big, and Chen Xiang could only catch half of it with one hand. Moreover, there was a very stiff horn on it that looked like a Qilin horn.

At a glance, one could tell that it was a fire attribute medicinal ingredient!

"The Qilin horn fruit is truly strange. I've heard of it a long time ago, but this is the first time I've seen it with my own eyes. This is a fire-attribute medicinal herb with a wide range of uses. It is also a rare high-grade Heavenly G.o.d medicinal pill." The old man held his breath and nodded. At this time, he was also considering whether or not he should exchange with Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang patiently waited. After a long while, he shook his head and said: "Although I want it, it's not the best choice for me. It's a pity!"

"Senior, I still have other things." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he took out another light green flower that was emitting a fluorescent light. This flower only had two petals, and it looked like a b.u.t.terfly, and was extremely beautiful.

"Jade b.u.t.terfly Flower!" When the old man saw this flower, he immediately sucked in a breath of cold air. "This is a supreme divine medicine, are you sure you want to exchange with me?"

"This is just a flower with a strong ornamental nature, its main purpose is to refine the Night Illumination Divine Pill." Chen Xiang said: "In my opinion, it's far inferior to the Qilin fruit from before."

"Your words are wrong!" The elder said, "Not only can this pill be used to refine the Night Illumination Divine Pill, it can also be used to concoct a type of detoxification Divine Pill. This sort of divine pill is extremely effective at detoxifying the evil poison."

After consuming the Night Bright Pellet, it would last for a period of time, allowing people to clearly see in the night, and in the distance, they would be able to see even more clearly.

As for the effects of the poison, Chen Xiang did not know, because the Master w.a.n.g did not tell him, and what he had said just now was also what the Master w.a.n.g had told him to say.

"Is that so? Then what do you think, Senior? Do you want to trade? " Chen Xiang did not know much about the herbs here, so he decided to learn from Master w.a.n.g in the future.

"Change!" This elder was extremely fond of Yingdie's Jade Flower, and agreed readily to Chen Xiang's request.

Chen Xiang received the Spirit Returning Violet Bamboo, which shone with a purple light. It looked very beautiful.

"You have gathered all of the Six-G.o.ds Guiyuan Dan's ingredients?" This old man probably knew the Six-G.o.ds Guiyuan Dan's pill formula, which was why he asked this question.

"There's still the Golden Jade Dew Fruit." Chen Xiang sighed: "I wonder if we will be able to gather all of them this time, if senior has any skills, help me out, I have been stuck in this Three profound realm for a long time."

"Golden Dew Fruit!" "I happen to have a friend. Wait here, I'll go find him." The old man laughed, and patted Chen Xiang's shoulders, because he felt that Chen Xiang was extremely lucky, he became extremely friendly to him.

"In that case, I will thank senior first." Chen Xiang said while grinning.

As the old man walked over, Chen Xiang was very happy. He ordered a table of dishes and started to wolf it down.

"Elder w.a.n.g, it's just as you said. As soon as that senior saw the Jade b.u.t.terfly Flower, he immediately agreed." laughed, the Master w.a.n.g had told him with absolute certainty that he would succeed in exchanging the Jade b.u.t.terfly Flower.

"Of course! Even though I am not very knowledgeable, no one has more experience in exchanging medicinal ingredients than me. " Master w.a.n.g laughed, "His Spirit Returning Purple Bamboo is a Heavenly G.o.d medicinal herb, and Yingdie Jade Flower is a supreme divine medicine! There's a huge difference. Even though it's not a very wide use, it's still a supreme divine medicine! "

"Some Alchemist s do not use medicinal herbs to refine pills, but to collect them."

"For example, Elder w.a.n.g, is this how you are?" Chen Xiang had stayed in the Master w.a.n.g for a few days, there were a lot of strange and strange medicinal ingredients.

"Heh heh, that's right." Master w.a.n.g laughed: "Alchemist has this kind of complex feelings more or less. He likes to collect some pretty and precious herbs!"

Very quickly, the old man arrived. The person he brought along was actually Yu Jinggong's big brother, the black-robed old man who wanted to search Chen Xiang's soul!

"Motherf * cker, it's actually this guy!" Chen Xiang had already changed his appearance, and since the other party did not recognize him, he was naturally not too worried. However, he did not want to make a deal with him.

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