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Chen Xiang looked at the many Sansu flowers here, and suddenly understood that the Master w.a.n.g only asked him to help concoct pills, in this way, he could save a lot of trouble.

"This old fox!" Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed, the only thing he could do was to refine them, since this Master w.a.n.g was pretty good, if he could find the other two Six-G.o.ds Guiyuan Dan s, he would be able to obtain them very quickly.

Chen Xiang did not try to refine it quickly. If he were to use the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line, he would be able to do it much faster than before, but Master w.a.n.g would definitely suspect it. After all, the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line was still an astonishing thing.

"Refining a cauldron in an hour shouldn't be a problem!" Chen Xiang did not know how long he would have to concoct it, in short, it would take him a long time, since he would need to concoct a thousand batches.

Very quickly, a few days had pa.s.sed, and Chen Xiang had only refined seventy batches of Sansu flowers, if he wanted to completely refine all of them, he would need a few months!

Chen Xiang originally thought that the Master w.a.n.g would leave all of the work to him, he never expected the Master w.a.n.g to suddenly come out.

"How many batches have been forged?" Master w.a.n.g looked at the Sansu flowers, and asked as there were fewer of them.

"70 batches, all of them are here." Chen Xiang pointed to a jade box at the side.

"Quite fast! "Good, good, good!" Master w.a.n.g was very satisfied, then he said, "I will first give the pill that I have just refined to Leader. I will return later with [Ben] [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] The novel ybdu. If you refine them together, these pills will be rewarded to some inner disciples. "

"Alright!" Chen Xiang nodded, then continued to seriously refine pills.

Not long after Master w.a.n.g left, someone knocked on the door of the courtyard loudly.

"Who is it?" Although I have been here for a few days, I am still unfamiliar with the people here. Could it be that Yu Haorui and the elder are looking for me here? " Chen Xiang originally did not plan to open the door, but a shout came from outside.

"Elder w.a.n.g, open the door!" You can't go back on your word, and said that you would have a contest today. Could it be that you are afraid of me, and are now a cowering tortoise? " This voice was filled with anger, because he had been continuously knocking on the door for quite some time now. It did not feel good to be shut out.

"So you're looking for a fight with Elder w.a.n.g, not looking for trouble with me." Chen Xiang anxiously walked over to open the door, and saw more than ten people outside, among them were Yu Haorui and the elder who had tricked him before.

"Master w.a.n.g has gone to deliver the pills to Leader. He will only be back after a while." Chen Xiang said: "Everyone, please come in!"

"Humph!" You were in there all along? " Yu Haorui suddenly became angry: "Knocking on the door for so long, did you not hear it? Letting Elder Chen wait outside for so long, this is a great disrespect, a capital offense! "

Quickly take this little thing down, he is just a little servant helping the Master w.a.n.g grow medicinal herbs, catch him and beat him up three hundred times. The elder who tricked Chen Xiang shouted.

He was also a white-haired old man wearing a black robe and when he saw that someone was going to take down Chen Xiang, he immediately said: "Stop, how can you casually touch Elder w.a.n.g's people? Don't you know this guy's temper? If this little fellow is able to keep Elder w.a.n.g here to grow medicinal herbs, then it must have some exceptional qualities. If you anger Elder w.a.n.g, then you all must bear the consequences. "

Elder Chen's words scared the two of them and caused them to shiver. They were too jealous of Chen Xiang, so when they saw Chen Xiang just now, they had such a good opportunity to teach him a lesson.

Old Chen and the rest of the ten entered the courtyard and saw the Sansu flowers and a pill furnace.

"This pill furnace is still warm. Has Elder w.a.n.g just left? But this is not Elder w.a.n.g's pill furnace! " That Elder Chen touched Chen Xiang's pill furnace and felt a sense of warmth.

"This is my furnace. I was too engrossed in concocting the Spirit-Restoring Pill just now that I didn't hear Master Chen's words. Please forgive me." Chen Xiang immediately said.

Elder Chen and more than a dozen other people were stunned. This brat in front of them actually knew how to refine the Spirit-Restoring Pill! This made them somewhat unable to believe it, because on the way here, Yu Haorui had told them that the Master w.a.n.g had just received a kid who grew medicinal ingredients!

Yu Haorui and the little elder knew that Chen Xiang had only just arrived and actually knew how to refine pills. This made them feel more and more that Chen Xiang was evil, especially regarding the three thousand Sansu flowers s from before!

Elder Chen saw a jade box and hurriedly walked over to open it. A thick medicinal fragrance wafted out, and inside the box, there were about two hundred pills. It was obvious that they were of decent quality.

"You refined all of this?" Elder Chen could not believe it, because he knew how rare it was to be able to concoct such a high quality pill.

"It is indeed the clumsy pill that this young man refined. Master Chen, please give me a few pointers." Chen Xiang immediately said respectfully.

"Awkward my a.s.s, giving me pointers my a.s.s!" Elder Chen inwardly exclaimed a few words, but he did not say it out loud.

Elder Chen nodded his head, "This is already not bad! Right, how many pills can you refine in one furnace? "

"Only two pills. Master w.a.n.g can refine four, but the difference between us is too great, I can't even catch up to him!" Chen Xiang sighed.

"Two pills is already excellent, you don't have to be too modest. Elder w.a.n.g having a disciple like you also makes me envious." Elder Chen knew that Chen Xiang's talent was not bad.

"This kid is not Elder w.a.n.g's disciple!" Chen Xiang said, "But Elder w.a.n.g is actually very generous, he personally taught me how to refine the Spirit-Returning Pill."

Yu Haorui said in a low voice: "You can refine the Sapphire Divine Pill? Moreover, there was even a pot of two pills. This was truly unbelievable, as they might even be refined by the Master w.a.n.g! "Don't be fooled by this brat's pretentious appearance."

"What I just said is the truth." Chen Xiang said.

Hearing Yu Haorui say that, Elder Chen became suspicious, Chen Xiang was truly too excellent, the quality of the Restoration Spirit Pill he refined was not bad, being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with him, no matter how he looked at it, it seemed to be something Elder w.a.n.g refined.

In this Super Origin Dan Hall, to be able to refine such a good Inheritance Pill, he had to at least be a Six G.o.ds Stage cultivator. But the Chen Xiang in front of him, was just a Late period of Three profound realm, this was indeed a big point!

"I came here to fulfill my promise. Previously, the better I was with Elder w.a.n.g, we wanted to have a spar here, mainly on pill refining! Since this is the Sapphire Divine Pill that Elder w.a.n.g instructed you to refine, why don't we have a compet.i.tion? Of course, it's my disciple who will compete with you. " Elder Chen said.

He secretly hoped in his heart that Chen Xiang would agree to it, because once his disciple won, he would be able to cause a ruckus here and say that the disciple that Elder w.a.n.g had pointed out was inferior to his Yun Yun.

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