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After Chen Xiang returned to the Cloud Sky Villa, he found that there were less people here, mainly because the old subordinates of Xue Yunxiong were not there. Those people were all stronger, and if they stayed here, many people would feel safer, but now that they were gone, Chen Xiang was a little worried.

But luckily, he saw that Brother w.a.n.g was still here. Brother w.a.n.g was the strongest person under Xue Yunxiong, and was also the manager here.

"Elder w.a.n.g, where are all these people? Xue Qing is not here either. " Chen Xiang walked over and asked.

"You don't know?" w.a.n.g Ge pointed at the sky in the distance and said, "Can you see anything?"

Chen Xiang looked in that direction, saw nothing, and then used his Dao heart Eye to look.

After using the Dao heart Eye, Chen Xiang could see a golden line. He didn't know if this line came from underground or descended from the sky, connecting the heaven and earth.

"Over there... It seems like there is something connecting heaven and earth! " Chen Xiang said.

"I knew you could see it." Brother w.a.n.g laughed: "That's the Dragon beast Forest over there. In the depths of the Dragon beast Forest, there is a Myriad Tao Lake. This lake has been frozen all year round for many years, and as to why it has been frozen for so long, no one knows."

"Just now, the lake suddenly burst open! The strange ice layer above this Myriad Tao Lake is extremely difficult to break. Back then, both we and the Head Xue had tried many times, but failed to break through. "

Chen Xiang looked at the golden silk thread and asked, "Did the power come out of the Myriad Tao Lake? You can't see it with your eyes. "

"Yes, we can only see it through special means, Head Xue has already brought people over, Xue Qing is also going to join in the fun." w.a.n.g Ge laughed.

"Over there is the Dragon beast forest. There are so many of them, it will be very dangerous." Chen Xiang had traversed the forest of Dragon beast before, so he was well aware of how terrifying the forest was, not to mention that there was such a huge commotion happening at the Myriad Tao Lake.

"With Head Xue here, nothing will happen. Although the Dragon beast in the Dragon beast forest are strong, if they meet any human experts, they will give way. Right now, the experts from the other villas might rush over too, since the Myriad Tao's lake is the same as the Myriad Tao Mausoleum's, it has always been a mystery."

"Not only have we tried to break through the layer of ice on the Myriad Tao's Lake, the experts from the other villas have also tried.

Right now, Chen Xiang was also very curious and wanted to take a look.

"Elder w.a.n.g, how long have they been gone for?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's been a while. Do you want to go as well?" As Brother w.a.n.g spoke, he took out a cape and gave it to Chen Xiang, saying: "This is a Flying Divine Robe refined using the Flight Laws.

Chen Xiang took it and nodded.

As long as they could fly, it would be very safe in the Dragon beast forest. No matter how strong the Dragon beast was, they could not cultivate or fly without any Dao crystal that could condense and train themselves through the Myriad Tao Divine Stele.

Chen Xiang thanked Big Brother w.a.n.g and rushed towards the Myriad Tao Lake.

… ….

Chen Xiang didn't even need the cape to fly, he could just use the Counter Power to make himself invisible, and then fly in the air. While flying, he could use his Mind's Eye to see that the golden light was getting thicker and thicker.

"What exactly is this power?" It looks like it is just an aura, but it is unusually strong. What exactly is hidden under the Myriad Tao Lake? " Chen Xiang flew quickly, carrying many questions.

During the flight, he could see that there were many people frantically rushing towards the Myriad Tao Lake below the Dragon beast forest. Rumors were definitely going around inside the Myriad Tao City, saying that there were treasures under the Myriad Tao Lake.

"Aren't these guys worried about the danger inside?" Chen Xiang was more afraid of the strong Dragon beast inside the Dragon beast. For example, those Heavenly Spirit Dragon beast were all in human form, as strong as the three profound pract.i.tioners.

Chen Xiang was able to fly in the air, and also had a fast speed, so he was much faster than many people who entered this place earlier.

Even so, it took him half a day to reach the vicinity of the Myriad Tao Lake. He could already see the lake.

Looking down from the sky, the Myriad Tao Lake was a huge octagonal lake. It was tens of thousands of metres wide and extremely vast.

The lake was covered in white frost, with only a small opening in the middle. There were many spectators by the lake who didn't dare to go forward.

"What's going on with this lake?" It's obvious that this shape was deliberately made to look like this. Could it be that someone built it? " Chen Xiang looked at the Myriad Tao Lake in the sky, while looking for Xue Qing and the others.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Suddenly, a m.u.f.fled sound rang out from the lake as a crack appeared on the surface of the lake's ice!

"Hurry and retreat!" An old man suddenly shouted, "There's danger!"

From high up in the sky, Chen Xiang could see the black aura being emitted by the cracks.

"This is …" This is a seal, something that's been sealed below is about to come out. " When Chen Xiang saw the black smoke, he had a bad premonition.

Chen Xiang was also slowly retreating at this moment. From within the crevices in the frozen lake, a dense black aura continuously emitted out.

But strangely, there was a wave of very pure Qi coming out from the center of the lake!

After a while, a black object appeared in the middle of the room.

"This thing... It seems to be the top of a tower! " Chen Xiang felt that he could often see this thing.

As expected, not long after the peak of the paG.o.da appeared, it once again appeared at the top of the paG.o.da!

There was actually a gigantic tower at the bottom of the Myriad Tao Lake!

The lake was originally octagonal in shape and extremely wide. Although this circular tower was only in the middle, it was at least 100,000 feet wide!

Soon after, the black tower gradually floated upwards, layer after layer appearing. In just a short period of time, the entire tower was revealed, and there were actually 1,000 floors.

"So high!" Chen Xiang was currently at a height parallel to the top of the tower. When he looked at the golden bead at the top of the tower, the pure power was emitted from the bead.

The ice on the Myriad Tao Lake had also completely melted and there was a clear lake water. However, in the middle of the lake, there was a black tower that emitted bursts of black aura.

Although the paG.o.da had a thousand floors, they were all sealed. There was no way to find the entrance to the paG.o.da!

Chen Xiang had already seen many people swimming towards the black tower.

The door at the bottom level was wide open!

"These guys have guts." Chen Xiang was impressed, this strange tower was clearly dangerous, but they still dared to go in.

When Chen Xiang came down, he suddenly sensed that Feng Ruxue was approaching. Feng Ruxue had also come, and he was flying over.

"Ru Xue, I'm just around here. Don't tell anyone else." Chen Xiang hurriedly sent a sound transmission to Feng Ruxue. If it was a normal situation, if Chen Xiang did not have the intention to sense it, he would not know where Feng Ruxue was.

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