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Chen Xiang had encountered many extremely vile environments on the previous floors, such as many lightning bolts striking, or violent winds and torrential rain, places that were filled with sand. However, that had not affected his flight through the air.

Right now, the meteors here were like a torrential rain. They were falling in a dense barrage with a very powerful impact. This made it extremely difficult for him to fly here, as long as he was careful he would be hit.

Meteors of all sizes continued to fall from the sky, and beneath them was a sea. This place did not have islands like the floors below, this was an endless sea.

The flaming meteor fell into the sea, causing the sea water to boil and release bursts of fog. This fog rose into the air and gathered together, forming thick clouds in some areas, striking out waves of lightning.

In such a harsh environment, Chen Xiang felt a headache. On the previous floors, at least he did not have to worry about not being able to fly, even if he met with lightning previously, he could still avoid it.

"This is troublesome. The meteors here are not simple. If we were to be hit by them, it would definitely be painful for a long time." Chen Xiang looked ahead and sighed helplessly.

"Cloud and Sky Constellation!" Chen Xiang used the Cloud Sky Elephant that he frequently used in his Celestial Phenomenon Art, making himself look like a cloud. Even if he was. .h.i.t, his body would not be harmed.

Although the environment here was bad, Chen Xiang still had a way to deal with it. After using the Cloud Sky Phenomenon, his speed would only increase a lot.

"I hope that I can find the staircase that leads up to the 100th floor as soon as possible and escape this sea of bitterness." In the past few days, Chen Xiang had been extremely annoyed, especially when he encountered floors with extremely harsh environments.

After using the Cloud Sky Constellation, Chen Xiang could fly here without worry, searching for the stairs to climb.

This place was shrouded in mist, it was impossible to look directly at it with his eyes, so Chen Xiang could only send out his own consciousness to scout the place out. Previously, he had also frequently used this method to search for the stairs.

Due to the harsh environment, Chen Xiang's flying speed slowed down, causing him to slow down in his search for the stairs. Fortunately, he did not sustain any injuries, so even if he had been searching for a long time, he had nothing to worry about.

"d.a.m.n it, I finally found it!" Chen Xiang searched for five whole days before finally finding a staircase that led up from a thick layer of white mist.

After entering the upper floor, Chen Xiang sighed helplessly, because this place was exactly the same as the floor below!

He had been here for so long that he had some experience. The distance from the 90th level to the 99th level was certainly about the same.

… ….

In the blink of an eye, two months had pa.s.sed and Chen Xiang who was on the ninety-ninth floor had finally found a staircase that led to the hundred floor. When he saw that staircase, he had the urge to cry!

In this phase of the 90th level, the time spent was the same as in the previous layers!

"We've reached the 100th floor, don't try to cheat anyone!" Chen Xiang excitedly went up the stairs and stepped into the darkness at the end of the stairs.

After entering, a burst of sweet fragrance wafted into his nose. The warm sunlight shone onto his body, making him feel extremely comfortable. He couldn't help but exclaim in admiration.

"I've finally arrived at a more decent place." Chen Xiang looked around. Although they were at the top of the stairs, there were no guards. They were all in the forest.

After arriving here, Chen Xiang did not let down his guard. He immediately activated the Counter Power to make himself invisible, and at the same time, carefully observed his surroundings.

Although it was a forest, there were no trees near the staircase. There were weeds everywhere.

Chen Xiang saw a lot of scars on the weeds, some were left behind by beasts, and some were left behind by humans. It could be seen that some beasts had pa.s.sed through many trials and had reached this level.

What puzzled him was that there were quite a few human footprints here, all of which seemed to have been left behind not long ago.

"Isn't it just elder Tai who came up by himself? Why were there traces of so many people? Could it be that he had transformed into a beast? Or did Longhua Lion and the rest arrive here before me? "

Chen Xiang calculated the time, from the tenth floor to here, it had only been a few months, he was able to become invisible, and had the flight laws, he felt that his speed was much faster than many people, and even if there were many people following him, they would definitely be slower than him.

"Never mind, I've already come up. Let's leave this d.a.m.ned place first!" Chen Xiang casually flew towards a direction.

The environment of the hundred floors was not bad. If there were no Dragon beast or something like that, this place could be considered a relatively safe and secluded place. There were beautiful scenery everywhere.

Chen Xiang flew out of the forest, suddenly he heard the sound of fighting, it was not small, the Qi waves produced by the battle were like a storm blowing in his direction.

"Who's fighting here? From the looks of it, you should be from the Heaven realm! " Because Chen Xiang was a stranger to this place, he decided to take a look and see what the people inside the hundred floors of Flying Dragon PaG.o.da were like.

Chen Xiang flew over and saw the people fighting in the air. It was an old man and a tall and st.u.r.dy man, both of them fighting in close combat, the battle was extremely intense.

What made Chen Xiang feel strange was that although these two were fighting and fighting intensely, they were not fighting to the death and it seemed more like they were sparring.

"Who the h.e.l.l are they?" Chen Xiang was now sure that the person in battle was a human, not a Dragon beast.

Chen Xiang watched the battle for an hour before he finally finished.

"Master, with my current strength, is it possible for me to defeat the head disciple of the Azure Dragon School?" The tall and st.u.r.dy man asked while wiping his sweat.

So these two were Master and apprentice.

I can't, Azure Dragon School's chief disciple is at the late stage of Heaven realm, while you're only at the middle stage. Although the Thunderstorm Law that you cultivate can help you increase your strength by a lot, the other party is at the late stage, so their cultivation is a lot higher than yours. The old man shook his head.

"Master, is there any way for me to quickly advance to the late stage?" The tall and st.u.r.dy man hurriedly said, his face was filled with unwillingness.

"No, the Heaven realm is not the Tai Dao realm and Dao G.o.d Realm. As long as you have enough resources, you can quickly level up. But the Heaven realm is different, the Heaven realm places a lot of importance on comprehension." The old man shook his head and sighed, "Don't be too impatient. This will only lead you astray. Be patient and comprehend the Heavenly G.o.d technique."

The tall and st.u.r.dy man clenched his fists and roared towards the sky.

"I know you hate the head disciple of the Azure Dragon School. After all, he crippled your little brother." The old man patted the brawny man on the shoulder to comfort him.

"Master, no matter what, I want to partic.i.p.ate in the Flying Dragon a.s.sociation. I want to stake my life on Flying Dragon a.s.sociation with that fellow." After the tall and st.u.r.dy man finished speaking, he rushed in a certain direction.

"Flying Dragon a.s.sociation?" Chen Xiang muttered these two words in his heart. It sounded extremely interesting, so he immediately flew over and caught up to the burly middle aged man.

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