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Xu Junlin saw that Chen Xiang had returned, and anxiously walked over and asked: "Brother Shen, who's your next opponent?"

"My luck is too bad. Next match, I'll fight with Liang Youxing." Chen Xiang sighed and said.

"It's fine. I'll come back next year." Xu Junlin patted Chen Xiang's shoulder and laughed.

"I do not need to go through next year as well. I should be able to survive this year. Although Liang Youxing is strong, I have the confidence to defeat him. Chen Xiang said casually, and from the looks of it, he did not seem to be lying.

Xu Junlin had seen Chen Xiang's battle before, so Chen Xiang's fights were extremely relaxed. With that kind of genius demeanor, it could be said that he was lucky, but Chen Xiang was able to easily defeat him in three matches, which meant that Chen Xiang's strength was much stronger than ordinary people.

Even if he could not defeat Liang Youxing, they were definitely evenly matched, and Xu Junlin had good eyes for this matter.

"Then wouldn't that mean Brother Shen has already seen through Liang Youxing's weakness?" Xu Junlin asked anxiously, his instincts told him that Chen Xiang was not weak.

"Of course, although Liang Youxing can use his berserk thunder dao energy, but the electric energy will be transmitted back through the water. At that time, when he uses his lightning vortex, I will release a large amount of water, and he will also be electrocuted." Chen Xiang said.

"No, that's not right, since Liang Youxing cultivates lightning Dao, he must have some resistance towards lightning, especially his own Thunder power. If it was transmitted back to him through water, it would only be Liang Youxing's body, it wouldn't be able to harm him." Xu Junlin shook his head.

"Yes, Liang Youxing cultivates lightning dao energy, so he will naturally do so. When he sees me using water at that time, he will definitely withdraw his Thunder power back into his own body quickly and at that time, I will release my own Thunder power and then, I will be able to enter his body and wreak havoc within his body … As long as he has a moment of distraction, I can win. " Chen Xiang laughed faintly.

"Brother Shen, you are truly amazing. I admire you." Xu Junlin immediately began to praise Chen Xiang, but in his heart, he truly admired Chen Xiang. He was actually able to think of a plan to defeat Liang Youxing in an instant.

Chen Xiang came to a resting place and sat down. He did not know how wide Liang Youxing's profound door was, but if it was fully opened, it would be extremely strong, and it would not be possible to use divine artifacts or spatial teleportation.

An hour had almost pa.s.sed. Chen Xiang was heading towards a fighting arena. He would be fighting with Liang Youxing on the fighting stage, and when he arrived, he saw Xu Junlin together with Liang Youxing.

Chen Xiang immediately furrowed his brows. Previously, Xu Junlin had called him brother, even flattered him, and in the blink of an eye, he was actually with Liang Youxing.

"Not bad, from the looks of it, you don't seem to come from a famous family, but your strength is quite good." It seems that he already knew of Chen Xiang's plan to deal with him, and all of this was revealed by Xu Junlin.

Chen Xiang's eyes suddenly became cold, his fists clenched slightly as he looked at Xu Junlin, but Xu Junlin actually shot him a look of disdain and a sneer.

"Lowly dog." Chen Xiang groaned, and then looked at the battle arena. There were workers repairing the stage, the previous compet.i.tion was too intense, and even with the array defense, it was hard to avoid the damage.

"You ungrateful fellow. You want to scheme and defeat our big brother Liang? Truly despicable." Xu Junlin sneered: "But our big brother Liang is powerful, even if you use tricks, he will not lose to a villain like you."

"Dogs barking may be annoying, but compared to what this dog is saying, I think dogs barking sounds better." Chen Xiang shot a glance at Xu Junlin. He had not expected that this guy was actually such a despicable person.

Xu Junlin was furious, and said: "Just wait and see, wait and see, Brother Liang will definitely beat you until all your teeth fall out, you actually want to use tricks to defeat him, he hates people like this the most."

"In battle, it's the most normal thing to do when others have weak points. Not only can you win easily, you can also let your opponent know your weakness, which is good for both sides. It's a trick, not to mention a despicable one.

"If one day, in a life and death battle, you lose your life because of your weakness, then you will only feel sad about yourself." If one day, in a life and death battle, when you lose your life because of your weakness, you only feel sad because of your weakness.

Chen Xiang looked at Xu Junlin and sneered: "Of course, a stupid dog like you wouldn't understand the dao power contained within. With your dog brain, you would definitely not understand what I just said, right?"

Xu Junlin was enraged, his entire body was trembling, he really wanted to rush over and beat Chen Xiang up, but he did not dare, for such a private fight would definitely be severely punished, furthermore, he did not have the confidence to win.

"That's right." Liang Youxing laughed lightly: "Being able to discover my fatal weakness is indeed a good thing, but to start from my weakness and defeat me, you need to have sufficient strength to do so, and as for you … "He doesn't have the strength to defeat me in terms of my weaknesses."

"How do you know without fighting? You're not the bug in my stomach, how do you know I'm not strong enough?" Chen Xiang didn't want to give this fellow a hard time.

"Please send Chen Xiang and Liang Youxing up on stage." The old man at the side shouted.

Chen Xiang and Liang Youxing walked over. In the eyes of many people, Chen Xiang was just an unlucky person. They had seen too many unlucky people like him this month … There were also many people who were unlucky enough to have done this themselves.

"Remember the rules. Fighting, admitting defeat, or fainting is considered admitting defeat. Weapons and various magical equipment are not allowed to be used. The most important point is to stop. You cannot be ruthless, or you will be severely punished."

The old man was very experienced, he could easily tell that Chen Xiang and Liang Youxing were of similar strength, and both had a murderous aura around them.

"Got it, you can start now." Liang Youxing said somewhat impatiently.

"Alright, let's begin." the old man shouted.

Just from the start, the battle field started to have a strong wind, followed by bursts of electricity. From time to time, lightning would appear and strike the ground.

In the blink of an eye, a lightning vortex appeared around Liang Youxing, as though countless lightning bolts turned into discs and revolved around him, forming a protective barrier which could at the same time produce a strong attack power. More importantly, as this vortex expanded, it also produced a suction force that pulled everything around it towards the round disk that was filled with violent lightning.

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