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Liang Youxing's strength was definitely not bad, if not he would not have won so many in a row, and reached the 30th place. Chen Xiang had even heard that Liang Youxing came here relatively late as well.

As for those who were in the top 30, most of them were already prepared. They had arrived on the very first day because they had a very good understanding of the rules.

"Let me see how powerful the experts of this level are!" Chen Xiang was more looking forward to Liang Youxing's battle. He would definitely watch it later.

In the top thirty, only Liang Youxing would be able to stay in line in the middle of the night to request for arrangements for the compet.i.tion. As long as his luck was not bad, Liang Youxing would not meet him.

Of course, many people were extremely worried about meeting Liang Youxing, especially those people who had ten points left. If they were to fight with Liang Youxing and lose, then their previous battle would be a waste.

Liang Youxing's compet.i.tion had also been arranged, many people felt sympathy for the person who fought with Liang Youxing.

Chen Xiang's match was finished very quickly. As long as it was a Late period of Three profound realm s, even if the profound door's opening rate did not reach 50, he did not feel that it was difficult at all.

Now he had won three consecutive rounds.

"Brother, your strength isn't bad!" I've watched you fight three times, and all of them were won in a very relaxed manner. " A rather handsome man in a white robe walked over with a respectful and modest smile on his face.

"It's nothing much. If you want to enter the Yuan Shi Tao School, you should have this kind of strength … … Actually, it's not that I'm too strong, but it's just that most of the Late period of Three profound realm here are really not that powerful. " However, Chen Xiang was honest, he had seen many people's lack of battle experience, as if they were shreds fighting on the streets.

"Brother's words are quite good." The white clothed man laughed faintly: "I am Xu Junlin, how may I address you, brother?"

"Chen Xiang!" Chen Xiang immediately used his own name, he was not afraid of the Flying Dragon Palace, because he was confident that entering the Yuan Shi Tao School, at that time, even if the Flying Dragon Palace came looking for him, the Yuan Shi Tao School would definitely hold on.

"Brother Shen, the next match will be Liang Youxing's fight. He rushed up to 30th place at an extremely fast speed! There was still a month until the end. With his speed, he should be able to reach the top 10 … "Even the top three." Xu Junlin said: "What do you think of Liang Youxing?"

Although Xu Junlin's expression was calm and his speech always carried a smile, and he also seemed to be graceful, Chen Xiang was still wary of him.

"I've only just arrived. I don't know anything about this person at all. I'll only know after watching his battle." Chen Xiang was staring at the battle in the distance, he was already on stage.

The one fighting Liang Youxing was an old man, who looked to be extremely calm and composed, and was not afraid of fighting his 30th opponent.

"Admit defeat!" This way, you won't be injured. If your luck is good, you might even be able to enter the top 30! " Liang Youxing looked at the old man coldly and said.

"Let's begin!" The old man said. He did not want to waste words with this old man, this would distract him.

"You overconfident old fogey!" Liang Youxing grunted.

Chen Xiang knew that this type of compet.i.tion would have a few Innates watching, so there would not be any serious injuries, so the old man was not afraid, furthermore, he believed that if he could fight with an Innates, no matter if he won or lost, he would gain something from it.


The old man suddenly turned to the side, and at the same time, a ray of lightning pa.s.sed by him. If he didn't turn sideways, he would definitely be struck.

Liang Youxing did not dare to use too much strength, because accidental death or injury would cause him to be disqualified, so he could not afford to lose it.

"My goodness, you've studied my fighting style!" Liang Youxing sneered, his body suddenly crackled with crackling sounds, electric currents exploding out.


Liang Youxing shouted loudly, and a circular vortex appeared beneath his feet. It was a vortex formed from lightning and thunder, spinning at the same time.

As more and more vortexes appeared, the lightning-like spiral arms gradually covered the entire battle field. The old man also frantically attacked the spinning arms. Even if he could destroy it, he still wouldn't be able to stop the lightning vortex from growing larger.

"Taiji Lightning Tactic, this is a secret technique pa.s.sed down in Liang Youxing's family. It is indeed overbearing! After one uses this Primal Chaos Lightning Killing Strike, everything around them will be sucked into it and then bombarded by violent lightning bolts. "

Xu Junlin's face was full of yearning, it seemed like he really wanted this technique.

"Indeed, it's very strong. This is because Liang Youxing did not use his full strength and did not create any suction force, but only caused the vortex to become larger continuously. He wanted to force the old man out of the fighting arena and make him admit defeat." Chen Xiang said.

Liang Youxing saw that the old man did not have any intention to surrender, and was angered, the electric vortex suddenly started to revolve, the old man was startled, and his body was sucked into the electric vortex, and started to be hit by the Thunder power.


The old man screamed in pain, the furious Liang Youxing also quickly stopped his cultivation, but he still held back his anger: "Are you still not admitting defeat?"

Liang Youxing's hands and feet were tied, but the old man's body had become numb from the electric shock, he rushed forward, his foot striking the old man's abdomen, and kicked him out.

"Liang Youxing wins!" Liang Youxing walked over, and handed over the plate, telling the judge to give him another point.

Chen Xiang had a rough understanding of Liang Youxing's strength, and he was indeed powerful, he suddenly felt that in these thousand levels, there were many geniuses! And the twenty-nine people in front of Liang Youxing, should not be simple individuals.

Chen Xiang continued to queue to apply for the next round. He hoped that he could rush to the top 30 in a month. This way, he wouldn't have to wait until next year to join the Yuan Shi Tao School.

Liang Youxing was also very busy right now, he also planned to fight through the night, so that his ranking would be higher. This way, he would be safer.

"Your next match will be with Liang Youxing!"

Chen Xiang took his own jade tablet, and heard the person in charge of registration say.

"It can't be! So unlucky? " Chen Xiang did not expect himself to meet Liang Youxing, and sighed helplessly.

"This is the drawing of lots. If there's no other way, there will always be someone who will be unlucky." That person shook his head and laughed, "I can't do it this year, let's do it again next year! If he really has the power, then both Liang Youxing s are not afraid. "

Chen Xiang wasn't actually afraid of Liang Youxing, he just didn't want to attract that much attention from the very beginning.

Liang Youxing also knew that in the next round, he would be competing with Chen Xiang, but he did not know Chen Xiang.

and Liang Youxing's next fight would be in an hour.

After all, there was only a month left. Many people were desperately fighting throughout the night. They all had a glimmer of hope in their hearts as they hoped to make it into the top 30.

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