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When Feng Ruxue came over, she had already felt Chen Xiang here, so she quickly replied: "I know, what happened here just now? I just came over with my elders! "

Chen Xiang told Feng Ruxue about the strange tower and warned him repeatedly not to go in.

"I've heard of this tower!" She was currently by the lakeside, and Chen Xiang had already seen her. Who was she with, who was she with?

"Tell me about it!" Chen Xiang looked down and also found Xue Yunxiong, Xue Qing and the others. They were currently by the lake.

"This tower is called the Myriad Tao Divine PaG.o.da, but it shouldn't be here. It should be inside the Myriad Tao Mausoleum, and it shouldn't be black either. Feng Ruxue said: "Many of the people who have entered the Myriad Tao Mausoleum know about this tower, and the majority of the treasures are obtained from inside."

This tower has been sealed for many years, and it only appeared now! But we can be sure that this tower is related to the one in Myriad Tao Mausoleum. " Chen Xiang said, many people wanted to know why this tower was sealed here.

"We're going in. What about you?" Feng Ruxue asked.

"Do you really want to go in? There might be danger in there. " Chen Xiang couldn't use his spatial power now, so he didn't plan to enter this kind of dangerous place.

"The elders said that nothing had happened, but the people from his villa have already entered." Feng Ruxue said.

Chen Xiang had also seen it earlier. There were a few groups of people rushing in, their speed was extremely fast.

"Mm, I'll go in later as well. I want to observe, so you have to be careful." Chen Xiang warned.


Xue Yunxiong then brought the people around him inside. Not long later, many powers who were spectating entered the super tower.

Chen Xiang slowly descended. At this moment, he was still using Counter Power Stealth, which at least ensured that he wouldn't be discovered. If he was discovered, he would run over to Xue Qing's side.

The door to the tower was a huge dark curtain, so it was not possible to see what was inside directly. After Feng Ruxue entered, he suddenly lost contact with the person inside, which surprised him, as the situation that usually happened usually meant that Feng Ruxue went to another s.p.a.ce.

"What exactly is inside? Such a big tower, could it be used to house people? " Chen Xiang pa.s.sed through the black curtain of light and entered the giant tower.

Although it was not bright inside, it was not completely dark. It was just that it was dark inside, and one could see things and the people in front of it.

After entering, Chen Xiang did not expect that, inside this place, there was a wasteland that was filled with huge rocks, the rocks were scattered randomly on the ground and the stones were all very st.u.r.dy. Chen Xiang saw an old man striking the stone, but the stone was not broken into pieces and it had even absorbed the old man's energy.

"This place is really strange!"

Chen Xiang saw a few people who wanted to take out something to illuminate the place, but none of them were successful. There was a force within that could devour the strong light, allowing the place to maintain its darkness.

Chen Xiang carefully followed behind that group of people. Those people were all powerful warriors, and as long as they were close, there was no need to worry too much.


A beast's roar suddenly came out, causing Chen Xiang to curse in his heart. This was the roar of a Dragon beast, he had stayed in the forest of Dragon beast for a long time and was very familiar with this sound.

A large group of Dragon beast rushed in!

"It's the Dragon beast, everyone be careful!" A middle-aged man shouted.

Chen Xiang immediately floated. Although it was a floor, it was still very tall, and there was a s.p.a.ce for him to float, it was not as short as it seemed.

Being able to use the flight rule here made Chen Xiang feel a lot more at ease.

From above, he could see that a lot of Dragon beast had rushed in, over twenty to thirty thousand of them, but these Dragon beast were only roaring and did not immediately attack the human.

"You guys wait, don't recklessly attack us. We don't have the mood to fight you right now." A man riding a mighty dragon lion shouted to the group of people that were preparing to charge over.

When this man was in the same group as the Dragon beast, he was obviously a Heavenly Spirit Dragon beast in human form.

"Then what do you want to do?" An old man walked up and asked. The clothes on the old man's body had a picture of a Qilin embroidered on it. It was from the Qilin Villa.

"I would like to ask what you guys are doing!" The Dragon beast Forest is our territory, so this tower can be considered our jurisdiction. You trespa.s.sed into this place, and actually have the nerve to ask us why … Over the years, you fellows have killed so many of our Dragon beast. Every time we enter the Dragon beast Forest, have we asked you what you want to do? " The man's voice was filled with anger.

"Hmph, since you brought so many Dragon beast in, of course we have to get to the bottom of this." The old man said.

"I made it quite clear that this tower belongs to us. From now on, we will use this place as our territory. It's best for you to leave this place as soon as possible." The man said, "I'll give you guys time!"

"When this tower existed, the trees in your Dragon beast Forest didn't even sprout! What makes you think it's yours? " Another old man from the Manor said.

"To tell you the truth, the reason why we Dragon beast appeared was greatly related to this tower. You will know about it in the future, so you must be very curious about the appearance of us Dragon beast!" The Dragon beast man said: "It's not that I'm trying to scare you guys, if you stay here for too long, you might end up like us, turning into Dragon beast s."

Everyone was secretly shocked, but they did not completely believe the Dragon beast man's words.

"Let me tell you, there is nothing good on the first level. All the good things are on it!" The lowest ten floors are all places where we, the Dragon beast, were raised. If any of you are strong enough, you can blast apart those large rocks and take a look at what's inside. " The Dragon beast man said again.

Although the stones did not look regular, they were scattered all over the ground. Hearing the Dragon beast man's words, they felt like they were scattered eggs!

There were actually so many Dragon beast eggs inside, and they were so huge, each of them were as big as a small mountain. If there really were Dragon beast inside, then they would be much bigger than the many Dragon beast eggs in the Dragon beast forest.

Xue Yunxiong suddenly bellowed, and threw a punch at a boulder nearby. Just as he punched out, the shockwave caused the people around him to retreat more than 10 steps, and the people far away, to have difficulty standing firm.

This power shocked everyone. This was the power of one of the three heroes of Myriad Tao, it was so terrifying that even the Dragon beast man was drenched in sweat from the power!

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