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After Chen Xiang finished his meal, he curled his lips and followed Wu profound downstairs. At this time, many people were the same, the commotion just now was so huge, startling many people.

When he reached the first floor, Chen Xiang heard a loud noise.

"Little girl, how dare you cause trouble at our place. Just because of what you did just now, you can't even afford to spend ten thousand years to pay for it." A middle-aged woman said angrily. Her body was emitting an imposing manner and was not weak at all.

"Quickly hand my sister over, or I'll destroy this Drunken Fragrance Inn right now!"

Chen Xiang heard a very familiar voice, and looked outside the door, to see that it was a woman wearing a mask, and it was actually Jiang Simei!

Why was Jiang Simei here? Didn't Feng Ruxue say that she was brought to a mysterious place by the Grandma Jiang? The mysterious place was actually the Flying Dragon PaG.o.da!

Chen Xiang didn't understand, because Flying Dragon PaG.o.da only appeared after the compet.i.tion, and it wasn't easy for Grandma Jiang to bring the two of them to the Hundred Floor.

"Your sister has been chosen by the young master of our Drunken Fragrance Tower, and we have even offered you a price, is a thousand Myriad Tao Crystals not enough? If it wasn't for our Young Master being interested in your sister, would your sister be able to sell them for Thousand Myriad Tao Crystals? Not even a million people want it! " The middle-aged woman said.

Chen Xiang was really furious in his heart. Drunken Fragrance Pavilion was obviously trying to buy it by force, and it was even trying to buy someone, and the person who did so was Chen Xiang's good friend.

Jiang Sijing, this kind of beautiful woman, was actually sold. First, last time, Chen Xiang was instantly infuriated, he wanted to go over and kill the middle-aged woman with a single slash.

"Wu profound, is the young master of Drunken Fragrance Pavilion here too?" Chen Xiang anxiously asked Wu profound. As matters stood, the most important thing was to save Jiang Sijing.

"At the top. We were just eating at the top floor, what business do you have with him? " Wu profound said.

"Let's go, quickly." Chen Xiang said: "The woman that guy bought, is my friend!"

When Wu profound heard it, without saying a word, he rushed to the top floor with Chen Xiang.

"This is the residence of that young master!" Wu profound said, and kicked the door open, since the people around him did not know that he was the one who did it.

Chen Xiang immediately rushed in, released the Dao heart Eye, and quickly saw Jiang Sijing, who was trapped in a secret room!

"She's here!" Chen Xiang pointed to the secret room. Wu profound took out a long sword, and with a few thrusts, he destroyed the door of the secret room, and then, kicked it open.

When Chen Xiang saw Jiang Sijing, Jiang Sijing's face was filled with fear. When she first saw Chen Xiang, she thought that she had seen wrongly, and when she confirmed that it was Chen Xiang's Qi, she immediately pounced on him.

"Elder Brother Shen!" Jiang Sijing began to cry, she had been through a lot these past few days.

"That guy didn't do anything to you, did he?" Chen Xiang patted her back and asked gently.

"No, I threatened him with death. He did not dare to do anything to me." Jiang Sijing hugged Chen Xiang tightly.

"Rest well. Your sister is still down there. I'll go down now." Chen Xiang placed Jiang Sijing inside the You Yao Mountain Villa.

Jiang Sijing was very familiar with the You Yao Mountain Villa, she had stayed inside for a period of time and liked the environment inside.

"Chen Xiang, hurry up and go down. That lady might not be able to hold off the people from Drunken Fragrance Pavilion." said. No matter what, he would help Chen Xiang, with Chen Xiang's power, he had earned almost a billion Dao crystal, if he was willing to pay a hundred million, a lot of people would rush to help him shovel the Drunken Fragrance Pavilion away.

Chen Xiang immediately went downstairs and fought with the middle-aged woman. The first floor of Drunken Fragrance Pavilion was already in a mess.

Chen Xiang observed carefully and discovered that there were a lot of experts in Drunken Fragrance Inn, all of them were from the Heaven realm!

