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Chen Xiang went to a shop in the city, where many people were lining up outside the main street. Seeing that, he immediately went to ask.

With a single question, he realized that this was a ranker returning from Myriad Tao Mausoleum who was recruiting.

"These fellows should be cultivating their own forces to become stronger and have more authority here." Chen Xiang also found out that these people had returned, and did not have any powerful forces by their side. Right now, they did not want to form any huge forces, but to find a gang or something to help him.

The place they were recruiting at right now was not Xue Yunxiong, so Chen Xiang was not interested in them. The only thing he wanted to do now was to find Xue Yunxiong and chat with him when he had the chance.

Chen Xiang walked on the street for a long time, but he did not manage to find any news regarding Xue Yunxiong. The people here did not know about many things from the past, like the people of Grandma Jiang.

And this Xue Yunxiong seemed to be extremely low key as well, as he did not even reveal his own power.

Until night fell, Chen Xiang still did not have any leads, so he could only return to Grandma Jiang's shop. Jiang Simei and Jiang Sijing also came out from You Yao Mountain Villa.

"You guys stay with the Grandma Jiang for this period of time. I'll go out of the city to ask around. There's a group of people that have returned from the Myriad Tao Mausoleum, but they didn't enter the city and instead stayed outside the city." Chen Xiang said: "That Xue Yunxiong might be outside the city."

"With me here, nothing will happen to them." Grandma Jiang said. She did not seem strong, but from the looks of it, she was not an ordinary person.

… ….

Chen Xiang didn't want to bring them along because he was worried that he would encounter a dangerous situation that would affect them.

Right now, he was being watched by an extremely strong fellow, and there was also a grudge between him and the Western Tiger Mountain Villa. Although he was being extremely careful, he was still worried that the other party would find him.

After changing his appearance, Chen Xiang left Myriad Tao City very carefully.

Although the Myriad Tao City was protected by a city wall or something of the sort, they were still broken through by the Dragon beast last time. Moreover, many of the large powers were not in the Myriad Tao City.

"If Xue Yunxiong wants to establish his own powerful forces, he might just stay outside. Since the Grandma Jiang highly values this person, then he must be very capable." Chen Xiang guessed in his heart.

It was late at night, and there were a lot of people outside the city. Some of them wanted to enter the Dragon beast Forest to kill Dragon beast, while some others wanted to go to a place outside of Peace City. It was a small village.

In the past, this group of strong warriors would gather at these places outside of the city. They were powerful and did not need to be afraid of the Dragon beast's attacks.

Now, this group of people had returned, but the power of the gangs they had previously formed had long since disintegrated. Seeing the seven great villas soaring into the sky like the sun, they definitely wouldn't let the matter rest.

Moreover, they were currently very much relying on the Myriad Tao Divine Stele.

Chen Xiang had heard that in the future, he would have to continue to improve his strength through the Myriad Tao Divine Stele. The Myriad Tao Divine Stele was not only able to cultivate dao veins, it also had other uses.

As Chen Xiang was walking along the road, a short man suddenly walked over and asked: "Fellow brother, have you heard of this Xue Yunxiong person before? He isn't in the village ahead."

This made Chen Xiang feel that it was funny, because he wanted to find someone to ask Xue Yunxiong, but he did not expect that someone would actually come and ask him.

He sized up this man. His eyebrows were like swords, and his eyes were like stars. His skin was fair.

"I've heard of it. I came here because of my reputation." Chen Xiang laughed, he was now a middle-aged man, and the man was extremely courteous to him.

"Really? But it doesn't look like it. You seem to have used some mysterious method to change your appearance. " The man smiled.

Chen Xiang was alarmed, his face also changed.

He didn't expect that the person before him would actually be able to see through his Transformation Technique.

"To be honest, the main reason is that I have many enemies in my family, and now that I have left the Myriad Tao City, I have no choice but to do so. Please forgive me." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he walked towards the forest. If he wanted to go to the small village, he had to go through the forest.

Chen Xiang walked quickly, and the man followed closely behind.

"If you are in the martial arts world, you will inevitably offend some enemies. This is also for your own safety. I am truly sorry for exposing you earlier." The man smiled apologetically.

"Are you going to look for Xue Yunxiong?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, to tell you the truth, Xue Yunxiong is my grandfather. My name is Xue Qing, and I am the son of Xue Yunxiong's third son." Xue Qing said.

Xue Yunxiong's grandson definitely wasn't young. This meant that his strength was definitely not weak.

Of course, Chen Xiang didn't completely believe that he was Xue Yunxiong's grandson.

"It seems like you are going to look for Xue Yunxiong as well." Xue Qing laughed: "I'll go with you. When I was young, I met my grandfather once, and also inherited the Xue Clan's divine arts, so he will definitely recognize me."

Chen Xiang also could not see through Xue Qing's strength, although Xue Qing knew that he had disguised his appearance, but he did not know of his appearance, so he was sure that he did not know that he was the pill refining genius.

"Yes, I heard that Xue Yunxiong was one of the three great heroes of the Myriad Tao at that time. He was a straightforward person, had great righteousness, and was a great hero. Chen Xiang said.

"So it's like that, I wonder who your enemy is, to be able to force you to submit to Xue Yunxiong." Xue Qing asked again.

"Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa." Chen Xiang said.

Xue Qing heard and nodded. He seemed to understand his grandfather very well.

"Didn't you say that your grandfather still accepted me?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Although my grandfather is a good person, not everyone can take him in. What if you are a big bad person and you are also very weak?" Xue Qing laughed.

"In that case, when the time comes, your grandfather will probably get an a.s.sessment or something, right?" asked. He was only asking, but he did not plan to have Xue Yunxiong take him in. He only wanted to work with Xue Yunxiong to earn Dao crystal s under his protection.

"I don't know either. I'll only know when I see him, but it's fate that I meet you here. When the time comes, I'll help you." Xue Qing said.

"Brother Xue, your strength shouldn't be weak. You are Xue Yunxiong's grandson, so you must have lived for a very long time." Seeing that Xue Qing was easy to talk to, Chen Xiang boldly asked.

"I guess my strength is still only barely strong. I'm only in the middle stage of the Heaven realm." Xue Qing sighed, "It's mainly because when I followed my father to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum, not only did I not get any good things, I was even injured, and my cultivation stagnated for a while back then."

"Myriad Tao Mausoleum is indeed dangerous." Chen Xiang said: "Then what about your father, why didn't he come with you?"

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