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When returned to profound Wu Dan Pavilion at daybreak, he had long refined those two Law beads. He had only used four hours at most, which was an extremely easy task for him.

When Wu profound took the two Law beads and held them in his hands, he could feel the strong power of the Ancient Code inside them. Previously, he didn't believe that there was five times the power of the Ancient Code inside, but now, he was sure that what Chen Xiang said was true.

"I was in the black market last night and I've asked around. This can sell for at least 1.1 billion Dao crystal s, and some buyers even offered 1.2 billion. However, they have to see the goods first." Wu profound couldn't help but feel excited when he saw the two Law beads.

This was something that was worth more than two billion Dao crystal, he had never obtained such a precious thing before!

"I only want 2 billion, you can have the extra!" Chen Xiang had already mentioned it to him before, and they even made a blood contract with each other. He wasn't worried that Wu profound would run away with the Law beads.

Although Wu profound could obtain a lot, but he had a certain level of risk, because selling this kind of thing could easily attract attention. If he was not careful and got targeted, as for what the consequences would be, even he himself was not sure.

In short, he felt that at most, he would just run back into the profound Marital School to hide, his master was still very strong.

"Just wait here for my good news!" Wu profound laughed mischievously, and then, wearing a human skin mask with a very high degree of imitation, he turned himself into a middle-aged man and left the profound Wu Dan Pavilion in a soft voice.

Chen Xiang returned to the secret room and refined the Tianhun gold Dan.

"I am only at the third level of the Tai Dao realm now, my Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds is not strong enough, and the dao energy I release is limited. As long as I have a strong Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds, I can continuously release that powerful Primitive Tao Power. "

Chen Xiang's Primitive Tao Power needed a very strong Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds to support it, if not he would have to release ordinary dao energy!

Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds was the source of his current strength, especially when using Rare Principle, he consumed even more energy. Furthermore, his ten layered profound gates were all open, and if he did not have enough dao energy, his opened profound gates would only be wasted.

Every time Chen Xiang finished refining a pellet of Tianhun gold Dan that had gone through a collision process, he would come out to see if Wu profound had returned. He waited until midnight before Wu profound returned.

"How is it? "I'm so worried!" Seeing that Wu profound had returned, Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. He was worried that Wu profound would be killed and robbed.

"It's not too bad, you can count the two billion Dao crystal!" Wu profound chuckled.

Chen Xiang took it and looked, there were indeed two billion Dao crystal inside, and in just a few days, he had already made a profit of this much.

"How much did you sell?" Chen Xiang nodded his head in satisfaction.

"1.2 hundred million and thirty million. Those guys on the black market all have very powerful backgrounds. They could easily sell for more than 1.5 billion." Wu profound said: "After those fellows used some tools to strengthen themselves, they confirmed that this Law beads is equal to five times the normal amount."

Chen Xiang laughed: "We will wait until next month before we sell it. It is easy to attract attention if we sell it everyday, it is not a good thing for us."

"I know!" Wu profound nodded his head: "I will go rest first, and think about how to spend these Dao crystal!"

Although Wu profound wasn't very tired, he had been very agitated these past two days. He needed to adjust his condition now.

Chen Xiang returned to his room and continued refining his Tianhun gold Dan!

"My current limit is only five times stronger than before, if I were to raise my strength, I would be able to use the Crash method to make even more attacks."

After Chen Xiang ate the Tianhun gold Dan, while the Tianhun gold Dan refined itself, he controlled the furnace to refine pills.

… ….

Within a month's time, Chen Xiang had risen to the sixth level of Tai Dao realm. He felt that stepping into the Heaven realm at the very beginning of Flying Dragon a.s.sociation wasn't a problem.

In the meantime, he gave six hundred million Dao crystal to Wu profound and had Wu profound buy them for him to refine.

Because of the transaction from last time, it was very easy for Wu profound to sell it to the seller in the black market. After eliminating the cost of buying the Law beads, Chen Xiang earned another 1.4 billion Dao crystal.

Wu profound also earned quite a lot. At this time, he was inviting Chen Xiang to Drunken Fragrance Inn to relax, he had yet to figure out how to use those Dao crystal.

"Wu profound, do the G.o.d Beast Sect of Flying Dragon PaG.o.da fight frequently?" Chen Xiang was from the Divine Beast Sect, so he knew more about these things than Yi Chong did before.

"There won't be any big battles, but small conflicts among some of the disciples are unavoidable. Small fights like this are quite common." Wu profound said: "Forget about the contradictions that the sects have only seen, even within the inner sect, there are countless of them. This is also the reason why I do not wish to stay in there."

Wu profound was a disciple of the profound Marital School, and had a Successor Disciple as his Master.

"Chen Xiang, you can't be thinking of entering those sects, right? With your own abilities, there's no need to go back in! The only reason I joined the sect was to learn the divine arts and such. " Wu profound said: "Don't go in and look for trouble, it's not good."

Wu profound immediately shook his head. He had experienced it before, so he was using experienced people to advise Chen Xiang.

He felt that someone like Chen Xiang, who could easily earn Dao crystal, would not even need to enter those sects.

"I'm just asking." Chen Xiang laughed: "I have met with this kind of place before, so from what you said, I am quite clear about it."

Wu profound said: "Chen Xiang, if I am to cultivate Rare Principle, can you help me refine some Law beads? I will pay you back for your hard work! "

"Of course you can, but you can't secretly sell it behind my back." Chen Xiang said.

"Definitely not. We can sign the contract." After Wu profound finished speaking, he signed a blood contract with Chen Xiang.

"Right, is there anyone here who cultivates a s.p.a.ce dao vein?" When Chen Xiang was in the Myriad Tao City before, he heard that very few people cultivated spatial dao veins.

Even if they managed to cultivate it, they would only be able to teleport a very short distance. It would require a very large amount of energy and would not be used at all, but the s.p.a.ce dao channels would require a large number of Dao crystal s to be formed.

Chen Xiang wanted to see if this was the case too. Right now, his heart was also at a loss, afraid that even after he cultivates a spatial dao, it would not be of much use.

"Very little. There are almost none. How could someone possibly cultivate a useless spatial dao meridian? " Wu profound shook his head: "A long time ago, there was a guy who didn't believe in evil that went to cultivate, in the end, didn't he just cry himself to death? "After painstakingly cultivating for so long, he came up with a new Dao meridian, and thought that he could instantly travel through s.p.a.ce. Who would've imagined that he was only able to teleport ten steps or so? But the cost is still enormous."

Chen Xiang never thought that the Flying Dragon PaG.o.da would also be in such a situation.

"I probably won't do that, because I have a spatial profound door … Furthermore, all of my dimensional profound doors are open, and the Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds is created using the Primitive Tao Power. It can provide an extremely strong power that can trigger the spatial laws, so I should be able to teleport a bit further away. "

Just as Chen Xiang was deep in thought, the Drunken Fragrance Inn suddenly shook, causing the object on the table to jump.

"What's going on? Someone fighting here? He had quite the guts! Hurry up and take a look! " Wu profound gloated while laughing.

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