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Ren Lingyi was a woman who liked to show off, so no one here could stand even a small cup of that kind of wine, let alone a large bowl. Only Qin profound could drink a big bowl of that.

So Chen Xiang's words were nonsense in the ears of others, because they had all drank Fire Qi Lin Dream's red wine before.

However, Wu profound believed in Chen Xiang. Now, he would believe anything Chen Xiang said, because Chen Xiang made him earn ten billion Dao crystal s in a few months, without using much energy.

"If he can drink it, he won't want his Dao crystal … You need to drink it within an hour, or else you'll have to accompany me for two billion. " Ren Lingyi did not believe Chen Xiang's words.

Wu profound looked at Chen Xiang and laughed: "Brother, do you want to try? If you can't drink anymore, I'll help you pay the two billion Dao crystal."

"Since when are you so rich, to actually be able to take out two billion Dao crystal." The disciple was surprised, but he did not believe Wu profound.

"Don't think I'm always so poor." When Wu profound took out a Storage bag, everyone present immediately used their divine senses to take a look. There really were two billion inside.

Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "Since that's the case, then little brother will not be courteous."

As he said that, Chen Xiang picked up the huge vat ….

Everyone thought that Chen Xiang would drink every bowl, but he actually used the vat to drink every single bowl. This shocked everyone.

Chen Xiang opened his mouth wide and caught the remaining wine. Although it was extremely hot, Chen Xiang was able to endure it.

In just a few moments, Chen Xiang had drank quite a bit. This was not only a bowl, but Chen Xiang was actually still able to stand.

Even Qin profound, who rarely spoke, couldn't help but be moved at this moment, while everyone present was stunned.

They drank a small cup of wine, but were unable to endure the alcohol. Their heads were already dizzy. If it wasn't for the fact that they were about to refine the wine, their bodies would have been damaged by the alcohol.

But Chen Xiang had drank so much in a row now, he could still hold onto the huge vat in his hands, and stand there like a giant mountain as he drank crazily.

"Hey, hey, wait for my bro to finish drinking." Wu profound immediately pulled Ren Lingyi back and laughed. "Why are you in such a hurry?"

"This... This is a gift. " How could Ren Lingyi not be anxious? The wine cup was not hers, it was given to the Flying Dragon City Lord by the Leader of Qilin Sect. She had indeed used it to show off previously and earned some Dao crystal s, but it was still far from enough to buy this jar of wine.

Furthermore, these were things that even Dao crystal could not get their hands on. The brewing process was extremely complicated and required a long time, and the materials were also extremely rare.

Chen Xiang could feel that Ren Lingyi's aura was increasing, so he increased his speed. A suction force also came from his mouth, like a dragon swallowing water.

"Good wine." Chen Xiang licked his lips and cupped his hands towards Ren Lingyi, "Thank you for your wine, I am extremely grateful, haha …"

Ren Lingyi's beautiful face was already so white that it had turned green. She glared at Chen Xiang and Wu profound with her beautiful eyes, and really wanted to beat them up ….. She had used that wine jug to trap everyone here. Now that everyone else had drunk their fill, if she wanted to return, her reputation as a disciple of the Qilin Hall would definitely be very poor.

At the same time everyone was rejoicing at Chen Xiang's misfortune, they were even more surprised that the Alchemist actually drank that huge vat of powerful wine, and there was nothing wrong with it right now.

"Wu profound, your brother really has some skills. I wonder who his master is, to actually have such a miraculous pill cultivating technique." the disciple asked.

"My master's name is Huang Jintian, you probably don't know him. He's been living in seclusion for many years." Chen Xiang said. His master was indeed called Huang Jintian, but he was not an alchemist.

The people here had never heard of it.

"Seems like your pill refinement isn't bad. What pill can you concoct?" The shrine asked again.

"I'm only average. After all, I'm still young." Chen Xiang smiled humbly.

Ren Lingyi clenched her teeth as she looked at Chen Xiang. She didn't know what to do now either, because she had lost such an important present.

Qin profound suddenly walked over, once he moved, everyone immediately scattered. No one wanted to get close to him, because the aura around him made people feel uncomfortable.

Wu profound scolded himself for being careless. Had he known this would happen, he would not have allowed Chen Xiang to cause such a ruckus. Right now, he was very worried that Chen Xiang would recognize him.

Qin profound walked towards Chen Xiang, one step at a time, and the hostility and killing intent on his body became heavier and heavier. Everyone did not know why, and did not ask either, but if Qin profound wanted to kill someone, no one could stop him, and if they did, he would be in trouble as well.

"It was you who killed Fan Qing, right?" Qin profound's face suddenly turned extremely sinister, surging with killing intent, and the black aura around his body gushed out like a dragon.

Everyone was stunned, this man actually killed Fan Qing, and was even so reckless in coming here, and was even so calm in drinking, talking and laughing, no one knew where Chen Xiang got the guts from.

"I killed him. I didn't expect you to actually see through it." Chen Xiang laughed unperturbed, because he was not afraid of Qin profound at all, he felt that if he were to fight with Qin profound, even if Qin profound did not die, he would be half crippled.

"You sure are bold." Qin profound's originally ferocious face had calmed down.

Qin profound was actually worried about something, and did not make a move.

Everyone thought about it and understood, just now, that Chen Xiang was able to drink that jar of wine, it meant that Chen Xiang had a certain amount of strength, and that Chen Xiang was able to bring a person along to retreat after killing Qin profound's disciple in front of Qin profound, no one had such abilities like this.

"I am actually very timid... When I encounter something that frightens me, I usually run away in fear. " Chen Xiang chuckled, then picked up a cup of wine and finished it.

What he meant was that Qin profound was not enough to scare him, so he came over.

"Alright, just you wait." Qin profound snorted, and left the hall.

Wu profound was scared to the point that he broke out in a cold sweat, he now even more respect Chen Xiang, when facing such a terrifying Qin profound just now, he was actually able to drink wine without changing his expression, and even dare to say such words to provoke Qin profound.

Very quickly, Wu profound understood that there was a type of thing called confidence. If there was something that one could have confidence in, it would mean that one was afraid, and Chen Xiang's confidence came from earning Dao crystal very quickly. It was extremely easy for him to earn tens of billions of Dao crystal in a few months, so Qin profound was definitely not able to do it, so Chen Xiang was not afraid of Qin profound.

The people here were all afraid of Qin profound, but Chen Xiang was someone that even Qin profound was afraid of, so these people did not dare to mock Wu profound. Ren Lingyi did not even look at him, worried that she would be implicated in the conflict between Chen Xiang and Qin profound.

Wu profound also anxiously brought Chen Xiang and left, afraid that there would be other things that would happen.

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