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The Myriad Tao Mausoleum would need another year to open, and rare Law beads could be found there too. If Chen Xiang wanted to cultivate a spatial Rule Dao line, he wouldn't even be able to wait until the Myriad Tao Mausoleum opened.

This was because the Myriad Tao Mausoleum was extremely dangerous, if he could not cultivate the spatial laws, he did not plan to go inside to die.

In the past, the reason he was able to survive in all sorts of dangerous lands with his low cultivation was mostly due to the power of the s.p.a.ce Laws.

Thus, he had to cultivate up to the spatial dao vein in order to head to Myriad Tao Mausoleum.

Chen Xiang chatted with the two elders for a while before he decided to start concocting pills. He already had two partners, and he needed to concoct even more pills.

If he had been able to use the power of s.p.a.ce to save Jiang Simei earlier, he wouldn't have been injured then.

Originally, Chen Xiang could refine twenty thousand Tianhun gold Dan s a day but now he could refine thirty thousand. In ten days, he would refine three hundred thousand.

When Tai Bao came to retrieve the pellets, he was also very surprised.

Chen Xiang would sell them to Tai Bao for one hundred and fifty thousand pills, and Tai Bao would sell them to other shops specifically. After getting the money, he would sell them to Chen Xiang and the others, at the same time, Chen Xiang gave them one hundred and fifty million pills.

The main reason was because Jiang Sijing's current rate of planting herbs was not fast enough. Tianhun gold Dan s required a lot of different kinds of herbs, and the quality was slightly higher, making it difficult to cultivate.

If Jiang Sijing could cultivate the Ancient Code of Rebirth, his speed would be even faster.

After Tai Bao and the other two brothers left, Feng Ruxue, who had received the notification, also came to retrieve the pellets. Last time, their Phoenix Mountain Villa only took twenty thousand pellets from Chen Xiang's hands.

This time, Feng Ruxue wore a fiery-red long skirt, looking extremely red and n.o.ble, her oval face carried a faint charming smile, giving people a hot and captivating feeling.

"Miss Feng, you're really punctual. How was the sales of those Tianhun gold Dan last time?" Chen Xiang appreciated Feng Ruxue's beauty and asked with a smile.

"Master Shen, you can just call me Ruxue." Feng Ruxue smiled lightly, "Those twenty thousand Tianhun gold Dan pellets were sold out very quickly. Because we were cooperating with you, we were praised by some of the elders of the Villa.

"Don't call me Grandmaster, just call me Chen Xiang. It seems like we are of the same generation." Chen Xiang laughed, "Sit down, sit down."

Saying that, he poured Feng Ruxue a cup of tea.

"Where's Young Master Bluebird? Why isn't he here today?" Chen Xiang asked.

"He's rather busy, so please forgive him for not being able to come today." When Feng Ruxue poured tea for her, Feng Ruxue was a little flattered. She respected Chen Xiang's ability to refine pills.

"Where's that beautiful lady? Why didn't I see her today?" Feng Ruxue's eyes moved, he looked around and asked.

"She's cultivating behind closed doors. Is there something I can do for her?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I just want to chat with her. She seems to be very familiar with the distribution of power here. She probably did a lot of research." Feng Ruxue took a sip of his tea.

"Of course. Beauty is indeed very hardworking. I'll let her know when she comes out." Chen Xiang said.

"Oh yeah, Simei and Sijing are twin sisters, Sijing seems to be with you as well." The last time Feng Ruxue came, she did not see Jiang Sijing. She had investigated Chen Xiang a little and only found that Chen Xiang was on good terms with this pair of twins.

"She's in charge of growing medicinal herbs, so she's rather busy." Chen Xiang said.

"They are truly your good helpers. They are beautiful and very capable." Feng Ruxue said with an ambiguous smile.

Chen Xiang took out a Storage bag, and laughed: "Ruxue, you're also very strong. Not only are you a phoenix, you're also so beautiful."

Although Ruxue is a phoenix, but with a dragon among men like Young Master Shen here, I am just a little sparrow. " Feng Ruxue received the Storage bag from Chen Xiang with a charming smile.

She looked at it and took a small breath.

"One hundred and fifty thousand. I don't have that many Dao crystal on me." Feng Ruxue was panicking a little. She thought that Chen Xiang only had a few tens of thousands of spirit stones with her this time, and there weren't many Dao crystal that she could call.

"It's fine. When I cooperate with the two elders of the Tai family, I will wait for them to change hands before collecting the Dao crystal. It's not too late to bring them back the next time you come to retrieve the pill. I trust you." Chen Xiang laughed.

Feng Ruxue secretly heaved a sigh of relief. She was afraid that she would lose her composure, but she never thought that Chen Xiang would be so generous.

"Young Master Shen, Ruoxue will definitely be transferred to our Phoenix Mountain Villa's shop as soon as possible, and we will settle the debt with you as soon as possible." Feng Ruxue said. Now that she was holding so many of Chen Xiang's Tianhun gold Dan for free, she felt a little uncomfortable.

Feng Ruxue stood up and was about to leave, when Chen Xiang anxiously said: "Don't be in such a rush, I still want to chat with you for a bit."

Feng Ruxue didn't expect her to blush and then sit down again.

Chen Xiang was very curious about the phoenix here, so he wanted to understand more about it.

"Ru Xue, can you really become a great phoenix and fly in the sky?" Chen Xiang asked curiously.

Feng Ruxue smiled slightly and nodded: "Yes, but I rarely become a phoenix, and the latest change is more than ten years ago. If Young Master Shen wants to see it, I can show it to you right now."

"That won't be necessary. I've seen the Phoenix before, but it's not here." Chen Xiang promptly waved his hand. If she were to turn into a phoenix, it would definitely cause quite a bit of commotion. He did not want to be so ostentatious.

"Where have I seen this before? If there is a phoenix in any other place, it would be extremely rare." Feng Ruxue was very surprised about this, because according to her understanding, there were very few other places that had phoenixes.

Chen Xiang had seen many dragons, but she had rarely seen the phoenix, so she could only see Xue Ying and her father.

"In my homeland, it isn't the Divine Wasteland." Chen Xiang felt that Feng Ruxue would definitely understand what kind of place it was.

"So it's from the lower realms, and this is even rarer, I wonder what kind of understanding Young Master Shen has towards that phoenix, if it was a phoenix scattered everywhere, it could all come back to us, our Phoenix Mountain Villa should be the only phoenix gathering place." Feng Ruxue immediately said.

"Hehe, that Phoenix is one of my wives. I do understand her, but her strength is still lacking. Therefore, it is rather dangerous to come here from the lower realms."

Chen Xiang couldn't help but think back to the scene where he was entangled with Xue Ying. At that time, Ji Meixian was still there, and when he thought of that bright and beautiful scene, he couldn't help but sigh inwardly. He had already arrived at the Divine Wasteland, and it was unknown just how long he would need to return.

"Ah, Young Master Shen is really amazing, to have a phoenix as his wife." Feng Ruxue was a little surprised. She thought that the woman beside Chen Xiang was only Mei Jing Sisters.

"That's true, Ru Xue. Were you born with a flying Dao meridian?" Chen Xiang suddenly asked earnestly. This was the main reason why he kept Feng Ruxue.

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