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Right now, even if Chen Xiang was in a hurry to train his Rule Dao line, it would still be useless, because he was extremely lacking Dao crystal. If he went to directly buy them, it would be a loss, so he decided to try to see if he could get a placing in the Flying Dragon a.s.sociation.

"Brother, you should still be careful here. Although it is forbidden to fight in here, if you have power and influence, they will not have any consequences even if you are beaten up. Instead, you will suffer great misfortune." After Yi Chong entered the city, he warned Chen Xiang.

"Doesn't this mean that it's more dangerous?" Seeing that there were no city walls, Chen Xiang knew that this city was relatively loose.

"Yes, there is. However, as long as you are careful and do not provoke others, nothing will happen to you. Look, a lot of people are fine here." Yi Chong laughed.

If Chen Xiang wanted to earn Dao crystal here, he would have to go sell it himself. At that time, it would be impossible for him to not offend others.

"Alright, I have to go to work now. You can take a walk around here. The lodging and lodging outside is quite cheap." Yi Chong's men were very good, they took out a few thousand Dao crystal and gave them to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang didn't accept it. It wasn't easy for Yi Chong to earn Dao crystal himself, he was too embarra.s.sed to take it.

Yi Chong's work was also manual labor, he was responsible for escorting some people or going to other floors to hunt Dragon beast, his cultivation was low, so he did not send Chen Xiang there.

After separating with Yi Chong, Chen Xiang looked at the huge city and thought: As long as I don't enter the center of the city, I will not provoke anyone with authority. I just need to earn Dao crystal outside of the city.

Chen Xiang felt that the Dao crystal in his hands right now was still not enough, he had to earn even more before the Flying Dragon a.s.sociation begins. Only by doing this would he be able to get more Law beads.

"Right now, I can only return to my original job." Chen Xiang knew how to refine pills, and selling good pills was his forte.

He had been investigating the outside world for half a day, and got to know the situation of the cultivators at the bottom level of the city. Although their cultivation were lower, they were still better than him by a little, most of them were at least Tai Dao realm level 5, with quite a few at the peak.

The people here had a lot more Dao crystal than those in the Myriad Tao City. After all, the Flying Dragon PaG.o.da possessed a large amount of resources, especially the Dao crystal mine, which was incalculable.

"There shouldn't be any market for Gumai Dan, so Tianhun gold Dan can be sold. After all, this is a place to cultivate Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds! The Tai Dao realm is mainly used to cultivate the Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds, there are a lot of them here. " This was a good thing for Chen Xiang.

The refining speed of his Tianhun gold Dan was already very fast, and he, the You Yao Mountain Villa, was also growing a large amount of medicinal ingredients to refine Tianhun gold Dan.

Previously, he had refined thirty thousand Tianhun gold Dan, but now he could sell them. Marketing was a problem, and he did not intend to make a shop to sell them himself. That would be more dangerous, it would be very easy for someone to destroy the shop, and it would also bring about a lot of trouble.

He wanted to be like the Myriad Tao City, refining the pills and selling them at the shops, then letting the shops sell them at a higher price. That way, he wouldn't have to look after the shops and sell the pills by himself, and even if he angered the big shops, it would be easy for him to escape.

"It seems like I can't settle down outside the city. I have to go to a place closer to the center of the city where I can buy as many pills as I want."

Chen Xiang looked at the pill shops outside, they were of a relatively small scale, and the larger ones would not be opened outside, but in the richer and more prosperous regions.

After some investigation, Chen Xiang decided to go to the place further inside the former Flying Dragon City.

After half a day, he arrived at the central region! The Flying Dragon City was divided into outer region, middle region, inner region, and Center of Flying Dragon City. Amongst them, the Center of Flying Dragon City was the peak place, with many of the n.o.bles and officials present in this region, while the inner region was the second tier. The central region was more balanced and belonged to the middle region, with the outer region being the poorest and weakest region.

"This central region is really different!" When Chen Xiang arrived at the central region, the buildings here looked much more elegant than those in the outer region. The streets were clean and beautiful and were paved with shiny stone slabs.

Chen Xiang asked around and found a pill shop that had a good reputation. Very quickly, he found a shop called profound Wu Dan Pavilion.

This was opened by the profound Marital School, and was the property of the G.o.d Beast Sect. Other than having a good reputation, it also had a certain level of skill.

"I wonder if this profound Wu Dan Pavilion will do business with me?" Chen Xiang arrived at the entrance of the profound Wu Dan Pavilion. The profound Wu Dan Pavilion was ten stories tall and had a simple and unadorned stone tower.

After entering, Chen Xiang saw many counters. All sorts of counters had a sign on them saying "The role of the counter".

Chen Xiang immediately saw the pill purchasing counter, it was also the coldest and most deserted. The person in charge of the counter was a young man, who impatiently rested his chin on his hand and was fiddling with a brush.

"Are you here to purchase pills?" Chen Xiang sat on a stool at the counter and asked softly.

When the young man saw that there was a human, he immediately became spirited and smiled to Chen Xiang: "Yes, yes, look at your goods!"

Chen Xiang sized up the young man, he had an extremely good appearance, one of the more handsome type, dressed in exquisite and luxurious clothing, different from the others at the counter. The most important thing was, his cultivation was actually quite strong, it was from the Heaven realm.

"This pill is called Tianhun gold Dan, do you know how much it is worth?" Chen Xiang took out a Tianhun gold Dan.

"Tianhun gold Dan? I've never heard of it before! " The young man took Chen Xiang's pellet, sniffed it, and carefully looked at it: "Looks like it's not bad, it contains a dense amount of strong soul force, which should be used to strengthen the Spirit of the Dao G.o.ds."

"How many of these do you have? I need to eat and see before I can ascertain the effects of this pill. Only then can I name a price! Of course, if you want me to value it, the price I offer is relatively low. If you give me a taste, then I can definitely give you a kind price. " The youth said.

"Go ahead and eat!" Chen Xiang laughed: "I still have some more!"

After the young man ate it, he immediately felt the powerful effects of the Tianhun gold Dan. His eyes immediately lit up, as he finally had a better understanding of the pill's effects.

"How many do you have? This kind of pill is a new breed, and is much better than the more popular Soul Boosting Pills, which are priced at two thousand five hundred Dao crystal per pellet. " The young man was suddenly very interested in this kind of pill.

"Then how many can you buy from me?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Do you have a lot on you?" The young man looked around before asking in a low voice.

Chen Xiang nodded slightly.

"Follow me!" The young man immediately stood up and walked towards the stairs.

Chen Xiang followed him to a secret meeting room on the third floor.

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