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Chen Xiang had indeed managed to obtain quite a lot of Dragon beast s, and also the rare Purple Gold Dragon Ape. He could earn quite a lot of Dao crystal s by himself, so even if the Dragon beast s were to be sold, it would not increase his income by much.

The Dragon beast's body contained a primordial Dao of Dragon Energy, that was the Dragon Dao Laws. He was very curious about the Dao of Dragon Laws, so he wanted to see if he could extract a bit of the power of the Dao of Dragon Laws to condense the Law beads.

If he could, he would also be able to cultivate in the Dao of the Dragon. The power of the Laws of the Dao of the Dragon was also very strong, so possessing it wouldn't be a bad thing.

"I just took advantage of the chaos to pick up a few Dragon beast's corpses. They aren't anything precious." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Since the Three Mysterious Experts have made their move, they shouldn't have been attacked here, right?" Jiang Simei was a little worried, she really liked this Mei Jing Store, she didn't want him to be destroyed by the Dragon beast.

If the Dragon beast were to reach here, Chen Xiang's pills would not be easy to sell, and would affect Chen Xiang's business. Jiang Simei had only been relying on Chen Xiang for a few days to cultivate and become a dead Rule Dao line, and if she wanted to cultivate more rare dao veins, she would still have to rely on Chen Xiang.

On her own, she didn't know how long it would take.

"Definitely not, the distance from here to the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele is very close, the main shops of the Seven Great Villa are all near the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele, there is a great power hidden inside, once the Dragon beast approaches, they will definitely take action." Tai Bo laughed: "You can relax."

Chen Xiang was also relieved, the aftershocks of the battle were gradually weakening. It should be because quite a number of powerful Heavenly Spirit Dragon beast had been killed.

"I'm going to refine some pills." Chen Xiang immediately ran into the secret room, took out the corpses of the Dragon beast and stuffed them inside, then he began to refine them.

When he came to the Myriad Tao City, he met an old man. That old man had specially extracted the primordial dragon's dao energy from the Dragon beast and sold it.

Therefore, Chen Xiang felt that if he could obtain a large amount of Dragon beast s, he would definitely be able to refine them into Dragon Law Rule Beads.

The corpse of the Dragon beast was hard to refine, but the Dragon beast was extremely tasty. When Chen Xiang had placed more than ten corpses of the Dragon beast into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace to refine, he had the urge to take them out and eat them.

He had eaten the meat of Dragon wolf before, and the deliciousness and excellent taste had left him with an endless amount of aftertaste.

"These Dragon beast all should have obtained the inheritance of the Ancient Code, so they could have the characteristics of a dragon even if they were born. The power they use is also about the same as a dragon's, only a little weaker than a dragon."

Previously, when Chen Xiang traversed the forest of Dragon beast, he had come into contact with these Dragon beast for a period of time, so he had a better understanding of the situation.

"My current flames are pretty strong. Previously, when I was roasting these Dragon wolf, it was already rather difficult. Now that I have directly refined these Dragon beast, my speed is surprisingly fast."

When Chen Xiang refined it, he burned everything in the Dragon beast's body. The skin and bone scales were extremely difficult to burn in the first place, but the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace could strengthen the flames, making the process of Chen Xiang refining it much easier.

Six hours had pa.s.sed and Chen Xiang took a deep breath. The Chuangshi G.o.d furnace was currently filled with a golden mist.

The mist rose and fell as if it was struggling, and the golden flames would sometimes take the shape of a dragon and fly into the sky. It was truly a miraculous sight.

"This is Primordial Dao of Dragon Energy. Let's see if I can refine it into a Law beads!" Chen Xiang felt that this should not be a problem. He had already reached this step.

Soon, he used the method of concocting pills to condense this wave of primordial Dao energy into a pill.

"Done!" He took out the pellet and carefully examined it. There was the scent of a Law beads and he almost ate it.

"With the feeling of a Law beads, I should be able to form a Dao meridian!" Chen Xiang immediately forced the power of the Dragon Way Law that was blossoming into the pill furnace, and then continued refining. He wanted to use the Crash method to refine it.

Very quickly, he had completed several Crash s and reached his limit before he could stop.

"You can eat it now." After Chen Xiang ate it, he began to refine it into a flame dao vein.

While he was refining it, he was also estimating the effects of this Dragon Law Rule Beads. This allowed him to estimate how many Law beads were needed.

It only took him four hours to completely bind it.

"What a powerful effect. What is going on?" Chen Xiang was ecstatic, because he felt that he would only need ten pills to cultivate up to a dragon's dao meridian.

"The Dragon beast corpses that I picked up, are more or less enough for me to cultivate to a dragon's dao meridian!"

Following that, Chen Xiang began to crazily refine all of the Dragon beast's corpses into Law beads s. After refining all of the Dragon beast's corpses, he had already refined ten of them.

"There are also two Violet-Gold Dragon Apes, these are good stuff, when we go out, I would like to ask the Grandma Jiang about their uses."

When Chen Xiang walked out of the secret room, he originally wanted to look for Grandma Jiang, but he found out that Grandma Jiang had already returned to her shop. After all, the old people were nostalgic, and sometimes they just didn't want to leave the familiar place that he was at.

"Meimei, if we were to sell the Law beads without permission, would we be allowed to?" Chen Xiang suddenly thought of a way to earn more Dao crystal. He was worried that there would be trouble.

Jiang Simei immediately thought of something when she heard Chen Xiang's question. She knew that Chen Xiang could refine Law beads into higher quality ones, four pellets at a time!

If he bought the Law beads and refined it into a high-quality item for sale, he would definitely make a huge profit!

"No, Law beads are the main source of earning Dao crystal for the Seven Great Villa. Even though it's Rushing Snow, they wouldn't dare to do such a thing." Jiang Simei shook her head. It was not like she had never thought about this before.

They had used the Dao crystal s to exchange for the Law beads s from the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele, and then added them to the Dao crystal s to sell. They had earned a lot over the years.

If Chen Xiang also joined, he would definitely stir up the interests of the seven great villas and they would definitely join hands to eliminate him.

"This kind of thing should wait until we have the strength to do it!" Chen Xiang sighed.

Jiang Simei nodded.

"Meimei, can you purchase some Dragon beast s? I have great use for them!" Chen Xiang suddenly lowered his voice: "I can use Dragon beast s to refine into Dragon Law Rule Beads s, do you want to cultivate the Dragon Path Laws?"

"Of course I want to. The power of the Dao of Dragon is extremely strong." When Jiang Simei heard it, he was also pleasantly surprised.

Chen Xiang gave her some Dao crystal s and told her to go buy some corpses.

Of course, Chen Xiang's main purpose was still to sell the Law beads, he planned to sell them when the time came. He had only sold one Dragon Law Rule Beads as the equivalent of ten, so if he bought the ten from the Seven Great Villa, he would still need to sell nine hundred million of these Law beads.

But if he sold it for eight hundred million, there would definitely be someone willing to buy it for him. It wouldn't be long before he had ten billion Dao crystal.

Thinking up to here, Chen Xiang couldn't help but smile. Even though he was only thinking about it, as long as he thought about it, he would turn it into reality!

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