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Chen Xiang and Jiang Simei anxiously walked out. They wanted to know the current situation of the Western Tiger Mountain Villa, and whether or not they could continue to stay in the Myriad Tao City was related to this.

Chen Xiang had also prepared for the worst, if Western Tiger Mountain Villa knew that it was them who did it, and had steeled his heart to deal with them, at that time, even if Tai Bo and Tai Bao did not help out, he would continue to bring Jiang Simei out of Myriad Tao City for the time being, and wait for some time before changing his appearance to come back to earn Dao crystal.

"Seniors, how are things at Western Tiger Mountain Villa?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Western Tiger Mountain Villa already knows of Hu Luo's death, but we don't know the cause of death. They are currently sending many people to investigate, and I have also found the two old fellows who joined the Heavenly Dao Sect. They have already been secretly killed by us two brothers." Tai Bao said.

"It's alright now, you don't have to be so nervous." Tai Bo chuckled: "Those two old followers have not told Western Tiger Mountain Villa about this."

Tai Bao shook his head: "For now, I'm fine, but we can't guarantee that the Western Tiger Mountain Villa won't know in the future."

"What if Western Tiger Mountain Villa finds out?" Chen Xiang asked.

"If Western Tiger Mountain Villa knows that you did it, we brothers will definitely protect you. In short, we won't cower." Tai Bao patted Chen Xiang's shoulder to show his determination.

After all, Chen Xiang had allowed them to earn a lot of Dao crystal, and their position in the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa had risen a lot. This would also allow them to gain more attention from the higher ups of the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa, and be able to approach the core, and be groomed as the successor to the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa.

Currently, the Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa only earned a few Dao crystal s from the pills the two brothers received. This was something not even the other two generations of Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa were able to achieve.

"How about this, we can help you find another partner, even if the matter is exposed in the future, the pressure on us will be reduced a lot." Tai Bao thought about it and said.

"Who are you looking for?" Chen Xiang also felt that being like this was not bad, if he could have two strong backing in the future, even if it would bring trouble, he did not need to worry.

"Seniors, wouldn't this cause you to lose quite a bit of business?" Jiang Simei said: "Chen Xiang's pills are limited. If you find him a partner, it means that you get half of the benefits for him."

"This Chen Xiang brat has great potential, and there will definitely be a lot of things happening in the future. If we were to give up half of our profits, it would be equivalent to reducing the pressure by half." Tai Bao chuckled: "I believe that in the future, Chen Xiang will definitely concoct pills that would bring even higher profits. Right now, we have only been working with him for a short while, and have earned a lot of money. After all, there's still a lot of time."

"What kind of villa is that?" Jiang Simei asked.

"Phoenix Mountain Villa, out of the seven great villas, only the Phoenix Mountain Villa and our Eastern Dragon Mountain Villa have not had any conflicts. The other villas all have at least a little." Tai Bao said: "Don't look at how friendly the seven great villas look on the surface, and how they occasionally move around a little.

Phoenix Mountain Villa is also one of the seven great villas, and to be named after the Divine Phoenix is definitely related to the Phoenix.

"I will help you all contact the people of the Phoenix Mountain Villa. You all don't have to worry about the people of the Phoenix Mountain Villa as well, they are still relatively easy to talk to. Over the years, the Phoenix Mountain Villa has rarely had any conflicts with other villas, and it has only been a few times with the Western Tiger Mountain Villa." Tai Bao laughed.

After that, the two brothers left in a hurry. They said that they would go find the people from the Phoenix Mountain Villa and ask them to wait here.

Chen Xiang and Jiang Simei were waiting for them here.

"Meimei, what kind of person do you think the Phoenix Mountain Villa will send?" Chen Xiang asked.

"He should be sending either the Qing Que King or Feng Ruxue." Jiang Simei said: "These two are the ones with more power in the Phoenix Mountain Villa."

"Qing Que King is male, right? Feng Ruxue is definitely female." Chen Xiang laughed: "Do they all say young people?"

"Yes, probably the same as Hu Luo, being one of the more important ones among the three generations. Among the many villas, the third generation is usually free and leisure, but within the Phoenix Mountain Villa, the third generation Qing Que King s and Feng Ruxue have already begun to take charge of some of the Phoenix Mountain Villa's affairs. It's very rare."

"It's two of Senior Tai's. They should be the second generation, they seem to have nothing better to do." Chen Xiang laughed.

"That's because of various reasons, they haven't been listed in the core of the family and won't receive much resources in the future. But now that you're cooperating with them, they should have already entered the core of the family and obtained more resources than before." Jiang Simei said.

"Right, why do you have to be called Qing Que King? What a strange t.i.tle." Chen Xiang was very curious.

He was the grandson of the Great Elder of the Phoenix Mountain Villa, and was born as a cyan sparrow. However, he had already evolved into a phoenix after that, and Feng Ruxue was born as a phoenix. Both her parents possessed pure Phoenix bloodline, so they were the granddaughters of the Phoenix Villa Master. "

"Qing Que King and Feng Ruxue are cousins, the two of them have a pretty good relationship." Jiang Simei said: "So, in the future, it might be the two of them."

Jiang Simei understood these things very well, she had already investigated into it before.

Before long, Tai Bo and Tai Bao returned. Just as Jiang Simei had guessed, the Qing Que King and Feng Ruxue had come to meet Chen Xiang.

Qing Que King was dressed in a beautiful blue robe, looking gentle and refined, with a refraction sword in his hand, and a smile on his handsome face.

Feng Ruxue was wearing a red and white cheongsam. That luxurious dress looked like a fire that had been set ablaze by snow.

Of course, Feng Ruxue's appearance was much prettier than her long skirt. Her oval face carried a trace of a gentle and seductive smile, and she looked mature yet charming without losing any of her gentleness and elegance. She was a very beautiful woman.

"Ru Xue greets Master Shen." Feng Ruxue saw that Chen Xiang was staring at her and laughed softly. He immediately bowed politely and said with his clear and beautiful voice.

"Bluebird pays his respect to Grandmaster Shen." Qing Que King was also very polite, he had long heard of Chen Xiang's big name, but this was the first time he saw him, he never thought that Chen Xiang was actually also a handsome man.

"I dare not be a master, the two young elites of Phoenix Mountain Villa are too courteous, please take a seat." Chen Xiang laughed and let them sit.

Jiang Simei also gave them some tea.

Tai Bo and Tai Bao had definitely talked about cooperation with them, and were only here to formally discuss the details of cooperation with Chen Xiang.

Of course, Qing Que and Feng Ruxue couldn't understand why Chen Xiang would suddenly cooperate with them, and why he was the one who invited them here.

Tai Bo was not stupid enough to tell the two of them that Chen Xiang had killed the young master of Western Tiger Mountain Villa, so he wanted to ask for more help. This book came from the 17K section, so the first thing he wanted to do was to look at the true contents of it!

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