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Xue Yunxiong's punch blasted apart that rock. Originally, everyone thought that he would be able to shatter a real rock with his immense power, but this rock did not completely shatter. It was just that the outside layer had shattered, and there was actually a gigantic transparent crystal inside.

Inside the giant crystal, there was the corpse of a Dragon beast soaked in blood!

This was a dragon and tiger!

This dragon and tiger weren't small either. They were the size of a cow, but this dragon and tiger were only cubs!

However, the baby was already so big. If it fully matured, wouldn't it become extremely huge?

"Sure enough!" Xue Yunxiong's expression became serious.

"I just said it already, I didn't lie to you all right, this is where we Dragon beast were born! The first one to ten floors were filled with this kind of stuff! Of course, I don't know much about the details either. " The Dragon beast man said.

"Is the Dragon beast inside alive or dead?" Xue Yunxiong asked.

"It's alive, but it hasn't hatched yet! There was a thousand floors here, and the bottom ten floors had the weakest Dragon beast, but on the tenth floor and above! All the way to the Thousand Floors, every ten floors are of one type of Dragon beast and the highest level is the strongest, but the number is also the lowest. "

"Didn't you just say that there are only ten floors? And now you're saying that every thousand levels is the same? " In the blink of an eye, Xue Yunxiong had already arrived in front of the Dragon beast man, scaring the man so much that his body shivered.

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"I can only confirm that the bottom ten levels are where Dragon beast s that have yet to hatch, and I'm not sure if the ones up there are already sh.e.l.led out. In short, those that hatch from below can all climb levels, go through layers after layers of experience, and finally reach the top." The Dragon beast man said timidly.

There were more than a thousand levels, and each level was equal to a hundred levels. How strong would one need to be to reach the highest levels?

"Every floor here is a different environment, moreover it is very vast, it is as vast as our Dragon beast Forest, every floor has a perfect ecological environment, if you are not afraid of death, you can go to the top to take a look." The Dragon beast man said: "Most of us Dragon beast are bred by those who came from the top."

There was actually a Dragon beast that could come out from the top floor. It must be very strong, everyone present was very worried, if they were to meet it, they didn't know if they could beat it.

"Don't worry, most of the Dragon beast that came out from the top floor died in Myriad Tao Mausoleum!" The Dragon beast man sighed: "As long as it is a Dragon beast that is born from here, it would require many levels of experience before it can leave. The Dragon beast that is born from here have no way to return, we do not care about it, even if we meet with danger up above, we can immediately retreat."

Chen Xiang finally understood that all the Dragon beast that were born in this tower would have to go through training before they could come out. The outsiders, on the other hand, did not need it.

The Dragon beast knew a lot of things, it must have come from his inherited memories.

"Then what is the name of this tower? Why did it suddenly open and floated from the Myriad Tao Lake? " Xue Yunxiong asked again, he was very curious, he had been to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum before, and there was a similar tower there, but it was very different from this one.

"As long as you reach the top, you will be free. Moreover, you can soar through the heaven and earth with great power! If we Dragon beast want to become strong, we need to go through this tower to gain experience. Our goal here is to gain experience and at the same time, hatch the Dragon beast here. " The man from the Dragon beast said: "Don't cause trouble here, although my strength is not as good as yours, there are old Dragon beast s from the Flying Dragon PaG.o.da in our forest."

Now, everyone firmly believed the Dragon beast man's words!

The Dragon beast had existed for so many years, this Flying Dragon PaG.o.da was even older. It was not impossible to have a strong Dragon beast.

"Grandfather, do you want to go up now?" Xue Qing asked.

"No, let's go back." Xue Yunxiong didn't think much of it, and brought his men to the entrance of the Flying Dragon PaG.o.da.

Even someone as powerful as Xue Yunxiong did not plan to go up. It could be seen that he had some concerns, but the other rankers had all decided not to go up the tower for the time being.

Very quickly, the experts from the various powers brought the juniors out of the Flying Dragon PaG.o.da!

After Feng Ruxue followed her senior out, she turned and looked at Flying Dragon PaG.o.da, because Chen Xiang was still inside, she could sense that Chen Xiang was in the tower, she thought that Chen Xiang would come out, but after she came out, she had lost that feeling with Chen Xiang.

This meant that Chen Xiang was still in Flying Dragon PaG.o.da!

Now, Chen Xiang really wanted to go up and take a look. He had a nagging feeling that the Dragon beast man was hiding something, and that there were quite a few people who had rushed in just now, before disappearing without a trace.

Chen Xiang sat on top of a huge Dragon beast egg, and then sent a sound transmission to the Dragon beast man: "Hey, were you deceiving them just now?"

"Who are you?" The Dragon beast man was shocked, he looked around, but did not see anything, and could not sense anything.

"I am a human, but I have no ill intentions. I am just curious! I think you must be hiding something. " Chen Xiang said.

"What I just said is the truth. As for the things I'm hiding, that's our secret, there's no need to tell you." The Dragon beast man was extremely vigilant, he was worried that he would be ambushed.

"Then can you tell me? My mouth is very tight, and I won't say a word. " Chen Xiang laughed.

"You humans can't be trusted the most. You're already sneaking around, what right do you have to make us believe you?" The Dragon beast man said.

"Okay, I'll show myself, but don't hit me. I can't beat you." After careful consideration, Chen Xiang revealed his real body.

"What's your name?" Chen Xiang asked, he actually wanted to come into contact with these Dragon beast. After all, Dragon beast and Myriad Tao Mausoleum were both very mysterious existences.

"Longhua Lion, what law did you use just now? I have never heard of such a law that allows people to be invisible, and also allows one to not be exposed at all. " The Longhua Lion was filled with curiosity towards Chen Xiang's ability.

"This can't be considered a rule... However, I think that it can become a Law, and that it seems to require some sort of activation through the Myriad Tao Divine Stele. For example, the Spirit Transformation Law is just like the previous some kind of law refining. " Chen Xiang laughed: "I don't know much about that either, it's all nonsense."

When he walked into Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang seemed to be extremely vigilant, because his strength was far inferior to the Longhua Lion. After all, the opponent was a Heavenly Spirit Dragon beast, which was the strength of Three profound realm.

"It seems like you're quite weak!" The Longhua Lion couldn't help but laugh: "Don't worry, even if I wanted to attack you, I wouldn't waste my breath on you. I'm just rather curious about you."

"My name is Chen Xiang. Even though you and I aren't of the same species, we don't have any conflicts … Oh right, I have killed Dragon beast before. Chen Xiang said.

"I have killed Dragon beast and humans before. You are a human, you must have killed humans before, what's wrong with that? " The Longhua Lion laughed: "The Dragon beast world is also a world where the strong preys on the weak!"

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