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Chen Xiang nodded after hearing what Jiang Simei had said. In that situation, it was understandable for Grandma Jiang to be worried that he would be carried away by the Evil Soul and then return to harm the Mei Jing Sisters.

After she left the city, she found an old friend, her old friend used the ancient Transmission array, he used up a lot of Dao crystal and teleported us here. Only when Grandma came here did she tell us what had happened. Jiang Sijing patted Chen Xiang's head as if he was a child.

"How could I be alright?" Chen Xiang pinched her face and laughed.

"What about Ruoxue?" Jiang Simei asked: "How is she?"

After spending a while with Feng Ruxue, Jiang Simei had already become his close friend. Back then, when Grandma Jiang said that Feng Ruxue might be tricked, she was very sad as well.

"She's fine …" She and I almost fell for it. " After that, Chen Xiang told the Mei Jing Sisters what happened to him.

The two sisters had been here for a while now. After coming here, Grandma Jiang had thought of ways to raise their cultivation to the early stage of the Divine Sky Realm, then abandon them here to do something important by himself.

"Your grandma is really mysterious!" Chen Xiang sighed: "To think that you would know someone who can teleport you all here, it would be very difficult for me to come here."

"She also used a lot of Dao crystal!" Jiang Sijing said.

"In fact, all the old guys at the Seven Great Villa know the way to come here. They will come soon, but they aren't the strongest here, and their tricks can easily be seen through. They can't do anything about it." Jiang Simei said.

"Will those Evil Soul s be seen through? The seven great villas that they belong to all correspond to the seven Divine Beast Sects here. " Chen Xiang said.

"They should be seen through. However, if they want to enter the seven G.o.d Beast Sects, they must first hand over a certain number of Dao crystal. It's not that easy to get in. " Jiang Simei said.

"Right, who was that man with you?" Jiang Sijing asked curiously.

"His name is Wu profound … It's my partner here. " Chen Xiang said with a smile, then he told them about his cooperation with Wu profound in a simple manner.

In the past, Jiang Simei and Chen Xiang had cooperated, but since they had come here, Jiang Simei's strength was limited, so he was unable to help Chen Xiang.

It was all thanks to the Dragon Law Rule Beads that Chen Xiang gave her that she was able to suppress the middle stage of the Heaven realm this year, allowing her to cultivate and gain an extremely strong power.

"Talk to Wu profound and ask him if I can do something in this shop. I'm also a Alchemist, so refining some pills shouldn't be a problem." Jiang Simei said.

"Of course you can, how about this, I still have some medicinal herbs, you two sisters can work together." Chen Xiang said: "If you need Rare Principle Pearls, come and find me."

Jiang Simei did not want to rely too much on Chen Xiang, since she already had the Dragon Path Meridians, her need for Dao crystal s was not much, but she wanted to find something to do.

When Wu profound returned, looking at his smiling face, he knew that had handled the matter well.

"What did you do to that guy?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"After a fierce beating, even if he doesn't die, he'll still be crippled. If his father hadn't come to plead for mercy, I would have been even more ruthless." Wu profound said: "That old procuress was not that lucky. Back then, she was the one who kidnapped this lady, right?"

Jiang Sijing was not as strong as her elder sister, and she was also a relatively simple type of person, so it wasn't strange that she was tricked and taken away.

"Well, they're bad." Jiang Sijing nodded.

"The old procuress has been killed, and it was the owner of Drunken Fragrance Inn who did it." Wu profound said: "Is this result satisfactory for the young lady?"

"It's enough, I can't thank you enough!" Jiang Simei cupped his fists towards Wu profound: "Sijing is fine now."

"You're welcome, you're Chen Xiang's friends!" Wu profound laughed. He felt that the relationship between Chen Xiang and the twins was definitely not ordinary.

"Wu profound, I have something to tell you."

