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After running for a short while, he heard the sound of a bell ringing outside the city.

Upon hearing the bell ring, the people on the streets were terrified.

"The Dragon beast are coming, hurry up and hide in the underground secret room!" One of them suddenly roared.

In that moment, the entire street was in chaos, and in front of Chen Xiang, there were also many people shouting, he anxiously jumped up to the roof.

"Oh no, the Grandma Jiang is outside!" Chen Xiang thought about Grandma Jiang's shop, that shop was closer to the outside, if the Dragon beast came in, they would definitely be the first to be affected.

He immediately flew towards Grandma Jiang's shop. This was Mei Jing Sisters's grandmother, and she was very good to him.

Not long later, he saw a ball of red light flying over, it was Feng Ruxue.

"Young Master Shen, where are you going?" Feng Ruxue could also sense where Chen Xiang was. Previously, she had sensed Chen Xiang moving quickly towards her, but after that, she had changed her direction.

"Go find Grandma Jiang, she is the grandmother of Sijing and the others!" Chen Xiang said, then increased his pace and flew over.

"I'll go with you!" Feng Ruxue's flying speed was much faster than Chen Xiang's. She pulled Chen Xiang and instantly flew to Grandma Jiang's shop.

From afar, the roars of beasts could be heard.

"Ru Xue, what's going on?" Chen Xiang had already found the Grandma Jiang, and he was extremely calm.

"The invasion of the Dragon beast into the Myriad Tao City had happened before, that's why the Myriad Tao City was on alert. It's just that they don't know how big the beast herd is this time around." The Grandma Jiang said.

"About 50,000 of them, are of the weaker Dragon beast." Feng Ruxue frowned: "But even if the Dragon beast are weaker this time, it will still have a huge impact on Myriad Tao City."

"If it's just a bit weaker, the hunters in the center of the city and the experts from the other major powers should be able to suppress it." Grandma Jiang sighed: "However, there will still be a large number of deaths and injuries, especially at the outermost area."

"Ru Xue, bring Grandma Jiang to look for Mei Mei. I'll go out to take a look at those Dragon beast." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he rushed out of the shop. What surprised him was that there were thousands of people flying in the sky.

"Do they all have flying dao bloodlines?" Chen Xiang said in shock.

"No, they have some flying divine tools, and these flying divine tools are activated by Flight rule beads. At the same time, they need people who have the flight laws to refine them. These kinds of divine tools are usually only used in times of extreme emergency." Feng Ruxue said.

"Mn, take good care of Grandma Jiang!"

Chen Xiang flew into the air and followed this group of people that flew towards the group of Dragon beast. He looked at them, and saw that these people were enveloped by a faint Law of Flight, and the majority of their divine artifacts were clothes that were either of the Frisbee type or directly worn on their bodies.

If the Dragon beast was not repelled, then the consequences of destroying the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele would be severe. Now, many people rushed over, partly to kill the Dragon beast, but also to protect the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele.

If Chen Xiang were to fly at his full speed, he would be much faster than them. However, in order to not reveal that he had a flying meridian, he flew much faster.

After flying for a while, more than ten powerful auras suddenly attacked.

"It's a fellow from the Heaven realm, and there are quite a few of them. It seems like we don't have a share of it." someone shouted.

Above the Tai Dao realm, Tai Bao, Tai Bo and the others were all in the Heaven realm. They could be considered to be in the upper echelons of the Myriad Tao City s' strengths, and they were also a relatively common group of people with powerful strengths.

Chen Xiang recognized that Tai Shangzhen was also at the peak of the Heaven realm, and this was also a realm that was relatively difficult to break through. However, there were quite a few people who could break through the peak of the Heaven realm within the seven great villas and three great gates.

"There's actually so many Heaven realm s in the city! Not good, the seven great villas' G.o.d of Heaven had also come. There were a lot of them … "Seems like it's close to a thousand!" A person shouted in shock.

Suddenly, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky. The place where the beast's roar came from began to emit waves of intense light. The wind was real, and the beast's roar was even more intense and filled with anger.

The experts of the Heaven realm were already killing the Dragon beast, the battle was extremely intense.

Chen Xiang was still quite a distance away from where he was right now, but he could feel the waves of berserk energy fluctuations that were surging towards him.

"This aura is …" It's the Three Profound experts, and there are even a few of them. We have to go quickly, in case there's not even a little bit of dregs left. " A person shouted in shock.

The Three profound realm was above the Heaven realm, so these kind of Rankers were considered rare in the Myriad Tao City!

The reason the three profound pract.i.tioners moved out was to protect the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele, the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele was the foundation of this place. Without the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele, the entire Myriad Tao City would collapse.

In addition, those great powers also wanted to make sure that the people here would be at ease. They wanted to let the people here know that with great powers like them, they would be extremely safe!

In the distance, a three profound pract.i.tioner made his move. A pillar of fire shot up high into the sky, causing waves of fiery red clouds to tremble. In the blink of an eye, this area had covered the entire sky.

Chen Xiang also sped up his speed to fly under the cover of the cloud. When he landed on the ground, he quickly took the Dragon beast's corpses.

"Who knows how many Three Profound experts have arrived. Their strength is truly frightening, and a large number of them have died the moment they attacked. These kind of experts should also be frequent customers in the Myriad Tao Mausoleum, I think they must have seen a lot of good stuff inside." Chen Xiang could fly, his speed was extremely fast, he flew past the ruins and picked up the Dragon beast s' corpses.

"I've earned big! I've picked up two Violet-Gold Dragon Apes!" Chen Xiang was happy. The Purple Gold Dragon Apes were rare and precious, they could be sold for up to a hundred million if they were auctioned off, as for why it was so expensive, he didn't know. He only found out when he chatted with Jiang Sijing.

Not only the Violet-Gold Dragon Ape, even the other Dragon beast are very precious!

However, Chen Xiang had changed his appearance, his flying speed was extremely fast, and at the moment, he was not the only one fighting to pick up the Dragon beast's corpse, even the Heaven realm and Three Profound Pract.i.tioners were unable to do anything to them.

"Juniors, quickly leave this place. The Heaven realm s are also leaving, we are enough here, you little things are here, we cannot use our limbs."

A calm voice suddenly rang out, making everyone feel as if they were being pressed down by a mountain. Such power caused everyone to tremble in fear, and they all quickly retreated from the area.

Chen Xiang picked up the fiercest ones, and he could also fly, so fast that he could pick up good Dragon beast corpses first.

"It's about time, retreat!" Chen Xiang was also worried that he would be affected by the Three Profound Ranker's battle power and quickly left the battlefield.

Previously, Chen Xiang was being watched by a few Heaven realm s, but when he became vigilant, he blended into the crowd and used Counter Power Stealth and flew away at the same time.

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