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Chen Xiang returned to the secret room and continued refining the Dragon Law Rule Beads.

In a few days, he managed to cultivate the Dao of Dragon Meridian, he secretly circulated the Dao Energy, it was powerful indeed, with the addition of his Primitive Tao Power, the force emitted, it caused the entire room to tremble.

"There's still one more, let me give it a try!" Chen Xiang still had a single Dragon Law Rule Beads left. After he walked out of the secret room, he saw Jiang Simei.

"There's still one left. Try and refine it." Chen Xiang handed the Dragon Law Rule Beads over to Jiang Simei.

"This is the Dragon beast that I bought, the two hundred million Dao crystal that you gave me have all been used up!" Jiang Simei said: "This should be enough to refine how many Dragon Law Rule Beads?"

"I don't know yet, but I won't lose anything!" Chen Xiang laughed mischievously: "This is our true way of making a fortune."

Jiang Simei wanted to say something, but she did not say it. She was very clear about Chen Xiang's feelings, after all, he had the method to quickly earn Dao crystal s in his hands, and it was just that he could not use it.

Anyone would be very sad.

Chen Xiang took the corpses of the Dragon beast and immediately entered the secret room. He stayed there for a few days and refined all of the corpses into Dragon Law Rule Beads.

"The corpses of two hundred million Dao crystal were able to refine two super-high quality Dragon Law Rule Beads. This can be sold for at least seven hundred and fifty million, which is one and a half billion. So it's a windfall!" One? Ben? Read? Fiction xstxt

Chen Xiang looked at the two Dragon Law Rule Beads s and was excited in his heart.

Dao crystal were like ores, they could be dug out, but that would be extremely hard to find. Furthermore, it would take a lot of effort to dig them out, and other than that, it would take time to condense them using his own Dao power.

Most people's Dao crystal come through these two channels, and after acc.u.mulating so much over time, they could acc.u.mulate quite a bit, and then use it to purchase something, or to exchange it for Law beads from the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele.

Other than those great powers, it was not easy for many people to earn Dao crystal.

Therefore, even if Chen Xiang did not sell the Law beads, just by selling them through alchemy, the speed at which he earned Dao crystal was much faster than many Rankers.

"I need to refine some Tianhun gold Dan for Ruoxue and the two seniors."

Chen Xiang had already rested for a period of time, and now that he had cultivated both the flying dao and the dragon's dao meridians, for many people, this was definitely something impossible, but Chen Xiang was able to do it.

… ….

In the next ten days, Chen Xiang only refined two hundred thousand Tianhun gold Dan. Because he had plans to sell the Law beads, he did not want to tire himself so much.

With two hundred thousand Tianhun gold Dan, he could also obtain four hundred million!

"I can cultivate the spatial laws very quickly. I only need 2.5 billion Dao crystal. I already have 800 million!"

Chen Xiang counted the Dao crystal in his hands, the target getting closer and closer!

"This is really shocking, to think that the Dragon beast's corpse could have such a miraculous effect." Jiang Simei had already cultivated up to the Dao of Dragon Meridian, the Dragon Law Rule Beads s were worth a hundred million pills, and the Dragon Law Rule Beads exchanged from the Myriad Tao Divine Stele required a hundred pills to be able to cultivate up to the Dao of Dragon Meridian.

Therefore, Jiang Simei already possessed a ten billion level Dao Meridian, which was much better than the one billion level she wanted previously!

Jiang Sijing, on the other hand, did not have much of a goal, and only hoped that she had something to do. Ever since she managed to cultivate and revive her Dao Meridian, the speed at which she grew medicinal herbs was extremely fast.

Chen Xiang also asked her to take care of the Eclipse Tree. He might want to use it to refine a G.o.d-eclipse powder in the future.

"I've been busy these past few days. I should get some rest." Chen Xiang was in Mei Jing Store, stretching his back. Jiang Sijing also came out from You Yao Mountain Villa and started chatting with Jiang Simei.

"Beautiful, how did the Myriad Tao Divine Stele evolve? Are there any relevant news? " Chen Xiang asked. He was very curious about this, the Myriad Tao Divine Stele was also an extremely mysterious existence, it could actually absorb the Dao crystal's energy and then condense a bunch of them.

There were also many rare laws.

"Not yet, but I heard that there was a group of strange people who came to Myriad Tao City. I don't know who that group of people were, but they were very strong." Jiang Simei said.

"Strong mysterious person?" Chen Xiang was also very interested in this, "It seems that I have to ask them when the other two seniors come."

Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, Tai Bo and Tai Bao came over. They had just come over this morning and had bought a hundred thousand Tianhun gold Dan pills from Chen Xiang.

It hadn't been long since they arrived, so something must have happened!

Seeing the two elders' faces, Chen Xiang knew that something bad had happened.

"Seniors, what's wrong?" Jiang Simei hurriedly poured tea for them and asked.

"Something terrible has happened!" Tai Bao drank a mouthful of tea abruptly. "We just arrived from the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa, something big has happened! Chen Xiang, quickly leave Mei Jing Store and hide at Feng Ruxue's place! "

"What the h.e.l.l is going on?" Chen Xiang was very shocked. He knew that there must be some kind of powerful force that even Tai Bao and Tai Bo could not protect him with.

"Sorry, this time someone came to cause trouble for you, and we can't take it either. That guy's strength is too strong, even the manor lord was injured by him." Tai Bo said: "He knew you were an alchemy genius and wanted to completely control you."

"Could it be those mysterious people?" Jiang Simei anxiously said.

"It's not the group of mysterious people from Myriad Tao City, but it has something to do with this group of people!" Tai Bao said: "An old ancestor of our Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa suddenly came back, he came back from the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. This old ancestor went to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum but did not come back, and he does not have a Pearl of Life, whether he lives or dies is unknown."

"But many years have pa.s.sed and we all felt that he had already died, so we chose a new Villa Master! Who would have thought that he would suddenly return and take back the position of the manor lord! The manor lord also agreed to give it to him, but he was worried that if he refused to accept it, the manor lord would be injured on the spot. " Tai Bo said.

"Did those mysterious people from the Myriad Tao City return from the Myriad Tao Mausoleum?" Jiang Simei immediately thought of something. That group of people were all very strong, to be able to return alive from Myriad Tao Mausoleum, they definitely were not weak.

"Yes, quickly go to the Snow Pavilion. With Phoenix Mountain Villa protecting him, that fellow doesn't dare to act rashly. The old phoenix of Phoenix Mountain Villa is very powerful right now, a Ranker at the same level as our ancestor." Tai Bo said.

"From now on, this will be the end of our cooperation. This time, we won't be able to protect you … It's our fault, this is the Dao crystal that compensated you! "

"Two old men, forget it, although we cannot cooperate, we are still friends. You can have these Dao crystal! You all have to be careful of that Old Ancestor. " Chen Xiang rejected her.

Tai Bo and Tai Bao sighed. Although Chen Xiang always called them senior, they had always treated Chen Xiang as a friend.

Chen Xiang brought Jiang Simei and Jiang Sijing and hurried over to the Snow Pavilion. Only after arriving at the Snow Pavilion and seeing Feng Ruxue did he feel a lot more at ease.

The cyan sparrow was here as well!

"Brother Bluebird, long time no see!" Chen Xiang immediately smiled and greeted her.

It could tell that he was not in a good mood. Chen Xiang was secretly worried, worried that he would be like the Phoenix Mountain Villa.

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