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The walls of the Myriad Tao City were struck by the Dragon beast and all the houses in the area were severely injured. Fortunately, all the people here were able to escape in time, so the casualties weren't too serious.

Most of the people at the edge of the city were quite poor. They knew that this kind of thing would often happen here, so once something like this happened, they would run towards the center of the city as fast as they could.

After Chen Xiang flew for a while, he looked behind him. There, it had become a sea of fire, countless of lightning bolts continued to descend, releasing waves of angry thunder roars, bringing about a wave of violent winds, bringing about a scorching Qi wave that swept through the entire city.

"These Three Profound experts seem to be very restrained, and their strengths are not only limited. They also suppress their power because they are worried that it will affect the Myriad Tao City." Chen Xiang continued to fly towards his Mei Jing Store.

On the way, he saw Tai Bo and Tai Bao, they were also flying back to the center of the city.

"Elders, what's going on? Why would there suddenly be an attack from Dragon beast? " Chen Xiang asked, the existence of the Dragon beast was a mystery to him, and for the Dragon beast to attack on such a large scale, there must be some secret.

It had to be known that the Dragon beast were of all kinds. It was impossible for them to gather together in the first place, and they even killed each other frequently.

"I don't know. It should be the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele that lured those Dragon beast here, but a brat like you is quite bold. To think that you actually ran over there as well." Tai Bao could feel the presence of the Dragon beast from Chen Xiang's body, and knew that Chen Xiang had gone to pick up the corpse, and smiled.

"Right, you're already so rich, and you still want to fight with others! Hehe, you sure are greedy. " Tai Bo laughed.

"I originally only wanted to join in the fun, but seeing so many Dragon beast corpses on the ground, I thought it was a waste, so I picked some up. If I didn't pick them up, they would have been destroyed by now." Chen Xiang said.

When the Three Profound experts attacked, there was definitely not much left of the corpses of those Dragon beast. The ones that remained were those very powerful Dragon beast, naturally the three profound experts and the others.

"Why did the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele be able to attract the Dragon beast over? Has something like this happened before?" Chen Xiang was currently standing on top of a tall building, looking at the area far away where the thunderbolts from the fire cloud had enveloped.

It was also because there were three profound pract.i.tioners partic.i.p.ating that everyone was so at ease. Currently, there were quite a few people standing on top of other people's roofs watching the battle.

"In the past, even though there were a few attacks by Dragon beast, they were always able to obstruct outside the city walls. This is the first time the city walls have been breached, so it shouldn't have happened in the first place." Tai Bao frowned, he was confused: "I have to go back and ask."

"That's right. The seven great villas and the three great sects are all outside the city. There are so many Dragon beast gathering here, but they actually didn't discover it." Tai Bo also found it hard to understand. This was because they had already known about the attacks of the Dragon beast s in the past.

"Was the reason why they attacked the city earlier also for the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, as to why they have come for the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele, we are also not clear. Such a great commotion must definitely be because of the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele, who knows what kind of power the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele may have generated to attract this group of Dragon beast." Tai Bo said.

"These Dragon beast seem to be under someone's command. Otherwise, they wouldn't have gathered together and attacked in such an orderly fashion." Chen Xiang felt that there must be something fishy about it. Who could secretly command these Dragon beast s?

"This... We have studied Dragon beast for many years, but have been unable to discover anything. We only know that these Dragon beast evolved after absorbing the ancient dragon's dao energy, and that the Dragon beast that reproduce later on can also control the primordial dragon's dao energy. " Tai Bao shook his head.

"Let's return to the villa and ask. There has never been such a serious matter. The villa definitely knows something." Tai Bo said.

Afterwards, the two brothers left the city on the other side of Myriad Tao City and returned to Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa!

"These Dragon beast are definitely related to dragons. As for the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa and the Azure Dragon, they might even know about dragons. In this place, if there's a phoenix, it's impossible for there to be no dragons." Chen Xiang felt more and more that the existence of these Dragon beast s was related to some big secret.

Chen Xiang could sense Feng Ruxue's position now and remembered him. He quickly returned to the Mei Jing Store.

Jiang Simei was also here, when she heard the bell sound, she was extremely worried about her grandmother, and had rushed to find Feng Ruxue at that time, but she never expected that Feng Ruxue had already brought Grandma Jiang back.

Then, when she found out that Chen Xiang was rushing towards that group of Dragon beast, she started to worry about Chen Xiang again.

"What's the situation over there?" Feng Ruxue asked.

"A few Three Profound experts have made their moves, and all of the Heaven realm s have been yelled out by them, they should be able to calm down soon." Chen Xiang looked at the direction that was continuously blushing.

"To be able to get three profound pract.i.tioners to attack, it should be the appearance of a Heavenly Spirit Dragon beast." Feng Ruxue said.

"Heavenly Spirit Dragon beast?"

Chen Xiang and Jiang Simei were both very suspicious, because they had never heard of it before.

"It's a humanoid Dragon beast. When a Dragon beast cultivates a Heavenly Spirit, it can transform into a human, but it's still very easy to identify them!" A few Three Profound Pract.i.tioners must have been attacked by a few Heavenly Spirit Dragon beast, this should be the largest siege in the history of Myriad Tao City. " Although she was not very strong, but she had a very good understanding of these things.

"Then Grandma Jiang, do you know why these Dragon beast came here?" Feng Ruxue was also very surprised, because not everyone knew about these things.

Grandma Jiang looked at the direction of the lightning in the distance and said: "It should be because of the evolution of the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele!"

Feng Ruxue suddenly thought of something, and exclaimed: "Last time, when the Myriad Tao Divine Stele evolved, the Dragon beast attacked the Heavenly Refining and Sword Dao rules, but that time, it was killed outside the city."

"Yes!" Once the Myriad Tao Divine Stele evolves, Dragon beast will attack it. And with the scale this time, it means that the Myriad Tao Divine Stele has become even more powerful after evolving. " Grandma Jiang nodded.

"Grandma, what will happen to the Myriad Tao Divine Stele?" Jiang Simei asked.

"It's definitely related to Dragon beast. All the Dragon beast will only care so much. I don't know now, but it'll be clear in a few days … It's just that in a normal situation like this, a few people would be needed to activate the new laws that have evolved from the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele. Last time, it was a few guys from the Heavenly Dao Sect who activated a new power of law, who knows who it will be this time. " The Grandma Jiang said.

"What kind of law would the new rule be? If no one comes to activate it, wouldn't we know what kind of law it is? " Chen Xiang was also very curious.

"No, once the Myriad Tao Divine Stele evolves, then the new power of law will definitely be activated. We just need to wait and see." Grandma Jiang laughed: "Brat, you just came back from that place, and fished out a lot of good things. What did you get?"

Everyone here could feel the evil aura coming from Chen Xiang's body.

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