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There was not much time until the Flying Dragon a.s.sociation s begin. Chen Xiang calculated that there were still four to five months left, and felt that it would be beneficial for him to acquire even more strength.

After flying for two days, Chen Xiang arrived at the end of the stairs. At this time, there were also people who had entered the upper level, but they were all people from the Heaven realm.

The reason why Chen Xiang was hiding at the upper level was mainly to test how much he could use the spatial power. He intended to coordinate with the spatial power and then fight with the powerful Dragon beast, in order to quickly familiarize himself with the battle experience of the spatial power that he was currently controlling.

Because the spatial laws that he controlled were different from before, the speed and consumption of his teleportation was vastly different from when he was in Natural Law Divine Realm.

In order to familiarize himself with the current power of the s.p.a.ce Laws, he had to practice it several times in actual combat. Only then would he be able to use the power of the s.p.a.ce Laws more proficiently.

Arriving at the upper level, Chen Xiang memorized the location where he was going down and then flew towards a certain direction, towards the desolate mountains and plains. He was going to look for the Dragon beast s to fight with.

There were too many people on the one hundred floor, so the living quarters of the Dragon beast were all occupied. As a result, in order to search for the Dragon beast, one could only search for it on the higher or lower floor.

There were also lower floors, but it would take them a long time to find anything. Chen Xiang came up from below, so he knew about it.

The reason why he chose to go to the higher floors was because he wanted to fight the stronger Dragon beast, and the lower level Dragon beast were weaker, so they could not activate his transformation ability.

Chen Xiang flew into a forest, and the trees inside were all tall and ancient trees, which weren't too dense. This kind of place was very suitable for living in Dragon beast, and such a terrain was relatively common in Flying Dragon PaG.o.da.

"There aren't many Dragon beast in the 101st level. After all, leaning on the 100th level makes it easier for humans to come here. This way, the Dragon beast would be killed and run away." Chen Xiang thought as he flew above the forest.

After entering the forest, he suddenly discovered that there were Dragon beast's footprints on the ground.

"It's a big guy." Chen Xiang was overjoyed. From the footprints, he could tell that it was a Dragon beast with huge sharp claws.

"This kind of footprint is usually of the ape type. Being able to find a dragon and tiger should have good luck." Chen Xiang had thought of purchasing the Dragon beast's corpse before, and then extracting the Dragon's Strength from it to refine it into a Dragon Law Rule Beads. It was just that previously, when his cultivation was too high, the refining process would be much slower.

He felt that if he could break through to the Heaven realm and use Dragon beast s to refine Dragon Law Rule Beads, the speed would be much faster.

He could earn six hundred million after refining it. He felt that if he used the Dragon beast's corpse to refine a Dragon Law Rule Beads, it might only require a hundred million or even less Dao crystal to refine one pill, and he could earn an extra two to three hundred million.

"The Dragon Tiger isn't bad either. Its strength is one of the stronger Dragon beast s. I'll try my best sneak attack first."

Chen Xiang followed the footprints on the ground and quietly flew through the forest.

Dragon Tiger was currently eating a dragon pig, it was extremely b.l.o.o.d.y, and Dragon beast killing each other was a very common sight.

"It's a dragon and tiger with golden armor. I heard that the strength of this kind of dragon and tiger is usually at the middle stage of the Heaven realm. I wonder if I can succeed in ambushing them."

Chen Xiang held his breath, and upon maintaining a certain distance from the Dragon Tiger, he immediately teleported over. At the same time, he released his Heavenly magic sword and fiercely swung it down.

Chen Xiang hurriedly put away the corpse of the Dragon Tiger and half of the Dragon Boar into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace s.

was ecstatic to be able to kill this dragon and tiger in an instant. He used all his strength to teleport away and left that place.

"The distance is about three thousand feet. That's not bad. Although the consumption is high, it can still be within the acceptable range." Chen Xiang had already used the limit of teleportation just now.

He then used the s.p.a.ce wind to travel with the wind. Although his speed was not as fast as the speed in Natural Law Divine Realm, it was still many times faster than flying here.

"The consumption is great, it seems I have to use it carefully." Chen Xiang didn't expect that just a few moments would cause him to float along with the wind for more than 10m, which was much faster than teleportation.

In the next few days, he killed dozens of Dragon beast. Some of the later stage Heaven realm's Dragon beast were all killed by his sneak attack.

"There are also Heaven realm s among those Evil Soul s. If I use this method to launch a sneak attack, I will definitely succeed."

Chen Xiang did not want others to know that he had such a high level of spatial energy. This was because although the people here could cultivate the spatial dao, they were unable to control the spatial laws.

"The strongest person in the Evil Soul should be the Six G.o.ds Stage. The Six G.o.ds Stage is above the Three Profound Realm, I am not a match for him right now, so I must stay far away from him."

Although Chen Xiang was only at the tenth level of the Ancient Dao, he had an incomparably sharp Heavenly magic sword. At the same time, he had cultivated three types of rare dao veins, namely the spatial dao vein, the flight dao vein, and the dragon dao vein, which were worth thirty billion.

This was an increase in strength.

Of course, if he could not use the Heavenly magic sword and the spatial dao vein, his strength would also be greatly reduced. Usually, he would not use these during formal matches.

"It's time to go back." Chen Xiang reaped quite a lot from this trip, allowing him to regain the feeling of controlling the power of the spatial laws back then.

In order to reduce his energy consumption, he only flew, he did not use teleportation or s.p.a.ce wind.

After flying for several hours, he suddenly sensed a familiar aura.

"Isn't this Big Brother Yi?" Chen Xiang had secretly watched Yi Chong fight with his master before, and he had memorized Yi Chong's aura at that time.

At the moment, he was flying in the air. He did not hear the sounds of battle, but he could feel Yi Chong's Qi, which meant that Yi Chong was engaged in an intense battle.

He immediately followed Yi Chong's Qi and flew over, only to see a few tens of people watching the battle from afar.

The battlefield was quite far away from them because the aftermath of a battle of this level was very strong.

"Who are these people?" Chen Xiang saw that the people watching the battle were all young men and women wearing luxurious clothing. They were not ordinary people, and all of them had extremely sharp auras, and were all extremely powerful people.

"There are many in the middle and late stages of Heaven realm." Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart: "Could it be that the disciples of the famous sects are gathered here, but why is Brother Yi here?"

Boom! A thunder-like sound echoed out.

Chen Xiang looked in the direction of the voice. From that direction, a person was flying horizontally towards him. That person let out a sorrowful and angry roar, and was then struck down by someone who suddenly appeared above him.

"Brother Yi has been beaten down. The person who attacked him was very fast and had an extremely strong jumping ability. He instantly jumped above Brother Yi and knocked him to the ground."

Chen Xiang saw that person. He was dressed in green with a dragon pattern on it. This was obviously the attire of the Azure Dragon School.

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