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After confirming it was Yi Chong, Chen Xiang immediately teleported over, and at the same time, revealed his true form. After grabbing onto the ground, he heavily injured Yi Chong, jumped up, and left the place.

The instant he left his original spot, a streak of cyan lightning struck down from the skies. The body of the youth who had attacked Yi Chong earlier, swiftly shot downwards, his feet stepping on the ground.


The young man landed on the ground, but did not step on Yi Chong. The berserk Thunder power erupted, blasting a huge pit there.

The moment Chen Xiang appeared, everyone noticed him. The young man who was falling from the sky was also very surprised, but he was too late. He had already attacked, so he wasted his last powerful attack.

Right now, Chen Xiang was being surrounded by a group of people, and when they saw Chen Xiang appearing, they immediately rushed over to surround him.

"Big Brother Yi, are you alright?" Chen Xiang looked at Yi Chong who was covered in blood, and shouted lightly, ignoring the people who surrounded him.

"Brother... Why did you save me? "I am truly sorry …" Yi Chong looked at Chen Xiang, who had a low cultivation level and was surrounded by the strong youths, and felt grief and indignation in his heart.

He felt that he would definitely kill Chen Xiang!

"Big Brother Yi also helped me in the past. You thought highly of me when you took me to Flying Dragon City, so I treated you as a friend and a brother." Chen Xiang smiled at Yi Chong.

= 1 = Ben = Read = Fiction = "Bro!" Yi Chong shouted in grief, "You will die … I have long been prepared to die … Qin profound, this brother of mine doesn't have any grudges with you, let him go. "

"Hmph, he saved you! I don't want to kill this nuisance, but I want to teach him a lesson. " This man was short and handsome, but his face was full of viciousness and ruthlessness.

Chen Xiang had thought that the youth who was fighting with Yi Chong was the head disciple of the Azure Dragon School, but he never expected that it wasn't him!

The young man who spoke just now was the one. Chen Xiang also noticed that there were more dragons embroidered on Qin profound's green clothes, which made him look a lot more domineering.

"Fan Qing, quickly kill this fellow. You actually want to sneak attack me … By the way, don't let him die too comfortably. " Qin profound said coldly and ruthlessly, his sinister gaze carried a kind of antic.i.p.ation. It seemed that he really liked it when people watched him die.

"With me here, don't even think of touching a single hair on my big brother's head." Chen Xiang said coldly, looking at Fan Qing who was about to fight, the young man who was fighting with Yi Chong just now.

When the others heard Chen Xiang's words, they could not help but be shocked. Everyone here could tell that Chen Xiang was only at the tenth layer of Tai Dao.

Ordinary Heaven realm people would be able to sense the aura of the profound G.o.d on other people, so they were very sure that Chen Xiang had not stepped into the Heaven realm.

For someone with a cultivation at the tenth level of the Tai Dao realm to appear at this level was already rather unexpected, but now he even had to protect Yi Chong!

"Bro …" Yi Chong felt very upset. He had originally wanted to fight Qin profound with his life on the line, but he hadn't thought that it would implicate Chen Xiang.

"Alright then, you go first! Something like you, I want to see just how capable you are in preserving this trash. " Qin profound sneered and gave Fan Qing a signal with his eyes.

When Chen Xiang suddenly appeared just now, many people were shocked, because they did not notice him.

"Wait!" Chen Xiang roared: My big brother has lost to you! If I defeat you, can you let us leave?

Chen Xiang could use teleportation to leave very smoothly, but he had another plan.

"With just you?" A young man in the crowd asked in disdain.

"That's right!" Chen Xiang looked at Fan Qing, he felt that this Fan Qing should only be at the early stage of the Heaven realm, the Spirit Qi he had when fighting Yi Chong, was similar to Jiang Simei's.

"Haha …" He began to laugh loudly, "Although Fan Qing is Qin profound's disciple, he is still at the early stage of the Heaven realm! Furthermore, he has a rare set of rules. Even though Yi Chong is in the middle stage of the Heaven realm, he still can't beat Yi Chong. "

"Since this Fan Qing can defeat people in the middle stage, then why can't I defeat people in the early stage of the Heaven realm with the strength of 10 levels of the ether realm?" Chen Xiang replied with a question, "Can we fight? We'll only know if we fight or not, don't jump to a conclusion. I've seen a lot of guys like you who like to fart with their mouths! That's why I'm curious, are you using your mouth to fart? You even use your mouth when you're s.h.i.tting? "

"You … I will tear you apart! " The man was instantly enraged, the berserk Qi around his body erupted, bringing about a gust of wind, the strong killing intent enveloped Chen Xiang, but he stood there straight, his expression calm, as though he was not at all scared.

This level of calmness actually caused many people to praise in their hearts. In this sort of situation, many people at the tenth level of the Tai Dao realm would kneel down in fear of that murderous intent.

"It seems that you have some ability. If you lose, both of you will die miserably." Qin profound said.

"I'll wait until your fight wins. If I win, I can bring Big Brother Yi away, right?" Chen Xiang said.

"If you win, that won't be a problem." Qin profound laughed sinisterly.

"Don't believe his bulls.h.i.t." Yi Chong shouted.

"Big brother Yi, you rest first. I'll definitely beat him." Chen Xiang smiled mysteriously at Yi Chong.

Qin profound was extremely interested in Chen Xiang, because there was no aura around the place when Chen Xiang suddenly appeared, which made him a little fearful. After all, Chen Xiang was only at the tenth stage of the Tai Dao realm, but even he himself did not know how Chen Xiang suddenly appeared here, nor did he save Yi Chong.

Chen Xiang supported Yi Chong to the side, and after rubbing his fists, he asked: "Can I use weapons?"

Fan Qing immediately replied: "Do as you wish, even if you use ten weapons, it's useless. Your weapons are like tree branches in my eyes!"

Chen Xiang took out his Heavenly magic sword.

"That's right, I'll kill you truthfully. What should I do?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Don't even think about stupid things, you can't even kill me in your dreams." Hearing that, Fan Qing frowned, Chen Xiang actually wanted to kill him.

"Begin!" Qin profound was getting impatient, and shouted loudly.

With a shout, Fan Qing immediately attacked, transforming into a ray of cyan colored lightning, and struck horizontally towards Chen Xiang. Qin profound's voice still reverberated, and the Fan Qing that had turned into a cyan lightning had already penetrated Chen Xiang's body!

Fan Qing pa.s.sed through Chen Xiang's body, turned his head, and saw that there was only a hole on his abdomen, but there was no blood at all. Furthermore, his body did not explode, which meant that there was a big problem!

Earlier, everyone thought that Chen Xiang was a little lucky, that he would be able to hold on for a period of time. However, they didn't expect that he would actually be able to kill her with just one move.

Just as everyone was thinking about that, Chen Xiang suddenly appeared behind Fan Qing. With a flash of his sword, a red line suddenly appeared on Fan Qing's neck.

Just as everyone saw the red lines on Fan Qing's neck, Fan Qing's chest had ten more holes in it. When Chen Xiang cut Fan Qing's head off, he had also thrusted dozens of times into Fan Qing's body, his speed reaching his limit.

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