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Feng Ruxue poured a cup of fragrant flower tea for Chen Xiang and took a few sips to calm her mind. She had been completely scared out of her wits just now.

At this moment, the poison in her body had gradually dissipated. It did not last long.

"What the h.e.l.l is going on? Who was the first to make a move on you? Xue Yunxiong from the Heavenly Cloud Villa is so strong, you should be very safe inside. " Feng Ruxue thought back to the Cyan Bird from before, and also thought of something.

The blue sparrow's body was already occupied by the other souls!

"Looks like your Phoenix Mountain Villa has suffered too. I just wonder how many of your Phoenix Mountain Villa s' bodies are occupied by the evil spirits." Chen Xiang said: "In the Phoenix Mountain Villa, right now, you can't even trust the person you are closest to. It's very possible … Your parents are the same as the Cyan Sparrow! "

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, Feng Ruxue's face changed greatly, and she lowered her head, gently biting her lips. She knew that Chen Xiang was not lying to her, because she had seen the Cyan Sparrow's appearance just now.

If Chen Xiang had not arrived in time, she did not know what would have happened to her. When she thought about that terrifying outcome, she could not help but shiver.

If her parents did the same thing to her back in Phoenix Mountain Villa, it would be extremely painful for her!

"The group of people that the Myriad Tao Mausoleum has returned to are all bad people. Their bodies are still the same, and they also have the memories of their original owners. And they took a copy of the novel with them.

Come back to a group of evil souls and help them find a good body! This is how the Cyan Sparrow suffered. "

Chen Xiang told Feng Ruxue everything in a simple manner, "Xue Yunxiong is the same … And the friend that I just made, Xue Qing was also murdered by his so-called grandfather just like that, sigh! "

"Then... "Then how can I confirm that my parents have suffered too?" Feng Ruxue's heart couldn't help but hurt when he thought of his parents being possessed.

"We will go to Phoenix Mountain Villa to see your parents now. Only by meeting them can we confirm it." Chen Xiang said: "Use the fastest speed you can take me to the outskirts of the Phoenix Mountain Villa, then I can use my secret technique to make us invisible, stealthily sneak into the villa, and go take a look at your parents' situation."

Right now, her heart was extremely heavy. If Chen Xiang wasn't by her side, she would have definitely collapsed, and she didn't wish for her parents to become such a demon.

When they arrived outside the Phoenix Mountain Villa, Chen Xiang pulled Feng Ruxue, displayed the Counter Power, made the two of them hide themselves, and then quietly entered the Villa.

Now, Feng Ruxue also knew that this kind of mysterious technique was very powerful. She was also like the Longhua Lion and thought that this was a very rare rule.

"What's going on?" After Chen Xiang entered the Phoenix Mountain Villa, he saw that there were many people everywhere, and the place was brightly lit. It was still late at night, but it was bustling with noise and excitement.

"Something has happened!" Feng Ruxue sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "They seem to be looking for something! Go to the Phoenix Main Hall and take a look! "

Feng Ruxue pulled Chen Xiang, and carefully walked to the vicinity of the Phoenix Main Hall. When they approached, Chen Xiang felt a few powerful auras, and immediately stopped Feng Ruxue.

"We have to be careful, otherwise we'll be discovered." Chen Xiang said in a low voice.

Feng Ruxue looked at the ceiling. The ventilation hole in the Main Hall was open, so she brought Chen Xiang to float in through the window and stood on a beam inside the Main Hall.

There were a few elders in the hall.

"Grandpa, grandma, dad, and mom are not here!" Feng Ruxue became even more worried, holding Chen Xiang's hand tightly, she had already mentally prepared herself on the way here.

"Hmph, how many times have I told you not to alert them? Now, they've found out and they've all run away!" One of the elders in the lead shouted in anger as he reprimanded the other elders.

"Lord Demon Master, all four of them were injured by us, and Feng Ruxue is their descendant. I have already sent toads to deal with him, so as long as we ambush near the Snow Pavilion, we can wait for the four of them." A middle-aged man said.

Hearing that, Feng Ruxue was extremely excited, she only had four elders and all of them could escape!

Just as she was getting excited, Chen Xiang pulled her out of the air window and sent her a sound transmission: "Hurry up and fly back to the Snow Pavilion. Your elders must have already gone over there."

Feng Ruxue anxiously carried Chen Xiang and used all his strength to fly towards the Snow Pavilion! Her family's condition was still considered good, and Chen Xiang was happy for her.

The moment Feng Ruxue returned to the Snow Pavilion, he saw his four elders in her room. The agitated Feng Ruxue was about to rush over, but he was grabbed tightly by Chen Xiang.

"Wait, let's see what's going on first!" Chen Xiang was extremely cautious now, and Feng Ruxue listened to her, although Chen Xiang's cultivation was not higher than hers.

"It's a mess here, and there is still a trace of terrifying Sword Qi left, and there is also a poison that can penetrate Divine Sense Sea, looks like they have already sent people to deal with Sour Snow." An old man's voice was filled with anger.

"Let's go, even if our lives are on the line, we still have to save Ru Xue." The old woman beside the old man was trembling in anger, and waves of energy surged out from her body.

"I want to perish together with those demons!" A middle-aged woman's face was covered in tears, and the middle-aged man beside her had already walked towards the window, preparing to fly back to Phoenix Mountain Villa.

"Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, Mom, and I are fine!" Feng Ruxue anxiously shouted, while Chen Xiang released her hand, allowing her to appear.

Feng Ruxue was also crying loudly, she threw herself into the middle aged lady's embrace, it was her mother.

Her seniors were all severely injured, but they were all phoenixes and could quickly recover. This place was no longer safe, so Chen Xiang followed them and left the Myriad Tao City.

Chen Xiang saved Feng Ruxue and the other elders were extremely grateful. Now Chen Xiang also understood why they did not protect him back then, because their situation back then was extremely dangerous as well.

"Looks like I can't stay here any longer!" Feng Ruxue's grandfather sighed: "Little brother, do you want to leave this place with us? The Divine Wasteland is so big, even if they are not here, they would still be able to live a good life. "

Chen Xiang shook his head: "No, I still have some private grudges that I haven't resolved. I won't leave, and I have other important matters to attend to."

"Then you must be careful, we will leave here at dawn!"

Chen Xiang nodded.

Feng Ruxue asked softly: Chen Xiang, leave with us. It's too dangerous for you here, your grandfather and grandmother are both strong, and with your pill cultivating techniques, we can live a good life.

"I will find you in the future. I can protect myself." Chen Xiang laughed.

Regarding this, Feng Ruxue could not deny that Chen Xiang's ability was indeed brilliant.

After that, she ended the cooperation with Chen Xiang, making her feel very sad. After Chen Xiang had saved her, her feelings towards Chen Xiang had increased by another level, she felt that even if she was together with Chen Xiang, her elders would not object.

However, Chen Xiang was unwilling to leave with them!

"You must keep your promise and come to me." Feng Ruxue said in a low voice. She and Chen Xiang had a secret, and it was that they had a very strange feeling about each other. As long as they were in the same s.p.a.ce, they would know the direction and position of each other.

"Mm, definitely!" Chen Xiang laughed heartily: "Alright, I still have other things to do now. Seniors, farewell!"

Feng Ruxue watched Chen Xiang leave reluctantly. She also wanted to be with Chen Xiang, but she felt that she wouldn't be able to help him with anything.

Chen Xiang bade farewell to Feng Ruxue and the others, and immediately headed to Flying Dragon PaG.o.da. He felt that it was the safest place, and Longhua Lion was also extremely trustworthy.

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