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"Oh? I don't quite understand what you mean! " Wu profound thought about it, then shook his head.

The Law beads s could only be sold after they were formed. There were many shops here that were selling them, and the profound Wu Dan Pavilion himself was selling them, but there were not many of them.

"What kind of Law beads is the best selling Law beads?" Chen Xiang did not explain to Wu profound, but asked a question.

"Fire rule beads can quickly break through to the Dao G.o.d Realm … Then there is the Thunder Law beads, which can give people a strong attack. " Wu profound said: "These two are relatively easy to sell, and with a low price, the ones with the greatest demand are the Thunder Law beads."

"Because many people were relatively poor when they were at the Dao G.o.d Realm, they could only afford to buy Fire rule beads, and in order to enter the Tai Dao realm, they all first cultivated the Fire Dao Veins, and after entering the Tai Dao realm, they would be strong enough and earn even more Dao crystal, and then they would be able to buy the Thunder Law beads."

Chen Xiang nodded: "How many Dao crystal pills?"

"Three hundred thousand one pellet!"

The price was relatively high, because a hundred pills were required to condense a lightning meridian, and that was three thousand Myriad Tao Crystals. For Chen Xiang and Wu profound, three thousand Myriad Tao Crystals might not be a lot, but for the majority of people, it was very difficult to earn, and would take at least a few dozen years.

"Let's put it this way... After the Thunder Law beads is refined by me, it can hold five pills! " Chen Xiang said: "If you don't believe me, give me a Thunder Law beads and I will refine it for you!"

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Wu profound was stunned, and then, he took a deep breath. "So you're saying that the Tianhun gold Dan was created by you?"

Chen Xiang nodded!

"Incredible!" This is an extremely high level, I had heard that powerful Alchemist could do this before, but it would take some time, I never thought that I would meet one. "

Wu profound calculated that if Chen Xiang could refine a Thunder Law beads, then the power of the Ancient Code inside would be five times that of what it was sold for on the market. Then, the price would also be five times that, which would be one hundred and fifty Myriad Tao Crystals.

In other words, buying a Thunder Law beads would earn him more than 100 Myriad Tao Crystals!

"Then how many pills can you refine in a day?" Wu profound asked. He felt that it would take Chen Xiang a lot of time to refine those thirty thousand Tianhun gold Dan, but Chen Xiang had only refined them for a day.

Chen Xiang could earn nine thousand Myriad Tao Crystals by refining his Tianhun gold Dan in one day, which was more than enough. If he were to refine Law beads s, he felt that if he used ten levels, he would be able to refine twenty of them. According to the benefits of Thunder Law beads, he would only be able to earn two thousand Myriad Tao Crystals.

This was not a good deal, so he would not choose the Thunder Law beads!

"Refining two pellets a day is not a problem. Of course, I'm not talking about the Thunder Law beads, the other rules are also fine." Chen Xiang snickered.

The other rules naturally included Rare Principle. No matter what kind of Law beads Chen Xiang refined, the speed would be the same, so if he could refine more valuable laws, then he would earn even more.

Wu profound was so shocked that the bowl in his hands fell on the table!

"Can Rare Principle also do it?" Wu profound asked.

"That's fine too!" Chen Xiang nodded and laughed, "The law of s.p.a.ce, the law of flight … All these are fine. "

Wu profound was dumbstruck. The spatial Law beads would sell for three hundred million one pellet, and five would be five billion. He would still be able to earn a lot if he sold them for four hundred million.

He didn't need to sell all of them in one day, it would already be great if he could sell two a month.

The key now was how he could sell it!

Wu profound finally understood why Chen Xiang was supporting him previously. If he was going to do such a business, it would be impossible for him to not have a strong backing.

"If I were to really refine it, do you think that this business would be able to be completed?" Chen Xiang asked.

"For now, it's a little difficult... At that time, it will definitely cause a huge uproar. " Wu profound carefully thought about it, then shook his head: "If I were a Three profound realm, that would be more like it!"

"Where's your master?" Chen Xiang asked: "Can you get him to help?"

"I'm afraid that I will drag you out later. After all, to be able to refine the Law beads so quickly, this kind of person will definitely attract attention." Wu profound sighed helplessly: "You don't want to attract attention, and yet want to sell this kind of pill, this is rather difficult."

"Just sell two a month."

Chen Xiang said. He still did not tell Wu profound that he could refine thirty thousand Tianhun gold Dan every day, if he were to give thirty thousand pellets of Wu profound every day, it would attract attention soon enough. After all, his refining skills were simply too heaven-defying.

"I have an idea, which is to sell it on the black market!" Wu profound said: "But the price will be lower!"

"If there is a Flight rule beads with five times the power of the law, how many do you think can be sold for one Dao crystal on the black market?" Chen Xiang asked.

"1.2 billion isn't a problem!" Wu profound thought for a while, then said: "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Just sell one to me for 1 billion and you'll be able to earn as much as you want. That's if you don't expose me." Chen Xiang said: "I am sure I need to do it, if you think it is possible, I will go and buy the Flight rule beads right now!"

Chen Xiang's Dao crystal could buy two, if he refined them and sold them, he would have two billion!

This was an incomparably huge temptation. Wu profound felt that he could sell them at least one or two hundred million on the black market.

Selling two pills a month to earn 400 million felt like a dream to him, but now there was such an opportunity right in front of him! As a disciple of the profound Marital School, he naturally knew what earning four hundred million in a month represented. This was something that many experts of the Three Profound Realm were unable to accomplish.

"Alright, I'll do it!" Wu profound had already made up his mind. He had been humiliated in the profound Marital School and now there was a good chance for him to be proud and proud.

"Let's sign a contract that does not betray each other!" Chen Xiang smiled and said: "I have some concerns, I ask for your understanding."

"No problem!" Wu profound readily agreed. He was also worried that he would be tricked by Chen Xiang.

Just like this, Chen Xiang and Wu profound signed a blood contract, and then, he gave Wu profound six hundred million Dao crystal and told him to buy two pellets.

Flight rule beads s were relatively easy to sell within the Rare Principle. If one could fly, it was much more convenient and could even protect one's life.

Chen Xiang had already returned to the profound Wu Dan Pavilion with Wu profound. Wu profound was also staying there, as it was also a very safe place.

"I can refine it by dawn, you can have the Law beads tomorrow morning!" Chen Xiang entered a secret room.

Wu profound was excited and shocked. He felt that Chen Xiang was able to refine two of these in one night, his pill refining skills were heaven defying, he was stronger than the old Alchemist s inside the profound Marital School.

He and Chen Xiang had signed a secret blood contract with each other, so he couldn't speak carelessly about this kind of thing. While the sky was still dark, he went to the black market to ask around.

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