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Chen Xiang felt that this Flying Dragon a.s.sociation was rather fair, that they should all be placed in the same group.

Otherwise, it would be very dangerous for a guy like Qin profound to be together with a normal late stage Divine Sky Realm expert.

When Chen Xiang arrived, he was also stared at by Qin profound a few times. He already knew the strength of Chen Xiang's Dao power, which meant that from now on, he could be at ease while dealing with Chen Xiang without worrying about how strong he was.

Back then, they had thought that Chen Xiang was really strong, but now that they knew that Chen Xiang's profound strength was only slightly more than a hundred, they knew that Chen Xiang was definitely going to die. Even though they were shocked by Chen Xiang's potential, they were surprised at how strong he was as long as they could sense that he was in the early stages, so they would definitely be far ahead of them.

Chen Xiang could also feel the schadenfreude of many people, especially those disciples.

"It's not bad that Ru Xue didn't come to the Flying Dragon a.s.sociation to partic.i.p.ate. If she came, it would definitely cause a lot of trouble." Chen Xiang learnt from Wu profound that although this person's Phoenix Sect was very strong, there weren't many true phoenixes. This person's family, on the other hand, was a true phoenix.

"The first battle is a compet.i.tion." An old man in the middle of the plaza suddenly shouted, "From here to the outer region's Flying Dragon Monument, the one hundred people who are the slowest will be eliminated."

Everyone felt that it wasn't too difficult to use the fastest speed to travel from the Center of Flying Dragon City to the Wyvern Monument in the outer region.

"Also, the fastest way to get to the top ten of the Flying Dragon Monument, everyone will receive ten Flight rule beads, and the top one hundred of the eleventh will receive one pellet. This is the first round's reward." The old man added.

Ten Flight rule beads would be three billion, that was a huge sum. However, many people thought that they wouldn't be able to obtain one, the fastest must be the Three profound realm people.

Chen Xiang was also restless. After all, those were ten Flight rule beads s, and after being refined by him, their price would increase by several times. He was very confident in his own speed.

"Very well, prepare for an hour. When I announce the start of the fight, all of you can begin. No conflicts are allowed on the road. If any of you are fighting, you will be disqualified." the old man shouted.

After resting for an hour, under the order of the old man, everyone started to run like a swarm of bees.

"Chen Xiang, I'll be leaving first." Wu profound quickly flew past Chen Xiang and laughed.

Chen Xiang frowned, he suddenly felt that splitting into 100 groups was meaningless, the first round of the compet.i.tion had made him feel extremely chaotic.

"Whatever, I'll try my best to get into the top ten." Chen Xiang also started to run frantically. He did not plan to use the flight rule right now, because it would be exposed.

After all, he was only at the early stage of the Heaven realm.

They were also the more outstanding people from the sects. Although they were middle-aged, their responsibilities were very difficult, and the sect had asked them to come, in order for them to help condense more Law beads.

Those who saw the Three profound realm flew into the air, and many people started cursing. It was because it was extremely unfair, but there was nothing they could do.

Chen Xiang was now in a relatively later position, so many people were scattered and running wildly, so it did not seem densely packed.

There were many paths from the Center of Flying Dragon City to the Outer Region, and everyone had to choose the closest path according to their own memories.

"Qin profound actually also has the flight rule." Chen Xiang was secretly shocked, he had already seen Qin profound flying.

When Chen Xiang arrived at a place with no one around, he began to conceal himself. Then, using the flight laws and the power of s.p.a.ce, he quickly flew towards the place where the Dragon Flying Monument was located.

"I've used up quite a bit of Dao energy as well. I wonder if I can make it into the top ten." As Chen Xiang flew in the air, he could see that many of the middle and late stage Heaven realm s had been pa.s.sed by him.

Qin profound is still in front, his speed is fast, after all his Spirit Force is over 10,000 strong, if we really fight, even if I use Spirit Equipment like Emperor seal and Six Realms mirrors to help, I might not be able to beat him, seems like I have to be careful in the future.

Chen Xiang looked ahead and felt the dense evil aura. Even though Qin profound was divided into the Three profound realm, he was not worried at all. He was very confident in his own strength.

In the blink of an eye, half a day had already pa.s.sed, but Chen Xiang was currently only in the Central Region. He had already confirmed that he had pa.s.sed Qin profound, and not many people could catch up with him now.

This Flying Dragon City was extremely vast, so Chen Xiang had to fly for several hours before he finally saw the Flying Dragon Monument. It was a monument that was three thousand meters tall, and was coiled up by a stone dragon.

"No one's come yet. I don't want to be first."

Chen Xiang saw that there were people at the Flying Dragon Tablet, but they were not people who were fighting miserably. Those people were all old men who were presiding over the Flying Dragon a.s.sociation.

Chen Xiang hid at the side, waiting.

Daybreak came, and more people came.

Those who came first were all the old men from the Bai Cang Realm, all from the Three profound realm.

"The ninth." When the nine people arrived, Chen Xiang immediately revealed his real body and quickly flew over.

The first nine people were all elderly people from the Three profound realm. They all knew each other and were currently discussing who the tenth person would be. Within the circle of the Three profound realm, they all had a little understanding of each other …

However, the person who was flying over was actually a young man.

"It's actually not Qin profound." An old man shouted.

With a young face, only Qin profound was able to move so quickly. However, this person was not Qin profound, so the nine elders were all extremely surprised.

"This brat... It seems to only be in the early stages of the Heaven realm. " An old man saw Chen Xiang approaching and felt his Qi.

"That's right, he's from the Heaven realm, but his strength is just over 100. He's a guy with a lot of potential." An old man, who was the host, laughed sinisterly.

Chen Xiang had already reached the bottom of the Flying Dragon Monument. He used his hands to pat the Flying Dragon Monument, then sat on the ground and panted.

"Am I number ten?" Chen Xiang gasped for breath and asked.

"Yes …" "Yes, how can you be so fast? You used the flight technique." An old man asked.

"Of course not. The divine ability that I cultivate is called G.o.dspeed Steps. It can travel tens of thousands of meters in an instant … "I ran with my life on the line and I finally made it into the top 10." Chen Xiang smiled.

He was just spouting nonsense, and the old men were only half believing and half doubting his words.

"This is your reward …" "You've lost too much because of such a small matter." An old man handed over ten Flight rule beads s to Chen Xiang.

"Why?" Chen Xiang was very suspicious, the other old men were feeling the same way.

"Because after the first match, there will be a rearrangement. With how fast you are, by the time of the second match, you will be ranked according to your speed in the new group. At that time, you'll be out of luck." The old man said, "If you were to be eliminated and not enter Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation, don't you think it would be a huge loss?"

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