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Even though Chen Xiang looked young, he was definitely an old cunning fox. How could he not see through the other party's intentions?

"Master Chen's disciple must be stronger than the little brat, there is no need to compete to know," Chen Xiang immediately said, pretending to be flattered.

"You are too modest. For you to be able to concoct such a high level of Spirit-Returning Pill, you already possess the power to compete with my disciple." Elder Chen chuckled.

Chen Xiang knew that this kind of old fellow had the best face. If his disciple were to win against Master w.a.n.g, he would definitely feel very proud, and would even ruthlessly scold Master w.a.n.g.

Chen Xiang could not agree to something like that without permission, if he lost, it would make the Master w.a.n.g extremely embarra.s.sed. Although he had the confidence of winning, he would not be so reckless.

Chen Xiang only shook his head and said: "Everyone, please come in. Master w.a.n.g will be back soon."

Yu Haorui laughed coldly: "You are not willing to compete, right? So you were lying to us just now. You, you actually dared to lie to Master Chen! "

"I am not lying, wait for Master w.a.n.g to come back first. If Master w.a.n.g is unable to prove me, then I will do whatever you want." Chen Xiang knew that Yu Haorui was' provoking 'him with just one look, but he would not be fooled.

This also caused Yu Haorui to be even more enraged in his heart, and made him feel that there was a huge gap between him and Chen Xiang. Furthermore, he was the son of a hall master, and actually couldn't compare to this fellow who had just entered the Super Origin Dan Hall.

On the contrary, because of the matter of the Three Elements Flower, Chen Xiang had been able to soar to greatness, and even received guidance from the Master w.a.n.g when he came to this place of the Master w.a.n.g.

After Chen Xiang invited everyone into the hall, Elder Chen was still unwilling to give up. He wanted to have Chen Xiang compete with his disciple in pill refining, but Chen Xiang refused, saying that he had to get permission from the Master w.a.n.g.

Very quickly, the Master w.a.n.g returned. After arriving in the hall, he roughly guessed what was going on.

"Old w.a.n.g, this brat is truly cowardly. I asked him to have a match with my disciple to concoct a batch of pills, yet he dilly-dally." Elder Chen laughed, "It's good that you are back now. Look... Should we let the younger generation compete once? "

Master w.a.n.g immediately nodded his head: "That is no problem, the Large Compet.i.tion between us is very damaging, letting the younger generation compete with us is actually not a bad idea! Chen Xiang, go and compete with him. You have to be confident in yourself. "

Since the Master w.a.n.g had already said so, everyone now believed that Chen Xiang was the one who concocted all the Spirit-Returning Pill!

He was a genius that could concoct this kind of Innate Divine Pill. If it were to expand in the future, he would definitely become a great master here, and would have a very high position like Old Master w.a.n.g Chen.

Yu Haorui clenched his fists tightly, and hatred filled his heart. If Chen Xiang could become a master, then he would definitely step on him in the future, and he absolutely could not allow this to happen, because he had once offended Chen Xiang. If Chen Xiang became a master, then would definitely not let him off.

"Alright Master w.a.n.g. Just do your best to win." Chen Xiang had wanted to compete before, but he had to get the approval of the Master w.a.n.g.

"Alright, then let's decide the rules of the compet.i.tion first! After all, this is a very important compet.i.tion. It represents the battle between me and Elder w.a.n.g. " Elder Chen said, "The people I've brought here today are all here as proof!"

Amongst the people that Elder Chen had brought, some of them were not bad, while the others were neutral. Although they were not masters in the Super Origin Dan Hall, they were still clan elders who specialized in handling the matters in the hall.

"First, draw the flames you want to use from the Flame Bead! "The pill furnaces used are all ordinary ones. This way, they can suppress some violent and extreme pill techniques. These pill techniques are very unfair." Elder Chen said.

Chen Xiang frowned. The so called berserk and extreme pill techniques sounded like Crash method s, because that was exactly the case for Crash method s.

This time round, he did not use his own furnace, nor did he use his own flame. There was still a huge restriction placed on his furnace, which was quite difficult.

To Chen Xiang, being unable to use his own furnace was nothing, and it was not difficult at all. However, being unable to use his own flame was an unprecedented challenge, especially in this kind of showdown.

"Alright!" Master w.a.n.g nodded his head, took out his Fire Pearl and said: "Everyone can only use one Fire Pearl!"

One Fire Pearl! Chen Xiang was secretly shocked, just how many flames were there!

"One fire pearl is enough to concoct the Soothing Spirit Pill. If it can't be refined with one fire bead, it means that its quality isn't good enough." Elder Chen nodded his head and took out a fire bead to fill it up.

Chen Xiang had partic.i.p.ated in many of pill refining compet.i.tions, but this was his first time encountering such a rule!

With such a huge restriction on the flames, he would not be able to use the Crash method.

Very quickly, the two grandmasters filled up the fire b.a.l.l.s and then placed them together in a box. At this moment, no one knew who created these two fire b.a.l.l.s, and this was to avoid the possibility of the other party faking it.

The first one he pulled out was Chen Xiang, he pulled out a fire pearl and didn't know who injected the fire inside, but he felt it, the fire inside was not bad, stable and strong enough to concoct a batch of Spirit Recovering Pellets.

"When we compete in the refining process, we will mainly compete in the overall quality. At that time, we will use our tools to test the overall quality." Elder Chen said to the Master w.a.n.g: "You don't have any objections, right?"

"No, we can start now!" The Master w.a.n.g patted Chen Xiang's shoulders because he saw that Chen Xiang was a little nervous. He knew that Chen Xiang had just finished concocting the Sapphire Divine Pill, but he felt that Chen Xiang was able to concoct over a hundred pills, and the quality was very stable, so he would definitely win.

"Master w.a.n.g, do you know that if you lose this time, this precious land of yours would be mine!" Elder Chen laughed, "It's still too late for you to regret it now!"

"It's fine, even if you have the treasure land, it doesn't matter." Master w.a.n.g opened his eyes wide and smiled faintly.

His treasured land was famous, and it was something that he had fought for with his own strength. Hence, many people wanted to become the disciples of the Master w.a.n.g, because the medicinal herbs grown in this treasured land were many times faster than in other places!

Therefore, even though Yu Haorui's father tried many times to get his son to follow beside Master w.a.n.g, he was always rejected by the latter.

"Elder Chen, if you lose, you will have to pay a corresponding price. You should be clear about this yourself!" The Master w.a.n.g laughed, "I have been salivating over your Overlord Purple Ginseng Fruit for a long time, hehe …."

"That will depend if this kid has the ability to help you fight for it." Elder Chen also smiled happily. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]



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