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"You should know the reputation of our profound Wu Dan Pavilion, so you don't have to worry about I'll screw over you." The young man laughed, then poured some tea for Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took a sip and asked: "Brother, from your clothes, you don't look like an ordinary person."

"My name is Wu profound, and I am a disciple of the profound Marital School. My master is a Successor Disciple of the profound Marital School, and can be considered to have a certain status within the profound Marital School." Wu profound said: "Originally, I could have stayed in the inner region, but I could not stand the atmosphere there, so I decided to develop here in the central region, at least people here were all respectful to me."

This Wu profound was also the type of person who wanted to become rich, with a master who was a true disciple, it showed that his background was not bad.

"My name is Chen Xiang!" Chen Xiang only told him his name. "Brother Wu, can you give me a price now?"

"To be honest, this type of pill is about twice as effective as the Ascending Soul Pill. If it's sold in a shop, I think selling the three thousand five hundred Dao crystal should not be a problem. If I were to buy it from you … Three thousand! "

Three thousand Dao crystal s for one pellet, this was something Chen Xiang was quite surprised about. When he was in the Myriad Tao City, he had only sold two thousand profound pract.i.tioners for one pellet!

This Wu profound would definitely sell it to profound Wu Dan Pavilion at a higher price, and then, the profound Wu Dan Pavilion would also sell it to him at a higher price. This way, both Wu profound and the shop could earn a lot.

"Alright, three thousand pills!" Chen Xiang said: "Then how many pills can you buy now?"

Wu profound was shocked. He felt that he should be the one selling the pills for Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang asking him how much he could eat meant that Chen Xiang had a lot of pills of this kind!

"You … How much do you have? " Wu profound didn't know why, but he started to become a little nervous. He felt that this person in front of him could make a huge profit out of this.

"30,000 pills, can you eat it?" Chen Xiang asked.

Wu profound was stunned, 30,000 pills, that was a huge trade for him!

"Yes!" Wu profound was startled for a moment, then immediately replied: "Wait for me, I'll be back soon!"

Wu profound did not have nine thousand Myriad Tao Crystals on hand, so he had to gather them. After all, he had a Successor Disciple Master, so he had some reputation.

"Look at your Tianhun gold Dan!" Wu profound said somewhat excitedly.

"Here!" Chen Xiang took out a large jade box that was filled with Tianhun gold Dan. "Here are three thousand pills!"

"Alright, here are the nine thousand Myriad Tao Crystals. Count them yourself." Wu profound felt that Chen Xiang was trustworthy too, so he gave it to Chen Xiang first.

Chen Xiang took it and counted it, then nodded his head in satisfaction and handed the other Tianhun gold Dan over to Wu profound.

"I've been in the profound Wu Dan Pavilion for more than a year, and I almost couldn't hold on any longer. After Wu profound pointed it out, he was extremely excited as he sighed.

"How much are you planning to sell it to profound Wu Dan Pavilion?" Chen Xiang laughed.


"Speak, don't feel sorry for me." Chen Xiang spread his hands.

"One thousand!" Wu profound scratched his head: "Don't scold me!"

Chen Xiang didn't think that Wu profound would add so much!

"So you're saying that you've earned thirty million just by changing hands? That's pretty bad!" Chen Xiang said.

"Now that the business has been completed, you have no regrets. Don't blame me." Wu profound curled his lips: "Right, you won't directly go to profound Wu Dan Pavilion next time right?"

Chen Xiang thought, he felt that he could directly find the profound Wu Dan Pavilion, but at that time, he would expose himself.

"Brother Wu, how about this!" I won't look for profound Wu Dan Pavilion, only through you. However, you must guarantee that you won't reveal that I will not reveal the Tianhun gold Dan I refined, and I will let you earn a thousand Dao crystal s worth of difference. "

When Chen Xiang was in Myriad Tao City, he was always on tenterhooks earning Dao crystal s, and he had had enough of this kind of crime.

"Alright, let's sign a blood contract. How about it?" In order to win over this money tree, Wu profound was willing to put in a lot of effort.

After Chen Xiang and he signed the blood contract, Wu profound smiled and said, "Brother Shen, after I pa.s.s the task to profound Wu Dan Pavilion, I will bring you to the Drunken Fragrance Inn … Hehe, the beauties over there just arrived. "

With that, Wu profound ran out of the hall and waited there speechlessly.

When Wu profound returned, his face was all smiles. He had earned three thousand Myriad Tao Crystals with a flip of his hand, and he hadn't even expended much effort.

"Let's go, I'll treat you!" Wu profound laughed as he pulled Chen Xiang and walked out of the profound Wu Dan Pavilion.

Chen Xiang sat inside the horse carriage with him and asked softly: "Is Drunken Fragrance Pavilion that kind of place?"

"It's that kind of place. It's fine if you don't do that sort of thing. You just have to go and drink, eat something, and see some beauties." Wu profound was also very quick-witted, he did not ask Chen Xiang how so many Tianhun gold Dan came from, nor did he ask Chen Xiang when they would deliver the goods to him.

Since Chen Xiang told him to keep this a secret, he was naturally clear that Chen Xiang did not wish for others to know too much.

Drunken Fragrance Tower was also known as the Wind Moon Country, but when Wu profound brought Chen Xiang to the tallest floor, it was also the best place. Inside the private box, there was a beauty playing music and dancing while pouring wine, making it a good place to relax.

Chen Xiang looked out of the window and saw a Yangtze River, which looked like a long dragon coiled around. There were many huge boats on the surface of the river.

"This is Flying Dragon River, it can connect directly to the Center of Flying Dragon City … With our current financial resources, we should be able to survive in the Center of Flying Dragon City, but going to that place is meaningless. Wu profound said.

Chen Xiang looked at the girls in the room and gave them a meaningful glance. Wu profound immediately understood what Chen Xiang meant and told the girls to leave. Chen Xiang wanted to talk about something important with him.

"Please speak!" Wu profound immediately said.

"Wu profound, how's your background strength?" Chen Xiang asked: "If you want to do bigger business, you should understand that you need to have a strong backer, right?"

"That's true. After all, when doing big business, it is very easy to suppress others and it will affect the interests of other powers. At that time, conflicts will be inevitable. If there is a strong backer, you don't need to worry." Hearing Chen Xiang's question, Wu profound guessed that Chen Xiang was going to do something even bigger.

"Then your backer …" Chen Xiang asked in a low voice.

"My backer is very strong, so you don't need to worry about that. I slapped my chest and guarantee that if something happens, no matter what, I won't drag you into it. After all, I signed a contract with you, right?" Wu profound said very confidently.

"Alright, let's do it!" Chen Xiang and Wu profound downed a bowl of soup and laughed: "With the Flying Dragon a.s.sociation near at hand, you must also want to get more Dao crystal so that you can condense more Law beads, right?"

"Aren't you?" Wu profound laughed: "As for me … Although I have a backer, my backer only ensures my absolute safety and does not get bullied. However, I cannot provide a large amount of Dao crystal without permission, so I can only rely on myself. "

"Then do you dare to sell Law beads s?" Chen Xiang asked, this was his true goal, to refine and sell Law beads, that would earn him more.

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