What surprised him was that Jiang Simei was also from the Heaven realm, and was using an extremely berserk Law of Death and the Dragon Law to suppress the middle-aged woman.

"Impressive, this girl should be in the early stage of Heaven realm, and the Drunken Fragrance Madam is in the middle stage of the Divine Sky Realm, to actually be suppressed, this is unreasonable!"

"Miss Mask's rules are Rare Principle, three hundred million Dragon Law Rule Beads per pellet! Seems like she has cultivated the Dao of Dragon Meridian, this requires thirty billion Dao crystal, the Drunken Fragrance Madam has kicked a metal board this time. "

"Is what you said true? Don't scare me, to be able to cultivate a dragon meridian worth 30 billion while being at the early Heavenly G.o.d Stage, this is … "What is the background of this girl?"

Wu profound could guess a little, he felt that Chen Xiang must have helped him, because Chen Xiang could refine Law beads! Thinking about it now, he also felt excited, because it wouldn't be long before he could cultivate Rare Principle, so no matter what, he had to build a good relationship with Chen Xiang.

"Young Master, quickly save me!" Drunken Fragrance old procuress suddenly shouted, and a young man rushed in from outside.

"Dao of Dragon Meridians …." When the young master Drunken Fragrance sensed the violent primal dragon qi, his heart was shocked. However, he still made his move. After all, someone was causing trouble for him.

Seeing this, Wu profound jumped over with the sword in his hand, and slashed towards the throat of the old procuress, chopping her head off.

"Wu profound, you're crazy!" Seeing that, the young master was enraged, and then he rushed towards Wu profound.

"You're the crazy one, s.n.a.t.c.hing my daughter, I just can't bear to see you do it!" Wu profound sneered.

Wu profound was rather famous here. Usually, he wouldn't have to pay the bill when he came to Drunken Fragrance Inn, because the owner of Drunken Fragrance Inn had given him a free ticket, and because his master was a Successor Disciple, he was someone worth fawning over.

Chen Xiang immediately sent a sound transmission to Jiang Simei. "Meimei, it's me! Sijing has already been saved by me, you don't have to worry! "

Wu profound let Chen Xiang go first and reunited with him at profound Wu Dan Pavilion.

Chen Xiang had already went outside the door, and Jiang Simei had also followed him out. The fight inside the Intoxicated Intoxicated Inn was extremely heated, Chen Xiang did not have the strength to continue watching, and furthermore, Jiang Sijing was already safe. He believed that Wu profound would definitely give the young master a painful lesson.

Jiang Simei was very shocked, he never thought that Chen Xiang would actually come to this place.

Outside, Jiang Simei took out a pearl and shook it in front of Chen Xiang.

"Is this a justice Law beads? I'm fine! " Chen Xiang could not help but laugh, but he was secretly surprised. This was because Jiang Simei actually had a righteous Law beads, which meant that she knew about the affairs of the Myriad Tao Mausoleum s.

Chen Xiang brought Jiang Simei to stroll around the streets, shaking off a few people who were following them, then they arrived at the profound Wu Dan Pavilion.

"Why do you have such a righteous Law beads?" Chen Xiang frowned, he had Jiang Sijing come out of You Yao Mountain Villa.

The moment Jiang Sijing came out, she hugged her big sister and didn't cry anymore. She had already been saved and they had even met Chen Xiang.

"Grandma gave us. This is a long story! "

Jiang Simei sighed. It could be seen that when she was taken away by the Grandma Jiang, she had many stories.

"When Grandma went to look for Xue Yunxiong, she suddenly met an old acquaintance … This old acquaintance is Grandma's junior brother and is also one of the three heroes of Myriad Tao. However, while Grandma and this old acquaintance was chatting, he suddenly attacked Grandma. Fortunately, Grandma has a very powerful protective divine artifact on her body, which prevented her from getting injured. "

"Later on, she also guessed a few things. She knew that Xue Yunxiong had been possessed by the Evil Soul and when you went to look for him again, she believed that you would definitely suffer, so she lied and said that she would bring us to look for someone. At that time, she was also worried that Ru Xue had been carried by the Evil Soul, so she didn't tell Ru Xue."

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