Just a moment ago, Jiang Simei said that he wanted to stay and do things, when Chen Xiang mentioned it, he patted his chest and agreed. Previously, when he bought 30,000 Tianhun gold Dan s from Chen Xiang, he received a lot of attention from the profound Wu Dan Pavilion.

When Wu profound first came to the central region, he felt that it was easier to mix with the profound Wu Dan Pavilion s there since their compet.i.tiveness wasn't very high. As expected, it was as he had expected.

… ….

Chen Xiang had already decided that before the Flying Dragon a.s.sociation started, he would cultivate and break through spatial channels. He had already found out some details about the Flying Dragon a.s.sociation and thought that they might have to fight to the death.

There were so many people in the Flying Dragon PaG.o.da's Hundred Floors, yet so few managed to get a placing, so the compet.i.tion would definitely be huge.

Just like this, Chen Xiang continued to refine Tianhun gold Dan s to increase his cultivation, and then, he would refine two every month for Wu profound to sell.

During this period of time, Wu profound had also taken a few pieces of the Black Tortoise Law beads for him to refine.

The Xuanwu Law beads was activated by the Xuanwu Divine Beast, and after cultivating, it would possess the power of Xuanwu, which was mainly suitable for the disciples of profound Marital School.

These were also the three hundred million Dao crystal s!

In merely five months, Chen Xiang had already gathered twenty spatial Law beads. He had told Wu profound to buy all of these.

In these five months, he had also reached the tenth level of the Tai Dao realm, and was only a hair away from entering it! And entering the Heaven realm was relatively difficult, even with the help of pills, it was difficult!

There was no discount if he was buying Law beads here. Chen Xiang had bought six billion Dao crystal here! If it was in Myriad Tao City, he would have been able to buy it with less than two billion.

However, Jiang Simei had told him that the Grandma Jiang had said that after the's Myriad Tao's Divine Stele was tormented, its lifespan would decrease and would quickly disappear. At that time, the people of the Myriad Tao City would think of ways to come here.

"I can finally start refining. I can refine twenty Law beads in a day! "I wonder what will happen if I manage to open a new meridian."

Chen Xiang was looking forward to see that if he could teleport here, he would be able to do a lot of things, and at the same time be safer.

He had previously asked Wu profound before, but many of the Rankers here didn't cultivate in spatial laws, so they were definitely unable to teleport or even seal s.p.a.ce. Even if his opponents were strong in the future, he was confident in killing them.

Of course, this was on the premise that he could use the power of s.p.a.ce as he had expected!

After a few days, he successfully cultivated the spatial dao vein. He secretly tested the strength of the Primitive Tao Power in the secret room, and released the Primitive Tao Power from the Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds. Then, he sent it through the spatial dao vein to the spatial profound door, urging the power of s.p.a.ce.

"Teleport!" Chen Xiang immediately teleported from one end of the secret room to the other.

"It's a success!" Chen Xiang was incomparably excited. After being in the Divine Wasteland for so long, he had finally teleported once more. It had been a long time since he was this excited.

Although it was a success, Chen Xiang found a lot of problems.

"The energy of s.p.a.ce is indeed consumed much more!" Fortunately, I can teleport, and I'm not too far away, I can teleport at least three thousand meters away. "

Chen Xiang was already very satisfied with the distance. As long as he could teleport thousands of meters in an instant, he could enter and leave many places. Even if he met with danger, he could quickly escape.

After that, he used the teleportation technique to retrieve objects and other spatial techniques, allowing him to freely use them.

"Looks like I need to cultivate a new Dao meridian. This will allow me to use the power of s.p.a.ce here like a fish in water." Because Chen Xiang had the foundation of a spatial profound door, after he had cultivated a spatial dao vein, he was different from many people here.

From the very beginning, people in the Divine Wasteland would not be able to use the power of s.p.a.ce, so no one would cultivate in a spatial profound door!

And Chen Xiang was previously training in the Natural Law Divine Realm, so he laid down such a foundation!

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