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Based on Wu profound's familiarity with the black market, he calculated and had a count.

"Six times that would be around 1.9 billion." Wu profound said: "Oh right, your Dragon Law Rule Beads are going to be extracted from these Dragon beast?"

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded: "That's right!"

Wu profound's heart jumped, and asked: "Then how many Dragon beast can refine one pill?"

With regards to Chen Xiang's ability to refine pills, Wu profound already had a certain level of understanding and was able to calm down.

"A hundred million Dragon beast can refine two ordinary Law beads, and then, I can refine some from this foundation, hehe … "It can be sold for 1.9 billion!" Chen Xiang laughed.

Wu profound almost lost his balance. To be able to earn this much in one breath, it was truly great, and it did not even take much effort!

Wu profound and Chen Xiang had a contract, so Chen Xiang was not worried that he would reveal it.

Just like before, you can continue to take out one billion. The remaining 1.5 billion will go to me. Chen Xiang said.

"No problem, just running errands is enough to earn so much. I still feel somewhat guilty!" So I'm very satisfied with this number. " Wu profound wiped his sweat and laughed.

"That's not right. You have a certain risk. If you don't make it, you might lose your life." Chen Xiang said very seriously: "Especially after we sell the Dragon Law Rule Beads, this will definitely attract more people's attention!"

"You can rest a.s.sured that the man has already signed a contract with me. He won't leak it, and he's got a very strong background, and he's on the black market, after all." Wu profound laughed lowly: "That person is also from our profound Marital School, his strength is not weak either, he had gained something from the sale."

Chen Xiang nodded, "Right, how has Mei Jing Sisters and the rest been?"

"Fortunately, thinking beautiful knows how to refine Tianhun gold Dan s is very popular with the pavilion masters of profound Wu Dan Pavilion. They treat the two sisters as distinguished guests." Wu profound said.

"That's good... Right, how long until the Flying Dragon a.s.sociation begins? " Chen Xiang asked: "I need to hurry up and earn more Dao crystal. When the time comes, I'll go in and get more cheap Law beads."

Wu profound also thought the same. During this period of time, he did not purchase any Rare Principle beads, and instead kept the Dao crystal to display its abilities in the Flying Dragon a.s.sociation.

"The precise time is after three months! "Don't worry, when the time comes, I will go with you and you won't miss it." Wu profound patted Chen Xiang's shoulder.

"Wu profound, we have been selling a lot during this period of time, is that convenient?" Chen Xiang asked again. Previously, he only popped out two pellets every month, but Chen Xiang felt that it was slower.

"You go refine first, I'll go ask the buyer. If he thinks there's no problem, then there's no problem." Wu profound laughed: "That guy is probably collecting Dao crystal s to join Flying Dragon a.s.sociation."

After saying goodbye to Wu profound, Chen Xiang entered the secret room. During these three months, he would be refining a few more Law beads.

Now that he had stepped into the Heaven realm, Chen Xiang's refining speed had increased by a lot, and he could even go up a level when using the Crash method.

In just two days, he had refined four Dragon Law Rule Beads that were six times stronger than normal Law beads!

After exiting the secret room, Chen Xiang went to find Wu profound in a hurry.

"Success?" Let me see! " Wu profound was very excited to see Chen Xiang.

"Here!" Chen Xiang pa.s.sed four Law beads s to Wu profound.

"Four pills, this... It's only been two days! " Wu profound received it and took a look. He discovered that there was an extremely strong power of the Dragon Way within it, and he confirmed that it was five times stronger than that.

"How much can we sell?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Ten pills a month isn't a problem!" Wu profound said.

"Mn, this is one and a half billion Dao crystal. It's best to be careful around people who buy Dragon beast." Chen Xiang was a little worried, if too much was sold, he was worried that it would arouse the suspicions of the powerhouses.

"We'll all be careful." Wu profound solemnly nodded his head, then proceeded to the transaction.

… ….

After Chen Xiang changed his appearance and left the profound Wu Dan Pavilion, he had to rest for two days and stroll around casually.

"Qin profound and the others suffered such a huge loss this time, I wonder if this news will spread out!" Chen Xiang asked around on the street, but he did not find any news about them.

"This place is the central region after all, and there are quite a few people here. Why haven't there been any news about it?" Could it be that Qin profound was worried that it would be too embarra.s.sing and kept it a secret? " Chen Xiang thought to himself. He wandered around until night and did not hear anything about Fan Qing being killed.

At night, he returned to the profound Wu Dan Pavilion and Wu profound returned as well.

Wu profound was now a rich person as well, and because of his extensive network, he bought the Dragon beast quickly. In just a single day, he bought the corpse of the Dragon beast, which was worth five hundred million.

"4 pills, 6 billion for you!" Wu profound smiled brilliantly. He had also earned 1.6 billion today.

"Wu profound, when we were at Flying Dragon a.s.sociation, do you think we would meet the head disciple of Azure Dragon School, Qin profound?" Chen Xiang asked, he felt that Wu profound must know about Qin profound's situation.

"Well... You won't meet him, but I will definitely meet him. I'm at the late stage of the Heaven realm, in the same group as him. " Wu profound laughed bitterly: "At that time, what I need the most is to protect him well, I do not need to worry about anything else. He is at the late stage of the Heaven realm, and I am only afraid of him."

"So powerful!" Chen Xiang was secretly glad that he did not ambush Qin profound the last time.

"He is quite amazing. I heard that all nine of his mysterious doors are open." "Ten." Wu profound laughed: "But this guy also tumbled over. My own disciple was killed by someone, and that person was even killed in front of him … Even if I don't know who this person is, I'm still inquiring about him … Also, more than ten people in the squad he is leading have died unnecessarily. Qin profound has never suffered such a heavy loss before. "

"Wu profound, the one who killed his disciple is me!" Chen Xiang said.

Wu profound was stunned. He naturally did not believe Chen Xiang subconsciously, but when he thought about how powerful Chen Xiang's pill refining was, how he definitely had to use a large number of medicinal pellets to make himself very strong. Furthermore, Chen Xiang had even earned a large number of Dao crystal, so he did not doubt Chen Xiang's words anymore.

"Will there be any serious consequences?" Chen Xiang looked at the dazed Wu profound and asked.

"This... Can you tell me what's going on? I don't know what's going on. " Wu profound was even more curious.

Chen Xiang told Wu profound about saving his life. In order to save his friend, he did not hesitate to offend Qin profound and even killed Qin profound's disciple.

"It's going to be more serious, if it's someone else's disciple, then it's fine, but Qin profound's disciple …. Because of Qin profound, the Azure Dragon School will definitely value him a lot, but at that time, even if they are in the Flying Dragon a.s.sociation, they will not dare to do anything, so it will be hard to say for sure in the future. " Wu profound said: "So you must be careful and not let them find out that you're here."

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